700 on Death Row in California

When I learned that California had reached 700 people on death row as a result of a death sentence imposed earlier this month, I was astounded. I knew it was coming, but we reached this epic milestone far sooner than I had expected.  California now has more than twice as many death row prisoners as Texas, frequently known as the death state, which had 331 as of January 11th.  Florida has the second largest death row in the country with 391 as of January 13th.

In 2009, new death sentences reached their lowest levels nationally since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976.  However, in California the number of new death sentences for 2009 reached 29, an almost 50% increase over the last few years.  But the vast majority of those death verdicts came from just three counties (Los Angeles, Riverside and Orange). Los Angeles County alone had 13 death sentences last year. The entire state of Texas had only nine.  Can you believe Los Angeles County surpassed the entire state of Texas?

A public opinion poll conducted in 2009 found that Californians overwhelmingly preferred a sentence of permanent imprisonment to the death penalty: 60% to 40%. When researchers add the requirement that prisoners work and pay restitution, support for the death penalty plummeted to just 26% while support for the alternative was more than 66% (Survey Research Center of the University of Virginia, 2009).

The size of California’s death row has reached epic proportions. We need to end this charade and admit that our death penalty experiment has failed. Resentencing everyone on death row to permanent imprisonment will save the state $1 billion over the next five years. This is money the state desperately needs right now. It is being wasted on a failed public policy.

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By Stefanie Faucher


Rebecca F.
Rebecca F6 years ago

reply for Pam Burton: you say you could go on so you have other examples of why people should be put to death? As for conjugal visits i think that you will find that the only visits that death row inmates can have is those conducted through glass kind of hard having sex through glass. Only married inmates are permitted conjugal visits and only those who have a lower security rating. Death row inmates are not permitted to marry unless they were married at the time they went on the row and even then they do not get them. Furthermore, as to medical care studies have been done proving that medical care is seriously inadequate and as for the 3 hot square meals ... making out what the inmate is eating is often hard as it doesn't resemble meals in the free world. The state lawyers are provided for those who cannot afford their own legal representation but have no fear because generally those who do have state lawyers will be defended inadequately and will at some point be put down like dogs so you will be happy about that no doubt. Why they have all their appeals is to ensure that their case has been conducted appropriately and this is often when inconsistancies and mistakes may be evident. Thank goodness for organisations like The Innocence Project that has saved innocent inmates from death row. Putting inmates to death is state sanctioned murder premeditated and as such the worst kind how does that make us a civilised society? It doesn't it makes us hypocrites guilty of murder 2!

Pam Burton
Pam Burton6 years ago

I agree that the Death Penalty is terrible..BUT....All across the U.S. there are those who cannot walk amongst the polite sheep in this society....WE ARE CIVILIZED-THEY ARE NOT...So...WHY should I....[and anyone else] have to pay for these few to get 3 hots-a cot-medical-dental-attorneys-court dates-appeals-cloths-conjugal visits[I could go on]...Life IS UNFAIR and THEY CHOSE THAT PATH...Rabid dogs get put down so sheeple can be SAFE!!!

Bea W.
Bea W.6 years ago

This needs more investigating.

johan l.
paul l7 years ago

If California can be persuaded to chang 700 prisoner's sentence from death to lifelong imprisonment with making them work, that would be great!
If they save $1bil. in the process, so much the better!

Doctor V.
Doctor V7 years ago

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Judy K.
Greg K7 years ago

To Ralph, I agree the dangerous criminals should be kept in prison forever. If statistics can be believed, putting a prisoner to death costs more than life in prison. I don't know how that's possible but... I'm talking about nonviolent criminals who take up space that is needed for sociopaths who should never be put back into society!

Ralph B.
Ralph B7 years ago

I think all these bleeding hearts need to take all these Human beings that Have killed in a brutal way. Home with them to save them from the death that they deserve.. The prisons are overflowing and the money is short to build more.. We the good people who benefit society are dying daily because we can't afford health care but they get all they need. I read somewhere that a prisoner Life was saved . A huge cost so that they could end his Life.. What is wrong Here???

Pam H.
Pamela H7 years ago

Stefanie did you know your article on DNA and the Death Penalty has been censored? Government hackers maybe?

Jane L7 years ago


Stephan B.
Stephan B7 years ago

Daer Darvon,

It is good of you to identify yourself as greater than your own specie. You talk about us in the third person; such arogance.

As we go, so shall you. if you are a unrecognised or under appreciated prophet, anointed by God, then by God, we will suffer your commandments.

'We humans' don't all have a lust for blood. We also have a sense of justice, social parity and equality, the latter until any of 'us' crosses certain barriers, called laws, and put ourselves at odds with the protection offered by the same laws.

Cetaintly you are from another planet, but what specie??