6 ‘Pro-Life’ Policies Legislators Should Worry About Before Abortion

As a rash of unconstitutional laws regarding a woman’s right to choose break out across red states, the excuse always seems to be that laws requiring women to carry pregnancies to term (even when fathered by their rapists!) and investigating miscarriages as potential murders are all about saving lives. Who doesn’t love to save lives, after all?

Actually, the answer to that question is the same conservative people pushing for ultra-restrictive abortion laws. They’re “pro-life” when it comes to this particular issue, but on so many other political topics where they could support the path of saving more lives, they’re shockingly nowhere to be found.

Before they introduce further restrictions pushed on women’s personal health choices, I demand to see conservatives take the side of preserving life on these other issues. Only after they’ve demonstrated a track record of being “pro-life” in these other facets, then they can share their opinions about abortion.



While the Affordable Care Act made good on its mission to get more Americans insured, there are still loads of people who lack coverage. One major study a while back concluded that 45,000 Americans die per year from not having health insurance.

In just about every other developed nation, receiving life-saving health care is not dependent on whether you can afford to pay for insurance – that’s a right guaranteed to all citizens.



Capital punishment may be grinding to a halt for practical reasons in some parts of the country, but most states maintain their blood lust for ending the lives of criminals convicted of violent crimes.

There are a bunch of reasons not to continue with the death penalty (it costs more than life in prison, belated exonerations, etc.,) but none is more compelling than the fact that there is no evidence to suggest that capital punishment deters anyone from committing crimes in the first place. If knowledge of executions don’t stop people from murdering, those executions just add to the body count.



I’m not the first to point this out, but it is interesting that we require people to opt-in to offering their vital organs to ailing people in the event that they die. If it saves lives, why are we giving people a choice of what happens to the body parts they won’t be using anymore anyway?

In that respect, the idea that deceased people still have more autonomy over their bodies than women do while they’re alive is all the proof that you need that abortion is about control more than protecting life.



It’s interesting how the same political party obsessed with dismantling reproductive rights can so easily turn a blind eye to the hundreds of school shootings. Gun control is not about tearing up the Second Amendment altogether, but surely there is some sensible middle ground like mandatory background checks, assault rifle bans, or some compromise that can help cut down on the number of lives taken in these massacres.



Everyone seems to acknowledge that the opioid epidemic is a major problem in this country, yet politicians have responded with a lot of lip service rather than action. With 130 Americans dying daily from opioid overdoses, there is an absence of significant legislation to help people with addictions and go after the pharmaceutical companies that knowingly spill these drugs into the streets for profit.



The science is clear: millions of lives are at stake if we don’t start taking swift and drastic action to stop the human-caused warming of our planet. With a threat that big, anyone devoted to the cause of saving lives should make this their #1 issue, however conservatives are sitting on their hands if not outright trying to deny the overwhelming scientific consensus in front of them.


This list is obviously not exhaustive, but the point is there are a lot of political causes activists can take up in the name of protecting the sanctity of life, so it seems completely disingenuous when they choose on particularly contentious issue to supposedly worry about life while ignoring the rest.

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Chad Anderson
Chad Anderson15 days ago

Thank you.

Lara A
Lara A19 days ago

thank you

Sheila D
Sheila D23 days ago

They are not "pro-life", they are "forced birth". Once the woman is no longer an "incubator" and the baby is born, they don't care.

Tabot T
Tabot T23 days ago

Thanks for sharing!

William T
William T23 days ago

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Christine Stewart

We must stop calling them "pro-life"- they are strictly anti-abortion!

hELEN hEARFIELD24 days ago


Karen Swenson
Karen Swenson24 days ago

The only thing the "All life is a gift from God" hypocrites are worried about is the fact that there won't be enough people to die in their wars, and work for slave wages while they hog all the profits. They especially love uneducated, poor people, as Trump has declared in one of his inane speeches. He loves dumb people. Lets force 8 to 12yr old girls who were traumatized by rape and victims of Incest and force her to be a Mother. Lets bring into this life severely mentally and physically ill babies, so we can watch them suffer and die, abandoned in foster care or orphanages. Health care--too bad, as that would be socialistic( shudder) and not the Fascists dictatorship pro-lifers are going for! Laughable, that they only want immigrants who are well educated, speak English and have a trade, while they pass laws to keep the people born here stupid, uneducated, baby making machines. What could possibly go wrong with that scenario??

Karen H
Karen H25 days ago

It's interesting that the governor of Alabama signed the abortion ban and said "all life is a gift from God" and then she denied an execution reprieve of a murderer and went to attend his execution. That would imply that she believes ALL life is NOT a gift from God and she is NOT pro-life.

Colin C
Colin Clauscen25 days ago

Good article