6 More Sad Updates On Trump’s Family Separation – Nothing’s Been Fixed!

Every time we hear updates about the Trump administration’s immigrant family detention and separation policies, Americans hope that that’s as bad as it gets. Within a few days, however, new information emerges to show that – actually – it can and does get even worse.

The past few days are no exception. Here are the latest headlines on the immigration situation in the United States that are sure to make you scream:



A federal court gave the administration until this past Tuesday to reunite the 98 children under the age of 5 with their parents, but the government is missing that deadline because they’ve made too much of a mess of the situation.

While they’re in the process of reconnecting 51 kids, the other half of the youth population is proving more difficult because some parents have been deported or are being held in prison. The judge agreed to extend the deadline because what other choice is there, but the whole process is slow, probably because the government was never worried about keeping tabs on how to reunite the families later on.



In a frenzy to break up brown-skinned families, the Trump administration is now admitting that it may have accidentally separated a father from his toddler, both of whom are probably U.S. citizens, under its zero tolerance policy for immigrants. Worse still, this family appears to have been separated for nearly a year.

ICE is known to make mistakes, but this would be a huge one. The White House can pretend that human rights don’t extend to immigrants, but it’s going to have a much harder time justifying terrorizing actual citizens. The ACLU is on the case, and we’ll have to see how this story develops.



Last week, we learned that the US government was having such a difficult time figuring out which kids belonged to which parents that it decided to use DNA tests to reconnect them – a “solution” that might well introduce a whole new series of problems for these families.

Now we’re discovering that that these invasive procedures – which should never have been necessary in the first place – are costing the parents dearly. Parents have to pay the government between $700 and $800 to administer the tests, a fee that might as well be impossible for people without money. It’s almost as if the government doesn’t actually want to reunite these families.



Lawyers in Massachusetts for asylum seekers who have been separated from their children say that their clients have been asked by government employees to identify their religious affiliation. Apparently, the question was part of a larger interview to determine whether the parents were suitable to regain custody. Why is that in any way relevant to the process of reconnecting them with their children?

It so happens that the parents in these particular cases are Christian, so it’s unlikely that factor will be held against them by this administration, but that’s kind of besides the point. If the asylum seekers are Muslim, does that mean the government would be less inclined to cooperate in getting the kids back?



The Office of Refugee Resettlement is anticipating that the existing Trump border policies will necessitate thousands more migrant children to be detained, so it is trying to find a way to account for the extra spending in its budget.

Since housing STRIKE jailing the kids will cost over half a billion dollars, the ORR is looking at shuffling money previously allocated to HIV/AIDS programs, according to internal documents. Clearly, not only is it expensive to treat people terribly, but important services are going to have to be cut to accommodate this cruel policy.



This news tidbit is a quotation rather than a major headline, but it’s still worth taking a look at just to see how tone deaf the White House remains on what it’s doing to migrant families.

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar went on CNN to defend the administration’s policies. In the face of all of the criticism of how the White House has handled the situation, Azar had the gall to say, “It is one of the great acts of American generosity and charity, what we are doing for these accompanied kids who are smuggled into our country or comes across illegally.”

Tearing kids from their parents and keeping them in cages is an act of generosity and charity?! Where do you get off, Mr. Azar?


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Trump needs to be fixed. He's no good the way he is.

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Oops. Should be "How many rape KITS are sitting unprocessed..."

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Trump doesn't give a damn about his own kids - what makes his followers think he cares about anybody else's? DNA tests? How many rape kids are sitting unprocessed on shelves across the U.S.? If it takes so long for rape kits to be processed, can you imagine how long it will take to process DNA tests? The kids will be college age before anybody gets around to it.

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