5 Worst People of the One Percent

In November, Care2 joined a dozen other organizations to partner with Brave New Foundation in order to educate the public on the One Percent. Occupy Wall Street and its variations around the world changed the country’s debate from deficits to income inequality. It started to highlight the difficulties of the 99 percent, but left the people benefiting from wrecking the economy unknown.

The project aimed to educate the public and voters helped narrow it down to the five worst people in the one percent. The first installment comes in five parts and are only a minute long but the facts speak for themselves.

Rob Walton, Chairman of Walmart. Net worth of $21 billion.

Go to Changewalmart.org/robwalton for more.

Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs. Net worth of $438 million.

HBO did a really good job at casting Evan Handler to portray the Goldman CEO. Fight big banks by visiting Ourfuture.org and to learn more.

Pete Peterson, Co-founder of Blackstone Group. Net worth of $2 billion.

Counter Pete’s influence at strengthensocialsecurity.org.

Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase. Net worth of $248 million.

Visit occupytheboardroom.org for more. The site features many great letters to CEOs of banks.

Rupert Murdoch, President of News Corp. Net worth of $7.4 billion.

Check out savethenews.org/murdoch for more.

These are just five of the people using money and powerful connections to benefit themselves while the rest of the country continues to suffer. The series could contain more than 100 installments if Brave New Foundation wanted to do so.

Who should they feature in the second installment?

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Merideth G.
Merideth G6 years ago

Add the Koch brothers to this list!

Richard B.
Richard B6 years ago


Buffett is certainly a good guy in my book but certainly not Bill Gates.

janice b.
jan b6 years ago

The one I have a problem with is Rob Walton. The store certainly provides affordable products and keeps the other competitors from charging too much. But I have an idea that Walmart could pay employees more if they hadn't made a lot of people millionaires as if it was winning the lottery when they invested a few thousand $ in the store at it's inception. The stock market is a ponzi-scheme and it creates greed without regulation.

Debbie L.
Debbie Lim6 years ago

Very well made videos. Such much info in such little time.

Lynn C.
Past Member 6 years ago

Know the enemy.

LD B6 years ago

Actually, thanks to the SCOTUS having ruled that corporations are people, and that $$$$$$ = protected free speech, hiding has become even easier.

Joey Sullivan
Joey Sullivan6 years ago

Can't hide anymore, thank you age of information.

Michele T.
Michele T.6 years ago

At least their exploits are being exposed so that the rest of the people can be aware of it.

And sorry if it is a bit off topic, but this is a petition against a new show that Spike TV plans to air that promotes looting and selling valuable artifacts for individual profits instead of being properly excavated and used for the benefit of helping us understand our cultural heritage and history. In a sense, many people are giving up their ethics for money nowadays....

Kate Marlowe
Past Member 6 years ago

Good to see these companies being exposed.

Dylan Thomas
Dylan Thomas6 years ago

Lord W. said: GE, Warren Buffet, U.S.Government, G.Soros, and all "green" energy scam artists. I am the 99% and I support America, not the occupy jerks

you might very well be of the 99% but you don't support america, you support the 1% jerks.