7 Things Goats Do That Will Make You Laugh

Editorís note: This Care2 favorite was originally posted on November†14, 2014. Enjoy!

Notoriously naughty, mischievous and oh-so-lovable, goats love nothing more than participating in all sorts of†crazy antics.

From eating anything they can get their hooves on to ‘parkour-ing’ their way around, here’s a roundup of some of the funniest goat behaviors.

1. Sleeping in their food bowls

Despite having their pick of the barn, Benny and Samuel from Woodstock Farm Sanctuary still prefer to sleep in their hay bins. They do look pretty cozy, so we can’t really blame them!

2. Climbing anything and everything

Photo Credit: The Gentle Barn

Adorable but extremely naughty, Brave Heart from The Gentle Barn puts his caregivers to the test with his climbing skills. After breaking into the potbellied pig areas in an attempt to eat their food, he jumps up onto their houses and out of reach to escape being caught.

3. Devouring your hair

Everyone knows that goats have an appetite for absolutely everything — and they aren’t opposed to the idea of ponytails either! Bruce from Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary decided that this delicious looking plait would make the perfect pre-dinner snack.

4. Photobombing

A selfie just isn’t a selfie without a goat popping up to pull a photobomb. Ike from Out to Pasture Sanctuary tried his luck, and, as it happens, he actually makes a very handsome addition to the picture.

5. Eating with their mouths open

When it comes to food, goats don’t care about table manners. They love eating — and if they want to munch away with their mouths wide open, they will. Nancy from Leilani Farm Sanctuary shows you how it’s done.

6. Partying solo

Photo Credit: Farm Sanctuary

Lila and the sheep are not amused by Clarabelle’s antics. The thing is, goats don’t care if it’s a party of one. When they want to party, they’ll party solo if they have to.

7. ‘Parkour-ing’ from place to place

Photo Credit: Edgar’s Mission

The masters of parkour, no one can pull off this impressive sport quite like goats. From jumping off each other’s backs to leaping from object to object, goat parkour is very real — and very cute! Check out little Licorice from Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary in action, as she propels herself about the pasture.

Photo Credit: Vanessa Porter/Flickr


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