6 Things You Could Marry if Gay Marriage is Legalized


Anti-gay forces have had it a bit rough over the past few years, what with more states legalizing same-sex marriage and growing support among the public. Indeed the scare tactic that once worked — that gay marriage will lead to polygamy — doesn’t seem to be reaching people like it once did.

As such, anti-marriage equality forces have decided to get creative and have come up with a number of ideas of things people might want to marry once gay marriage is legal.

Here is a slideshow of just a few of the things anti-gay folks have said gay marriage will eventually lead to people wanting to partner up with.


Human/Android Marriage

Robert Broadus, head of the anti-gay marriage group Protect Marriage Maryland, said at a packed, near seven-hour public Senate committee hearing into legalizing same-sex marriage earlier this year, that the bill was “poison” and that it risked laying the groundwork for people marrying androids.

(Photo used under the Creative Commons Attribution License, with thanks to br1dotcom.)

Dog Marriage

Human/Dog Marriage

Buster Wilson, the General Manager of the American Family Association’s American Family Radio, decided to develop the “gay marriage will lead to bestiality” meme when he told co-host Ed Vitagliano how marriage equality for same-sex couples will ultimately lead to the legal approval of human-dog marriage.

Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum also once said gay marriage will lead to “man on dog” action, and this year he had to defend those comments.

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Human/Car Marriage

Another of Buster Wilson’s suggestions. I can forgive this one. Car advertisements can be sexy and confusing.

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Human /Building Marriage

Yet again, an American Family Association one. Wilson literally is a font of things to marry. I do wonder if there’s a big whiteboard in his office full of mind-maps on what one might propose to next.

(Image used under the Creative Commons Attribution License with thanks to daphenator.)


Human/Table & Chair Marriage

Rebecca Kleefisch, a lieutenant governor candidate from Wisconsin, last year claimed that gay marriage could lead to table and chair marriage (which if taken together is a rather refreshing twist on the polygamy argument).

(Image used under the Creative Commons Attribution License with thanks to @ohoo.)

Eiffel Tower

Human/Eiffel Tower Marriage

Tamara Scott, Rep. Michele Bachmann’s Iowa Co-Chair, recently posited that gay marriage will lead to Eiffel Tower marriage. Not marrying on the Eiffel Tower but marrying the actual structure itself.

Indeed, someone has already “married” the Eiffel Tower. However, the argument flounders when one notes that the Eiffel Tower is of course in France — where gay marriage isn’t legal.

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[*In writing this post I became mindful that there are people who identify as being objectum-sexual; going beyond simple fetishism they in fact relate to certain objects and identify with them as emotional partners. I would very much like to stress that this post should not be seen to be mocking this group of people or their professed attractions, but rather poking gentle fun at the wild claims of the anti-gay groups who must resort to poor logic and slippery slope arguments in order to promote and perpetuate their anti-gay prejudice.]

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William C1 months ago

Thank you.

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Thank you for the information.

Justice Ross
Justice Ross5 years ago

Jimmy M.:
Gays are not trying to destroy the institution of marriage. The are trying, in a way, to confirm it, and open it to all kinds of love. Isn't that what marriage is about: love?

"It is the very core of their being" - actually having many gay, lesbian, or bisexual friends, I can vouch for them that this is not true. In fact, those I know tend to be very kind and helpful, many of them are great to talk to if you're feeling down or just need someone to listen, and are often engaged in activism for many noble causes, including stopping world hunger.

And, if you have a law that marriage is defined a union between a man and a woman, than everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, is being told whom they can and cannot marry. Those who are prevented from marrying the people they love are just the ones who are affected, but even you are being told whom you can and cannot marry.

Jimmy M.
Jimmy Means5 years ago

gays are not being told who they can be in love with and who they can't be in love with, gays are just trying to destroy the institution of marriage, after that they will find something else in this country to destroy. it is the very core of their being.

Christopher M.
Christopher M.5 years ago

my sociology text said Sweden legalized brother-sister sex. Consenting adults, but I am concerned about inbred babies- does it happen?

Howard Evans
Howard Evans5 years ago

If women can be forced to endure a vaginal probe before having an abortion, men can be required to have preventative care like prostate exams before watching football.

If we can limit teenagers right to drive based on public safety, we can certainly require the installation in old people’s cars of a device that detects when their speed falls below 90% of the posted speed limit triggering a recorded voice to scream “It’s the pedal on the right, step on it, you old fool!”

If the North Carolina legislature can decide what science can be used to determine future sea levels, we can certainly require that they all spend one week a year buried to their armpits in the sand with their mouths three inches above the high tide level as determined by those methods.

If photo ID’s can be required to vote, so can rhythm tests. If you can’t clap in time with music – Republican Convention Delegate Syndrome – you can’t vote. (Headline: Romney comes in a distant fourth in Wyoming.)

If we can ban intelligent science on climate change, we can ban stupid science on public health. If smoking takes twenty years off the end of my life, it also takes the twenty most expensive years off my future healthcare costs.

Howard Evans
Howard Evans5 years ago

Following this same simple logic – and I do mean simple – the following laws could have the following consequences.

The right to buy and sell cars will inevitably lead to the right to buy and sell people, as in slavery. We have to act now to empower cars and other inanimate objects to decide their own fates. I personally intend to open a sanctuary at my house for Italian sports cars.

If the government can decide how large a soda you can buy, they can limit the size of apples, also sugar laden snacks, that can be sold. Say goodbye to your Granny Smiths.

If the government can limit where you can smoke on the basis that smoke is offensive to some and contains dangerous substances, they can certainly limit your right to fart indoors or outdoors near children or people with strong sphincters. Little Johnny, pull my finger and I’ll call you in half an hour from Podunk.

If the state can limit your protection from discrimination based on sexual preference, they can certainly dictate that men must stare as long and unblinkingly with lust unmistakable in their eyes at every flat-chested hirsute seventy year old woman as they do at Charlize Thereon.

While we’re at it, if the state can tell you that you have no right to sexual preferences that you were born with, they can certainly tell you that you have no right to religious beliefs you succumbed to by choice.

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle5 years ago

The anti-gay people should just mind their own damn business. They are incredibly silly. I have a hundred things to take care of each day, and not enough time to sit and think up silly "supposeds".

Stefanie D.
Stefanie D.5 years ago

Gay marriage... is more than just 'same sex' or 'same gender', but it surely not about marrying non-humans.

Any of the following could marry any of the following, same or different, typical or atypical on the same list!

1a) a typically Müllerian (vaginal) sexed female (majority thus typical)
1b) an atypically Neo-Wolffian (neo-penile) female
2a) an atypically Müllerian (vaginal) sexed male
2b) an atypically Neo-Wolffian (neo-penile) sexed male
3a) an atypically Wolffian (penile) sexed female
3b) an atypically Neo-Müllerian (neo-vaginal) sexed female
4a) a typically Wolffian (penile) sexed male (majority thus typical)
4b) an atypically Neo-Müllerian (neo-vaginal) sexed male
5a) an atypically Müllerian-Wolffian (ambiguous) intersexed female
6a) an atypically Müllerian-Wolffian (ambiguous) intersexed male

ditto... for neutrois intergender folks... who do not self-identify as either female or male...

Whilst in the past, 1a tends to marry a 4a (or 4a marry a 1a), every other combination is possible under the law FOR ADULT HUMANS. We're merely liberating the full spectrum of combinatorial possibilities for adult SAPIO-SEXUALITY, and not confining it to just the conventional 1a-4a binary restriction. And such law has nothing to do with other creatures or things.