7 Celebrities Doing Good for Women & Girls

Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Kate Hudson and other A-list celebrities often make the headlines for their big picture roles or the Hollywood gossip mill, but many are also doing their part to make the world a better place. Take a look at the following do-gooder celebrities and their projects around the world.

1. Angeline Jolie

Jolie highly values educating girls in Afghanistan. So much so that 100% of the profits from her new jewelry line, Style of Jolie,  will go directly to charity. The first round of funds went to the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict to open a school for girls in a village outside of Kabul.

“Beyond enjoying the artistic satisfaction of designing these jewels, we are inspired by knowing our work is also serving the mutual goal of providing for children in need,” the actress told E! exclusively.

Jolie’s jewelry partner Robert Procop says the following of the project, “The beauty of these creations is matched by the beauty of the spirit behind Angelina’s most heartfelt mission – to empower children in crisis…From one endeavor, her creative vision draws two equally impressive outcomes: to transform the finest gems into transcendent works of art, and ultimately, to improve the lives of many who are in need.”


2. Madonna

Like Jolie Madonna is invested in girls’ education too. The singer is selling one of her original Fernand Leger Cubist paintings called Three Women and donating the profits for girls’ education projects in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

About her donation Madonna says she wanted to “trade something valuable for something invaluable.” She added, “I cannot accept a world where women or girls are wounded, shot or killed for either going to school or teaching in girls’ schools.”



3. John Legend

I hope nine-time Grammy award winner John Legend writes his next song about being a feminist. The musician who is headlining a concert in south London for Chime for Change,  a global campaign with the mission to raise funds and awareness for girls’ and women’s empowerment, was recently quoted in the Telegraph saying, “All men should be feminists. If men care about women’s rights the world will be a better place.”

He continued by saying, “We are better off when women are empowered – it leads to a better society.”

Be still my heart.



4. Amy Poehler

Comedian Amy Poehler believes in the power of girls. She is the creator of Smart Girls at the Party (SGATP), an online network with the motto of changing the world by being yourself. SGATP has a number of inspiring web based shows like Ask Amy where Amy Poehler herself answers questions from girls and offers great advice and Smart Girls at the Party where she interviews girls about how they are changing the world by being themselves.

Here is one of my favorite Ask Amy videos:


5. Kate Hudson

The ANNpower Vital Voices Leadership Forum is a three-day leadership and mentoring training in Washington, DC where girls are mentored by global women leaders in business, entertainment and the nonprofit industry. At this year’s conference Kate Hudson spoke and encouraged girls to take a chance on their own talent.

The actress recently joined the advisory council for ANN INC., the parent company of Ann Taylor and LOFT, for the ANNpower initiative. “What has inspired me through the course of my partnership with the company is that everyone is committed to connecting with women in all facets of their lives, including empowering the next generation,” said Kate Hudson.


Fortune Live Media/flickr

6. Christy Turlington Burns

Like many women, having a baby changed supermodel Christy Turlington Burns’ life. Being a mother inspired her to become an advocate for global maternal health as a student of public health. In that vein, she completed a documentary film called “No Woman, No Cry”and has since also created Every Mother Counts, a campaign to end preventable deaths caused by pregnancy and childbirth around the world.

You can preview Burns’ documentary “No Woman, No Cry” in the video below:


United Nations Photo/flickr

7. Charlize Theron

Academy Award winning actress Charlize Theron founded the Africa Outreach Project to keep Africa youth safe from HIV/AIDS.  Her organization provides funding and resources for organizations that provide services to combat HIV/AIDS like sexual and reproductive health education, peer counseling and other endeavors.

Take a look at the interactive map of where Africa Outreach Project is working.


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Top photo credit: Photo by Gage Skidmore used under a Creative Commons license


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