5 Ways to Protect Your Pet’s Health

If there’s one thing pet guardians have learned about feeding their pets in recent years, it’s that no manufacturer is immune from potentially deadly contamination in their products. Bottom shelf generic foods and high end products alike have been pulled from the shelves after thousands of pets have become severly ill, many of them dying, from a simple bowl of kibble. Today there is a new tool for pet guardians who want to be the first to know about a recall.

Pet 360.com is a new website for pet parents that brings together thousands of expert articles and resources and an active community of passionate pet owners. The site delivers each member a personalized experience based on their pets’ type, breed, gender, age, size and medical conditions.  Users are asked to complete a very simple registration for their pets and provide information about which pet products the pet is currently eating. The Pet360 Safety Center then alerts members when a brand or product they use has been recalled. The Center also enables members to set reminders for vet appointments, flea and tick applications, prescription refills and more. Members can choose to receive these alerts and notifications via email or text message

Visually Inspect Your Pet’s Food

Although some forms of pet food contamination such as salmonella are invisible, some health hazzards such as black mold can be seen with the naked eye.

“I always inspect the dog biscuits or kibble before I begin feeding from a new package,” Linda Salter of Connecticut explains. “On two separate occassions I have found mold on the food despite the fact that it was well in advance of its expiration date. We feed our dog high quality food but I’ve learned that does not protect against contamination.”

Don't be afraid to trust your intuition when feeding your pets.

Here are a few other suggestions to protect your pet:

•Do not let your pet drink from puddles or birdbaths that can be contaminated and cause a wide range of serious illnesses. Bring water with you for your dog when taking a walk.

•Try offering your pet probiotic supplements to maitain a healthy digestive system

•Remember that the mouth is the gateway to whole-body health.  Have your pet’s teeth cleaned regularly by a veterinarian to suppress other serious diseases that can manifest from mouth inflammation.

Brought to you by the Harmony Fund international animal rescue charity.

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