Abortion Ban Advances In Colorado

It’s no surprise a bill like this has to pass under the cover of night.

On a second reading the Colorado state House of Representatives passed the First Degree Homicide of the Unborn Child bill. With the language of the bill as is it would criminalize abortion and criminalize the use of the morning after pill. Like similar measures this is done by also conferring personhood status on a newly fertilized egg.

The bill will move to the Senate for consideration.

Coloradans have rejected personhood measures twice before, but anti-choice activists won’t let those earlier defeats deter them. They’ve made it clear their only agenda is criminalizing abortion and they won’t rest until that’s been made a reality.

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Kimberlee W.
Kimberlee W5 years ago

Look, I'm not going to criticize you in the least for that. If that brings comfort to some, fine! I think that's great.
But when you claim, for what I'm assuming are legal definitions, that a fertilized egg is the same life form as I or anyone else, I'm going to disagree. For as many as will have regrets, there are probably just as many who do not have regrets, except for getting pregnant in the first place.

You see, you're entitled to your opinion. What you're not entitled to is to make legislation that makes my decision for me. It remains MY CHOICE.
I cannot condone any law that decides what I may or may not do to my own person, be it suicide, sterilization, abortion or having a tattoo.
That is where we part and I really don't think there is a single thing that anyone could say that could convince me otherwise. Or should. It's my business.

Roseanne S.

Kimberly, one woman I knew well, who lived with her decision, would phone me up crying and crying for weeks and months. She knew I wouldn't condemn her, she knew I would listen and care. Another asked me how God could ever forgive her, I will never forget her, not ever! And the others! They were not told the truth of their babies development as a person, a human being, that was NOT their fault! They were meant to be grateful for the service and it was supposed to be what they had wanted. Where could they go, certainly not to the abortion agencies. My heart ached for them and the women who had miscarriages and stillbirths - some women were treated with such insensitivity and callousness!
I established a little garden area at our local cemetery for babies who died before birth - all of them without exception - miscarried, stillborn and aborted. It is a place for people to heal.
I paid a price for this that I would gladly pay over again.
I stood for the mothers and the little ones who had been aborted.
The letters I received made me cry, as I read of the pain and agony.
I care enough to want to stop the pain and help mothers.

Kimberlee W.
Kimberlee W5 years ago

Roseanne - to me, an embryo IS a parasite. This is my personal viewpoint. I don't press it onto anyone else; at the end of the day, I have only myself to confront about decisions relating to my own body.
Life takes many forms. Would you suggest that eating corn is killing life? All life depends upon other life to survive.
My Body, My fertilized egg, MY CHOICE!!!!!
Now deal with your own body and I'll deal with mine. YOU DON'T GET TO LEGISLATE MY PERSONAL DECISIONS REGARDING MY OWN BODY!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't give a DAMN what your justifications are!

Roseanne S.

Why is abortion such an important issue? because it is the violation of human rights!
Unborn children cannot defend themselves, in their plight.

Would you have stood up in defence of the Jews? Black Americans?
It is no different! We were all unborn at one stage of our lives.
It all comes down to the humanity of people - well done Colorado State!

You can try to say the truth is lies, but at the end of the day, you can't say you didn't know! Know that little defenceless babies were being killed and you did nothing to stop it!

In time, people will wonder how hundreds of billions of babies were killed before birth.
Just like people wonder how millions of Jews and others were killed in the holocaust.
Couldn't they see they were people!
With ultrasonic scans, micro photography and Sir William Liley's studies on foetology,
no one can say they didn't know!
A human being never stops being human!

Roseanne S.

I definitely do know the differences between the various stages of human life -
I was asking whether other people did! Encouraging them to actually think for themselves!
Any child born or unborn, would die if deprived of nutrients, whether through the placenta or otherwise, it's just common sense!

I was asking what people think of the progression from pre birth abortion to after birth abortion by the doctors. Where will it end? Who will be deemed Not to a human being next!

The question regarding life forms all depends on whether you think a child is a human being.
If they are not human, then what sort of being do you suggest they are then?
All life forms reproduce to create new life. Horses have little horses etc.

Can anyone compare a child to a virus, a bacteria, an amoeba?
Laura, I appreciate that you have a degree in biology, however, you surely will know that the cells of the body are replaced by the process of "Mitosis," the process by which living organisms grow and develop.
Reproduction is a totally different process, that except for hermaphrodites, involves the exchange of DNA from the ovum and sperm, to form a new life that is totally separate from the life of either parent, even if the new life exists within the body of one of the parents.
Life beginning at conception is an indisputable biological fact, the proof is in the study of human biology - I strongly encourage you to look it up for yourself, think for yourself!
Well said Iona S.
Why i

Jeff May
Jeff May5 years ago

Anne C. I never said men shouldn't be responsible, but you women do want the man to be involved after the sex. Men should be responsible AND have rights in this situation, but the man can't get you pregnant without you allowing him in, unless you were raped- which accounts for a small number of abortion cases and is not part of my argument. Yes, men SHOULD be more responsible, BUT women are the gate keepers and the ones who suffer the consequences whether or not the man ever even knows or cares. If I let someone use my car with no contract in place and they go and install some unwanted equipment on it and then disappear, I am the one left dealing with the unwanted equipment. If men simultaneously suffered physical consequences from pregnancy, there would be a whole lot less pregnancy and abortion! lol

Ed O.

Elaine wrote : Time for women to TAKE back their bodies! Menstrual Extraction (ME) is a process by which menstrual blood is removed from the uterus using an airtight, hand-operated suction device to eliminate inconveniently-timed periods (in cases of honeymoons and athletic events).
It can also be used for low-risk early abortions (up to 7 weeks) without anesthetics and a greatly decreased risk of infection.
ME is often an outpatient procedure, sometimes performed at home by a trained medical professional. Most patients said it’s far more comfortable and less painful than standard abortion procedure.
The most common device used is called a Del-Em. The cannula is inserted into the uterus through the undilated cervix. A syringe, with a one-way bypass valve prevents air from entering the uterus, which can be fatal. It creates the suction necessary to evacuate the interior of the uterus. The material collects in an airtight glass jar.
In a very few cases, a second extraction process must be performed if the abortion was not completed the first time. The procedure should be performed by a trained medical professional. However, with proper training, women who aren’t medical professionals can also be taught to safely perform ME in self-help groups. Materials used to construct a Del-Em device are easily obtainable through a laboratory or chemistry scientific catalogue.
www.sisterzeus.com Sister Zeus’ site is a HUGE resource

Elaine A.
Elaine Al Meqdad5 years ago

Well that's good news!

pam w.
pam w5 years ago

No---it's NOT 'a new individual." It has no sentience, no functioning brain, no nervous system and nothing which would even distinguish it from the tissue around it.

It's an egg which has been fertilized and, sometimes, will grow to become an entity which can live outside the maternal body. THEN and ONLY then...is it "a baby."

Iona S.
Iona S.5 years ago

Sperm and eggs, no. They have no rights.

But when the nucleus of an egg has fused with the nucleus of a sperm and developmental changes have begun, a new individual has been formed, and at this point the question of rights becomes relevant.