Man Who Abandoned Dog in UK Identified

The owner of the dog abandoned in Weymouth, UK, whose act was caught on CCTV, has been identified as Andrew Shepherd, 48, of Bamber Bridge, Lancashire.

Shepherd called the 8-year-old dog he abandoned, Brandy.

The dog — renamed Ginger by those who found her — is being cared for at Woodlands Farm Kennels in Bridport. Hundreds of offers for adoption have poured in, but no decision will be made until the right family is found for her.

The Daily Express also states, “Neighbours said Mr. Shepherd [is]… described as ‘dirty, skinny, with long, lank hair’ with a large ‘red wine stain’ birth mark on his face and ‘a Jesus complex’.”

As suspected from watching the CCTV video, Shepherd had accomplices in his cowardly deed.  The driver was identified as Jenny Hadfield.  

According to The Sun, Hadfield stated, “OK, I was behind the wheel of the car. I was driving.  I didn’t ask for all this trouble. It’s my friend Shep’s dog, not mine, but I was there.”  

She is also quoted as saying, “I’m very sorry. I’m just glad the dog was found. I’ve never been in trouble before. I’m petrified.” 

According to reports, Shepherd was on holiday with friends last week — Hadfield, her ex-husband and another friend — when he apparently decided to dump Brandy. It was one of Shepherd’s friends seen exiting the car with Brandy, who then led her to the grassy lot.  He then re-entered the car and left the lame dog sitting while she watched the vehicle drive away.

BBC reports the RSPCA is conducting an ongoing investigation and cannot discuss details, but a spokesperson said, “We have received information about a possible owner and we are following it up.” We are also reviewing the CCTV footage to progress the inquiry.”

This is good news for Ginger (aka Brandy) and those with a desire to see justice for her.

Keep checking back with Care2 for more updates on the story.

Flickr: Helana.40proof
please note: the dog pictured is not Brandy


Annmari Lundin
Annmari L7 years ago

Humans are the cruelest animal on this earth!

Laurie S.
Laurie Siederman7 years ago

Physically sickening to witness such heartlessness. PUNISH THE OFFENDERS!

claudio peccolo
claudio peccolo7 years ago

hope he'll pay and be inmate fòr some years so maybe he'll learn something that is basically for every living being: respect for the other!

Anbarasan P.
Anbarasan P.7 years ago

worst and hurting one. when we ran for hunting along with us dog ran and the relationship continues..
its really hurting
see the way it's looking the passing car.

Jaime L.
Jaime Lopez7 years ago

Bastard how could he do that , definitly he's a really bad man cause if someone is bad with animals it is a bad person. He should be punish somehow.

mary l.
mary l7 years ago

That's like dumping your kid off and never coming back.

Pam M.
Pam M.7 years ago

Sick sick "people" out there thinking a dog can survive on its own.FIND A HOME PEOPLE IF YOU CANT TAKE CARE OF THE DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bastard probably cant imagine why everbody is so pissed over it. Thants because you cant fix STUPID!

wixian lee
wixian lee7 years ago

can't imagine how broke-hearted brandy as he saw that bastard leaving him.

wixian lee
wixian lee7 years ago

what a terrible owner....

Jean Sleigh
Jean Sleigh7 years ago

This is HORRIBLE... the trust, the love and the faithfulness shown by that poor dog at the end... it's all dashed in a few seconds!! Besides the dog finding a 'forever home' I hope and pray that man gets a hefty fine or some time in prison to ponder over his selfishness! I spit on him....................