A Care2 Member’s View of the 2010 Election Outcome

NOTE: After reading a particularly empassioned comment, we invited its author, Care2 member Zoraida Colon-Collado, to offer a guest post on the election.  


Listening as victory parties revved up in Republican Campaign offices everywhere, and high powered “conservative” radio whips like Rush Limbaugh launched their offensive for the presidential race in 2012, I found it difficult to contain the anger and fear running through my mind as I pondered the real meaning behind this turn in American politics. 

Contrary to what many believe, this was not just a unification of the majority “white” voters in this country against the specter of being taken over by the growing ranks of minorities and illegal aliens, it was the death knell for the American middle class, as we know it, and the final step in becoming one of the most influential third world countries in the world.

It did not surprise me that Rush’s first attack was against the final removal of tax exemptions for the wealthy implemented by George Bush, the self-avowed “friend of the rich”, as he himself is one of them, not just by inheriting it from a string of judges and lawyers in his own family, but by selling fear and hatred to the weak and confused masses who look to anyone for clear and decisive leadership, in a world seemingly devoid of any. He likened increasing taxes on those who could most afford them as a “punishment” for having amassed obscene amounts of wealth.  In order to coerce the upper middle class to join in this farce, he did concede that any amount of income, over say $175,000.00 or so, should not be penalized by taxation, but his true tirade was aimed quite obviously at the millionaires and billionaires who stand to get hit the hardest, like himself.  

I asked myself, aren’t these the same corporations and executives who have profited so largely and so well from the wars, NAFTA, shipping jobs overseas and using international banks to hide their profits? Was this not the same money taken out of the American financial cycle, that left it on the brink of bankruptcy?  Are these not the same bank and financial executives who gave themselves raises even after bankrupting their companies and being bailed out by…us?

It amazes me as well that the billions of dollars being used to fund all these undeclared “wars” that have proven to be not just illogical, and unwinnable in a very much Viet Nam way,  are not even mentioned when speaking of deficits by the “conservative” rank and file, or their leaders. All the screaming about controlling budgets and reducing deficits is aimed at… Social Security, Public Aid and Health Care for those who could not otherwise afford it.  That’s us, by and large, folks. 

What the Republican agenda is saying is that the wealthy do not want to be responsible for funding the “benefits” of the average working, unemployed or underemployed man or woman.  They believe that making us scramble for less-than-minimum wage jobs, that fill their coffers so well, will build the American character and make us a strong country again.  Quality public education, humane health care, affordable housing? Well that’s just for those weak cry babies who don’t want to put in an honest day’s work to earn them, like in the good old days.  The good old days?

It took us decades of protest, legal and illegal, to get a right to control our own bodies, to get a decent wage for a day’s work, to keep our children out of the fields and factories, to get health care, housing and education that was the envy of the world.  One by one, it is all being taken back.  America is marching backward at an alarming speed fueled by the fears and imaginary bogey men created by those who would control your mind and spirit and make you give up your Constitutional Rights to “‘…life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, for an empty and impotent promise of safety from “aliens” and “terrorists” of our own creation.  The symbols of liberty and freedom, the Boston Tea Party, Dr. King’s speech in Washington, none are safe from the manipulation and misinterpretation of an agenda so powerful, it will eventually eat even it’s own; and we march blindly towards it, like lemmings to the edge of the cliff.

The words, “honor”, “freedom”, “patriot”, have been so twisted and knit into this propaganda of divisivism that their original meaning is all but lost on the young, and the old, who have seen despotism rise from just such actions, despair in their rotting wake.

There have been many who commented, when faced with an open criticism of the events of our day, that those of us who are dissatisfied with the American way, should find a better place to live and go there.  The thought has never before been so tempting.


Zoraida Colon-Collado’s background is as varied as her interests.  From ESOL teacher in the hills of Puerto Rico to dairy farm worker to social worker for the Marielitos to substance abuse treatment, it all revolves around people, and how to help them become their personal best.  


by Peaco Todd
By Care2 member Zoraida Colon-Collado


Barbara Erdman
Barbara Erdman7 years ago

Thanx for post.

Michael Cunningham

Besides the Democrats were in charge when the problems were exacerbated!

Michael Cunningham

"Why did we give the car keys back to the ones who crashed it in the first place?"

Because they were not the ones that cut the brake lines!

Michael Cunningham

"Diana S., your Nov 7, 2010 2:16 PM comments smack of SANITY!! I'd love to see the lobbyist thrown out on their solid gold As**s. Then when the regular citizens gain a REAL voice in national politics things like right to work can be examined for need. Until then, the unions are needed. They have done great things for working class America, including the non-union."

As I understand it all the right to work states are heavily unionized. Yes! Unions did a good thing. But it is clear that unions are not the necessity they once were. We have some 132.8 million workers and only 15.3 million unionized. With 52% of those in Government service!

Michael Cunningham

Wishful thinking I suspect. Or could it be spin? A change in Congress like this has not occurred for some 60 - 70 years. That does not signal a normal midterm loss!
Not enough spine? TYhey thought that was just what they were doing in passing all this dreck the people told them thay did not want.

Hell look at now the Treasury wants another $600 billion to but US debt instruments so the banks have money to lend. Why!? To stimulate the economy! TARP, stimulus, bailouts, takeovers all were supposed to accomplish that. Not spent yet and they decide it has not been effective so through more down the hole. That is not a spine that is stupidity!

"The party in power ALWAYS loses seats in the midterms. Not so surprising that history has repeated itself. This was the one time that if a spine was existent for the party in power they actually would have lost many fewer seats than they did.
Get spines or lose seats - natural selection. "

Michael Cunningham

Hear! Hear!

The FairTax eliminates the IRS!

"This is the very first step in the voting public taking back control of their government, which is a good thing. We could end the stranglehold our federal government has on the taxpayers they are supposed to work for, by ALL OF US withholding our federal income tax payments this coming April 15th (the big "crime" of tax evasion has more to do with not FILING your tax forms than they do with not sending the check - true!).

Unfortunately, the American public is going to have to get a LOT more pissed off at our government before we stage a nationwide tax revolt. Until then, we have to support the candidates we believe in, choose the life of our planet and its resident, necessary forests and savannahs and wetlands and wildlife over our imaginary "right" to breed, speak out on causes we believe in, and accept the responsibility for our own lives, our own successes and failures.

We the people still have the power - we just need USE it!"

Michael Cunningham

"in the minds of voters, there are but TWO parties, the right-wing, bible-thumping-wacko Republicans, and the tax-and-spend, bleeding-heart-liberal Democrats."

That is a good way to state it! But perhaps the problem is that such a distinction is divided so by the people themselves. With those believeing; "the right-wing, bible-thumping-wacko Republicans", do not believe "the tax-and-spend, bleeding-heart-liberal Democrats." and vice versa.

Michael Cunningham

The President, nor Congress, is not our teacher, our tutor, our guide, or ruler. He does not command us; we command him.

Michael Cunningham

"when a Republican is elected in 2012 and much of the good things will be gone."
--And which good things are those? High unemployment? Non-existent credit? A serious risk of inflation? The policies of this administration are distressingly close to those of the Weimar Republic.
"An oligarchy is not out of the question then."
--You think a hand full of people, less that 535 deciding against the will of the country to do something is not?
"Neither is a theocracy, as many of these peoples' backers are fundamentalist Christians and many want this country to be declared a Christian nation."
--You think a simple statement that a country is Christian makes a theocracy? Then I contend you do not know the meaning of the word! As for the issue of a real theocracy, the people will never stand for it! Odds on chance that any power that acts contrary to that will generate an honest to Betsy revolution.
"What then for the land of the free?"
--It is precisely that which will prevent such a thing. And the Constitution!
"And if you doubt this could ever happen, then you are truly blind to the way this country is progessing."
--I don't Believe I am. It is just that you seem to like the way it is going and I do not. The results of this election aside. It remains to be seen if Congress got the message. And no It should be clear I do not see the possibility of a theocracy taking root in the bastions of the republic. The people will not allow it.