A Tough Question For Anti-Choice Activists


If abortion were illegal, what should the punishment be for having an abortion? One would think that staunch anti-abortion protesters would have a passionate answer to this question. Let’s hear what they have to say:



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MEGAN N5 years ago

@ philippa
Are you saying that because i want a baby and because my husband and i are trying that i am the victim of sexual assult? Or that my pregnancy and child will be bad for women? If you mean women who are assulted then say so but dont assume that every woman is a victim just because you think that way. Some of us want babies...

Philippa L.
Philippa L.5 years ago

Have you ever seen a fully grown man chase a teenage girl into her school? Let him have his way he'd impregnate her. And women lie about other women so they get abused. Impregnation is not a part of the natural human psyche, it's rouge, not holy, and it's that unnatural element that wants to run all over life.

You want something illegal, make the impregnation of a woman illegal, preying on women's reproductive capacity = sexual predator.

Sandra Streifel
Sandra S5 years ago

Nadya, you may be well-intentioned, but you are woefully ignorant. The purpose of your center, or at least all those "Women's Center"s and "Problem Pregnancy Center"s promising "Full Services" that I have ever seen just give women the runaround until it's too late to do anything about getting an abortion, so her only options are to keep the baby or adopt it out. So much for "full service" and "woman centered". What a crock. How long do you keep up the support for all the babies you bring into the world?

There are no 9 month abortions. Any abortions after 21 weeks, (4 months) are extremely rare and hard to get, which is why Pregnancy Centers jolly women along until they are all a few states away. When a fetus is found to be dead or grossly deformed (eg. no head) parents usually will not want to continue the pregnancy, and it's a risk to the mother's health, so the fetus, if it's alive, will be killed before 6 months and removed, usually through the cervix. A doctor who does these abortions is rare and specially trained, and the clinic is specially equipped, so if, for example, a young victim of incest is not discovered to be pregnant until 5 months on, she may have to travel across several states by air to have the pregnancy terminated.

Why don't the people who are so opposed to abortion at least try to reduce the number of abortions in a country where it is legal? Don't make more people poor, and make it as easy as possible to learn about and use good birth control met

Daniel A.
Daniel A5 years ago

A more important question might be, What should be the penalty for those who come between a woman and her doctor. After all, those who do this do not know the physical or mental state of the woman, nor anything else about her, other than her being a female. It is easy to take control of pregnant women with draconian laws, but beware. As China has shown, it is just as easy to make a law which forces women to have abortion, as it is to ban it. Who knows what kind of government people might vote into office in the future? If we wish to keep our individual liberties and choices, pregnancy should be a matter between a woman and her doctor. If married, she may include her husband in any medical decisions, but the choice should be hers alone. No clerics, no politicians, and no other persons should be allowed to interfere in this matter. To do otherwise is to open the gates of Animal Farm and to justify all of Orwell's opinions of government and voters.

Daniel A.
Daniel A5 years ago

Nadya---If you were a doctor and a pregnant woman told you, "I want an abortion. If I am forced to have this baby, I shall kill myself." and you see that she is serious, and if you had to make that decision (to abort or not), what would you? You are making some assumptions based on a yes/no, good/bad, black/white, situation. Most ethical questions involves none of these decisions. The decision is either to do the better of the good, or the lesser of the evils. One must not hasten to generalize, but look at each case. In the case of pregnancy, what another woman does is none of your or my business. The ethical choices are up to the woman, and her doctor.

Kate G.
Kate G.5 years ago

Yes, rock the vote, those are bunch of STUPID non-thinking women

Nadya Rossi
Nadya Rossi5 years ago

Please don't assume or stereotype. Our pro-life agency offered free pregnancy tests, food, clothing, cribs, car seats, furniture, bus passes, referrals, support groups, counseling and all manner of helps. We took young women in our own homes. We drove them to job training programs, to apply for community college, to social service agencies to apply for assistance, to attorneys and doctors. Everything they needed. All of it was free. The judging, name-calling and calls for punishment are unproductive. I would ask you one thing: would you call it a criminal act for a doctor to perform an abortion on a nine-month old unborn baby? Some babies are born and get strangled, left to die of hunger and thirst. WHY? The mother paid for a dead baby and the doctors/staff makes sure she gets what she paid for.

Aurolyn L.
Aurolyn L5 years ago

In some countries (El Salvador is one) women are already jailed for getting abortions. And in the U.S. (Mississippi for example) several women are serving lengthy jail terms for "child abuse" or endangerment after their babies were born (or stillborn) with traces of drugs in their systems (because their mothers were untreated addicts). Don't think we are so far away from such a scenario.

J.C. H.
Jc Honeycutt5 years ago

it's hard for me to believe that people who've been active in any group for 2-5 years have never thought beyond slogans: passive supporters, yes, but people this active, I doubt it. I suspect that they're cagey enough not to say that they think women who have abortions should be stoned to death, etc. Although the "foot soldiers" of the anti-abortion movement probably aren't significantly involved in setting policy, I find it hard to believe there hasn't been some coaching on what to say/not say when on camera. Better to come across as well-meaning but stupid than to say you think women who have abortions should be stoned/sterilized/jailed/sent directly to hell, etc.

JACarlton Author
jill c5 years ago

This video is a perfect example of reactionary, mob mentality. If you have a moral stand against something then you must have a belief about punishment or penalty. These people are simply interested in imposing their views on someone else's activity, controlling others. They're little more than sheep bleating someone else's rhetoric with virtually no independent thought processes to uphold the validity of their so-called 'stance'. Oh that's right, they're most likely xtian-wrong-wing baggers. Nevermind.