5 Truly Heroic Dogs Who Saved Their Humans’ Lives

There’s no doubt about it: Dogs are truly amazing creatures. Not only are they warm, fluffy companions for their owners, but they are also shrewd animals who are more than capable of saving lives.

In honor of the puppers and doggos who risk life and limb for us humans, we’ve compiled some of the most moving stories of heroic dogs saving lives. Have others? Share them in the comments!

1. Midnight rescues an 87-year-old neighbor

It was a cold winter night when Midnight went with her owner to take out the trash. As her human was putting the trash in the can, Midnight suddenly began acting very strangely.

OneGreenPlanet tells the story of how Midnight’s ears perked up, as she clearly wanted to show her owner something. After acting strangely for a minute, Midnight led her human to their 87-year-old next door neighbor who had collapsed in the snow.

She had been lying on the ground for about 30 minutes after falling while filling her bird feeder. And thanks to Midnight, she made a full recovery.

2. Ben wakes children in burning home

According to HillsPet, when Colleen Rauschenberg adopted Ben, she wasn’t initially sure about the Bernese mountain dog-border collie mix. But once he met the kids everyone knew Ben was family.

One night, Rauschenberg had a rare evening out and hired a babysitter to watch her kids. She called to check in several times, and all seemed to be well — until she got a phone call that stopped her heart.

“Mom! Mom!” her daughter said on a frantic phone call. “We need you! Our house is on fire!”

As it turns out, all the kids and the babysitter were in bed when the fire broke out. Smoke began spreading through the house as everyone remained fast asleep — everyone except Ben.

Ben woke the babysitter, who eventually realized there was a fire and hurried everyone out of the house.

“If Ben hadn’t woken her up, none of them would be here,” Rauschenberg said.

3. Labrador saves drowning man

Mason Ringer was on a lunch break with some of his buddies when they decided to go on a brief boat ride on the Okatie River. Inside Edition tells the harrowing story of how one of the friends went to shift his position on the boat, but then the whole thing capsized.

“I got 75 percent across [the river], but because the water was cold I started to cramp up in my legs,” Ringer said, describing the moments after the boat tipped over.

That’s when panic struck, and Ringer began to suspect he wouldn’t make it.

“I rolled over on my back and I closed my eyes and said a prayer to God asking him to help me somehow,” Ringer said.

At that very moment, a dog barked from the shore. The yellow Labrador — who lived on the property where Ringer was working — jumped in the water and swam out to Ringer. He was able to hold onto the dog’s collar and get ferried to shore.

“When I saw the dog was coming in, I was skeptical thinking I am going to drown this dog while he was trying to save me,” Ringer said, incredibly grateful for his new lease on life. “It was almost effortless for him to pull me in.”

4. Faith dials 911

Leana Beasley has a service dog in whom her “faith” was well placed. Appropriately, the dog’s name is Faith.

According to NBC News, one day a seizure caused Beasley to fall out of her wheelchair, and she was unable to get assistance. Faith had been trained for situations like these and pressed a speed dial button on the house phone that called 911. Faith then barked repeatedly into the phone.

“I sensed there was a problem on the other end of the 911 call,” 911 dispatcher Jenny Buchanan told NBC News. “The dog was too persistent in barking directly into the phone receiver. I knew she was trying to tell me something.”

When authorities arrived at the home, Faith even let them in by unlocking the door. Beasley ended up spending three weeks in the hospital, but the situation could have been much worse without Faith.

5. Jet saves a baby from getting hit by a car

Black Labrador Jet was entering a parking lot with owner Jessica Cowley and Cowley’s 1-year-old son Jacob in a stroller. According to the Mirror, Cowley has tunnel vision and is registered as blind, which is how a car coming from behind was able to knock her over and send the stroller out of control.

But Jet leaped into action, pushing the stroller to the ground before it could spiral into the car’s path.

“It doesn’t bear thinking about what might have happened if she hadn’t have done what she did,” Cowley told the Mirror.

Photo credit: Sephirot17/Getty Images


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