A (Knitted) Uterus For Every Congressman!

If the war on women — one (male) politician after another taking the podium to explain why Women Shalt Not Have Access to Birth Control because Sex Ought Only To Be Had For the Purposes of Procreation — is irking, enraging and generally disgusting you, here’s a way to take those angry feelings and put them to good creative, crafty use.

How about knitting a uterus? Or crocheting one, if you’d rather?

Government Free VJJ is, in the words of Jezebel, a project with the aim of having “ladies knit or crochet lovely versions of uteruses (plus cervixes and vulvas) and mail them to their representatives,” so that those who have not been endowed with such female organs can have their very own in red or hot pink or paler hues. You can use one of these patterns or make up your own; make sure to fill out this form so the project can keep track of which politician is getting which hand-knit female organs.

Some may say this Snatchel Project is all a waste of yarn that could be used for making sweet little baby booties or some such. But the “women’s work” of making things with fibers — knitting, crocheting, spinning, weaving, sewing — has a long history as a way for women to express themselves and get a powerful message across.

Penelope tricked her many suitors not to press her to marry as long as she was weaving a shroud for Laeetes, father of her long-away husband, Odysseus; she wove the shroud by day and unwound it at night until her craftiness was revealed.

Philomela, after being raped by her brother-in-law Tereus who cut out her tongue so she could not speak, wove a tapestry depicting what had happened to her and sent it her sister Procne; the two sisters than took revenge on Tereus.

A little craftiness can say a lot more than you might think.

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Stephan B.
Stephan Brown5 years ago

Where are you going to put a uterus on a 180 pound penis?

Lynn D.
Lynn D5 years ago

GREAT idea! Thanks!

Eddie O.
Eddie O5 years ago

Oh, how great it would be if giving these Greedy Obstructionist Republicans their own knitted uterus would keep them from trying to control everyone else's uteruses!

Of course, this would not work as the PARTY OF HATE is truly addicted to MONEY and PUTTING DOWN & CONTROLING WOMEN and whoever eles's lives they can stick their noses in.

Roseanne S.

Why not spend money helping women with crisis pregnancies, so they don't feel they have no choice but abortion?

Sherrie Brunell
Sherrie Brunell5 years ago

Maybe it would be more effective if instead of knitting healthy uteri, we knitted uteri that had been ripped up from a back-alley abortion? Or a uterus with a bloody coat hanger dangling from it?

Roseanne S.

I established a project at our local cemetery for babies who die before birth.
This included ALL the babies, regardless of how they came to die, miscarriage, stillborn or abortion. No one was excluded. It is a place of hope, where people can just reflect in the little garden setting. Healing is the focus. I faced opposition with including the babies who were aborted. Why shouldn't they be remembered also? I thought. After all they were the same age as the other babies who died.
I received many letters from people, one touched my heart so deeply. She was a teenager, she didn't know what to do. She went to the "smiley counsellor lady" at school, who told her that she could "get rid of her little problem." The agony and pain she expressed made me cry!
I kept reading her letter over when people wanted to exclude the aborted babies. It made me more determined to stand up for her and her baby. I paid a price for that and I would gladly pay over again! She needed to heal, as did all the mothers.
In abortion, how could she go back to the abortion providers, when it was supposed to be what she wanted and shouldn't she be grateful for the service?!
The knitting made me think of her, because she said, " this project needs to stick to it's knitting in what it's about!" The purpose of the project? to reach out in love to all those who hurt, to bring comfort and healing.
After all, we are all knitted together in our mother's womb.

Rahul A.
Rahul A.6 years ago

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Arild Warud

Good idea.

Antony M.
Antony Mcgowan6 years ago


s. ryan
p. q6 years ago