8-Year-Old Maddison Has Park Named in Her Honor After 27,000 Sign Care2 Petition

Maddison Mertz was everything you’d expect from a second grader: excited about school, bursting with energy and passionate about gymnastics, her family, her sister and of course, her dogs.

Maddison, from Victoria, Minnesota, started second grade in the fall of 2016, full of hope for the future. 

Tragically, this seven-year-old girl was diagnosed with Stage 4 Glioblastoma Multiform Cancer in November, 2016. 

Glioblastoma is a type of cancer that is both very rare and very difficult to treat. On November 15, Maddison underwent surgery at Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis to remove 95 percent of the tumor in her neck.

Following this, beginning December 5, Maddison had to endure radiation treatments five days a week for the next six weeks.

Zach and Lindsay Mertz, Maddison’s parents, remained hopeful for various trials that could help their child but sadly, they learned that Maddison did not qualify for those trials.

Through a GoFundMe campaign, they gained support from a vast number of family and friends who rallied to help Maddison.

8-Year-Old Maddison Loses Her Battle To Cancer

They did all they could, but shortly after her eighth birthday, on May 29, 2017, Maddison Mertz lost her battle to cancer.

No parent should ever have to know the pain of losing a child. Yet the neighbors and friends of Maddison wanted her family to know that they cared, that they had thought of Maddison often, and that they would continue to do so. 

Michael Amundsen, in particular, was struck by how this little girl captured the attention, thoughts and prayers of so many people over the six months between her diagnosis and her death.

So he had a touching idea: to change the name of the small park in Watermark, across the road from where Maddison lived, from “Watermark Park’ to “Maddison Park.” 

Amundsen started a Care2 petition and wrote:

“Many Americans have loved ones who have lost their battle to cancer, and this disease affects many people throughout the nation. Maddison showed strength, love and hope through her battle, and brought the community together……At the young age of eight, Maddison made a rare impact on her community that brought out positivity, love and hope in many individuals.”

Responding to this message of hope and love, over 27,000 Care2 members signed up to support Amundsen’s petition to rename this park “Maddison Park,” to honor the impact this young girl had on her hometown.

Town Changes the Name of Park to Honor 8-Year-Old Maddison

Last month, Amundsen received the good news that his campaign was successful:

“Today, July 10th, 50+ individuals from the city of Victoria, the Mertz family and myself went to the Victoria City Council meeting. I issued a statement to the council, and they unanimously approved the changing of the sign to Maddison Park! Thank you to everyone who helped in this effort! We couldn’t have done it without your support. The Mertz family will now have a park named after their amazing daughter Maddison!”

Losing an eight-year-old to cancer is devastating, but hopefully creating a park in her honor will offer some solace to her parents.

Congratulations and thank you to Amundsen for carrying on the memory of Maddison, and to all the Care2 members who signed up to support him.

If you have an issue you want to pursue, why not start your own Care2 petition? These guidelines will show you how to get started, and soon you’ll find the Care2 community signing up to support you in your cause.


Photo Credit: Care2


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