8 Companies That Have Dropped the NRA and One That Hasn’t

While a seemingly never-ending string of mass shootings has taken in place in the United States over recent years, the NRA’s clout has never wavered. The public pressure just simply wasn’t there to make a major change. Finally, though, it appears as though we may have reached a tipping point, as corporate partners of the NRA are abruptly pulling out of longstanding deals.

Credit the activists who have decided enough is enough and taken to social media to tell companies that have worked out deals and discounts with the uncompromising gun lobby that they will boycott them if their professional relationships continue. In short order, a whole bunch of companies have buckled and disassociated themselves with the NRA, including:


Following public outcry, the company that produces Norton antivirus software has decided to stop offering “a variety of discounts” to NRA members. That also includes discounts for LifeLock, the popular identity theft protection brand, that Symantec bought last year.


For some time, the bank has been offering a special NRA-affiliated Visa card to its members, giving them 5 percent back on gas and sporting good purchases made with the card. On Thursday, they announced they would not renew the contract on this credit card deal, attributing the switch in position to “customer feedback.”


Until this week, the NRA touted a deal with MetLife to offer NRA members “generous pre-negotiated NRA group discounts” for automobile insurance. As of Friday, the company tweeted, “We value all our customers but have decided to end our discount program with the NRA.”


The Boston-based company that focuses in home security systems has been extending a deal to NRA members, giving them the first two months of their monitoring service for free. However, SimpliSafe announced Friday that it was terminating this deal. Though the company did not specify why it dissolved the partnership, it was receiving a lot of tweets threatening a boycott.


On Thursday, Enterprise – the parent to Enterprise, Alamo and National car rental companies – announced that it would stop giving discount deals to NRA members beginning March 26.

6. & 7. HERTZ & AVIS

Suddenly, that move put the pressure on other auto rental companies that also had deals listed on the NRA website to pull out. Social media users said they would go with the NRA-free companies, and both Hertz and Avis decided to end their own relationships with the gun lobby in the face of this mounting boycott.


Chubb Limited, a giant in the personal accident and life insurance game has for a long-time offered the NRA Carry Guard plan, which provides insurance coverage to NRA members caught up in shooting self-defense lawsuits. They are now no longer offering this plan.

Though news of the separation just hit the news, the company maintains the decision occurred 3 months ago, prior to the Parkland incident. That hardly seems like a bad idea for a company in the life insurance game – the fewer people shot, the fewer claims they have to pay!

And as for one company that hasn’t broken its ties to the NRA yet…


The shipping company gives NRA members up to a 26 percent discount on shipping both within and outside of the country. Gun control organizations have been pressuring FedEx for over a year to end its relationship, but the company has yet to announce any kind of change in its existing relationship.


With so many other companies listening to public outcry, it’s not a long shot to think FedEx might follow suit. If you want to amplify this message, join over 25,000 other Care2 members and sign the petition: FedEx – Quit Supporting the NRA!

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Be brave America! Time to ban guns and the NRA. It is a terrorist organisation that has no place in the 21st century. There is a blot on the landscape of the world, it’s called America. If the UN wasn’t so corrupt it would put sanctions on that place for its continuing human rights abuses and its runaway gun violence problem. America seems to have a collective low level mental illness where they have normalised guns and gun violence. It’s a shame, that place used to be a focus for hope but is now a symbol of ignorance, arrogance and stubbornness. “A fool never changes its mind, but the wise change it’s mind often!” And we know that people kill people! So why give them guns?

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Half of my comments on these causes articles aren't showing up, so I guess I'm going to start saying "Noted" so I get butterfly credits and can help save the rain forest.

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Shame on you - FEDEX!

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Money doesn't make you a decent person but it does make you a gun totin' bully !!
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