Abortion Rights Activist George Tiller Murdered

Veteran reproductive rights activist Dr. George Tiller was murdered today in Wichita, Kanas. Tiller was serving as an usher during morning church services when he was shot entering his local church.  The gunman reported fired one shot at Tiller and threatened two other people who tried to stop him. Kansas Jackass blog is reporting that a post it note with the phone number of Operation Rescue was found inside the car of the Dr. Tiller’s accused murderer.

As we get more news about Tiller’s murder and the man currently arrested as the suspect, we no doubt will be discussing the long history of violence targeting abortion clinics and doctors and the inflammatory rhetoric regularly broadcast on talk radio and by some anti-abortion activists and how both have contributed to the escalation in violence over the years. For example, Operation Resuce founder Randall Terry made the following statement:

“George Tiller was a mass-murderer. We grieve for him that he did not have time to properly prepare his soul to face God.”  Terry’s statment does not admonish violence in any way.”

As people on both sides of the abortion struggle to find areas of common ground in the abortion debate, it is also true that others are doing their best to prevent any kind of reasoned discussion.  Kelli Conlin, the President of NARAL Pro-Choice New York expresses the very serious roadblock the violence of the  anti-abortion activist movement presents for pro-choice advocates:

“A dedicated health care provider who never wavered in his commitment to providing abortion services and other reproductive health care to women and their families – even after surviving previous acts of violence against him — Dr. Tiller was slain for doing the work that we pledge to protect every day: ensuring the right and ability of women to make decisions that are best for themselves and their families.

President Obama has called on leaders of both sides of the debate on whether women should have the right to legal abortion to come together to find “common ground.”

But it is cold-blooded, vicious actions like today’s assassination that make it hard for those of us in the pro-choice community to find common ground with those on the other side. It is lawless, violent behavior like this that makes us fear for our lives and our families. When they sit down across from us, they have no reason to believe that we come to the table with violent intentions. Today is a brutal reminder that we are not privileged to have the same sense of security.

We therefore call upon the leaders of the anti-abortion movement to go beyond condemning today’s action to actually committing to control and measure their own irresponsible and incendiary rhetoric and actions.

When these anti-abortions leaders stalk us, harass us and label physicians “murderers,” they fan the flames to create a setting where abhorrent acts such as today’s can transpire.

Our heart and our compassion go out to Dr. Tiller, his family, friends and colleagues. Our thoughts are also with all the other providers across this country who do their work in the face of violent opposition. We will continue to stand with them as they serve the women who need them every day.

Until the reality of the anti-abortion activist movement’s violence is addressed, no real common ground can ever be found.

Please send a note of condolences to the men and women who worked along side Dr. Tiller at Women’s Health Care Services in Kansas.

Photo courtesy of dr-tiller.com


mary k.
mary k8 years ago

kathie r is not ranting and raving, marie t and cosmic surfer are the ones who are out of control with attacks on kathie

Cosmic Surfer
Jan Strain8 years ago

I don't answer to you or anyone- I won't be baited into your neurotic, borderline game & your continued rant is beyond the pale.
There is no one who will ever satisfy your bizarre obsession- And I certainly don't care to indulge it

The issue as it stands - no one wants to play with you..They all took their toys and went home-most don't like bullies and petulant exceptionalist bullies are the worst of the lot, No amount of screaming at the top of your lungs is not going to change that...
You can scream, cry, rant, rave, go out in the back yard and eat worms..it will not change a thing.

You really do need to find someone who cares...I mean REALLY find someone who cares...any good phone book has sections of very qualified professionals

Cosmic Surfer
Jan Strain8 years ago

Another Kathie R special -Hi Cosmic -
You need to do some research on Margaret Sanger and the history of PP to understand what their true agenda is. Read some of Margaret's books and reviews and learn that she is a rascist (by her own words) and wanted to eliminate blacks, people with disabilities, low income that she felt were inferior and develop a pure race.
It's really funny that you don't like being attacked, yet you are the one that started attacking me because you don't have any facts on your side. Just because I have facts and my side and you can't face them you have to attack me personally stating that I havve some deeply seeded issues, yet you know no more about me than you do this issue.
It just goes to show your ignorance.
Once again, aside from all the facts about PP, I believe in pro-life and your don't. How can you justify killing innocent babies? You have never been able to answer that question.

Cosmic Surfer
Jan Strain8 years ago

@Kathie R -You really have some deeply seeded issues that ranting your dis-ease on Care2 will not sublimate...You are sincerely spiraling out of control here. Your personal attack on me was not only uncalled for but was also indicative of someone being confronted with a reality that they are trying very hard to ignore.
You have not been a part of my discussion since your last irrational attack on women. If you have an issue, address those with whom you take issue but a personal attack just clarifies and exemplifies exactly what I stated previously." ...you are living your imaginary hell riddled with your own demons..so riddled that you have to put them on to everyone who is not you.
Exceptionalism is the self imposed shackle of the ignorant and I see your shackle is larger than most"

Cosmic Surfer
Jan Strain8 years ago

Received from Kathie R( Part 2)
And how dare you tell me that I'm unhappy,,, blah blah blah because I disagree with you? When you can't argue the subject with facts, you make personal attacks. That only shows you are wrong and can't debate with facts. You tell me I'm emotional? I think you need to look in the mirror.
How can killing a baby ever be justified? You may be killing the most important person in your life, but you are too selfish, immature, self-absorbed to understand that.
I would be ashamed of you if you were in my family. Your mother must be sooooo proud. Only someone who was truly unhappy could kill a baby. Either that or just be pure evil.

Cosmic Surfer
Jan Strain8 years ago

Received via email from Kathie R (part 1)
Hi Cosmic -
Kathie has sent you a message:
So where does it say or imply that I have had an abortion? Idiots like you just try to make up the facts as they go along. I believe in life, not death. I believe in protecting those that can't protect themselve.
And your message below makes absolutely no sense at all. What kind of drugs are you on?
Which ever one of you stated that I had false facts, that doesn't even make sense either. There is no such thing as false facts. Facts are facts, the can be proven scientifically, which is why they are called facts. Definition of the word fact: something that actually exists; reality; truth.
So you are showing your stupidity by saying a "false fact". That is the same as saying that something that is real doesn't exist. Duh!
Abortions are for primarily people that are not accountable for their own actions, and don't understand the concept that they are killing a human life. They are selfish, arrogant, and small minded. They can only see what is convenient for them. They justify killing a baby for convenience. How can that be right?
There are ways to prevent unwanted pregnancies, too many to mention. If that doesn't work, then keep your legs together and your self respect.

Cosmic Surfer
Jan Strain8 years ago

@Marie, though what you say rings of truth, it is falling on a barely living shell of a person claiming to be a Christian but is about as closed minded, afraid and filled with self-loathing as they come
@ "Linda" -so much fear, hate and self loathing that you cannot look outside your own self created cell without spitting bile at everyone who walks free....the more feigned piety, the more fear is behind it and the darker, danker the cell.
You are in need of an existential kick in the butt so your self pity ceases and you understand that you are no worse, nor better, than anyone from Mother Teresa to the drunk in the gutter...You are all of them and the sum of all humanity....your denial is your undoing

marie T.
marie C8 years ago

Linda why are you so confident that Kathy has had an abortionon If she has do you think filling her full of guilt is the right path to take you talk about God your attitude is not very forgiving
Perhaps it was not the wrong choice for Kathy (if she has had aa termination) but for Gods sake
let her get on with her life and help her understand it was the right choice for her at the time stop preaching. Help people
turn to God not frighten them away .

Linda G.
Linda G.8 years ago

Kathy, All I can say is you my dear are trying to excuse the murder of your unborn child. You and you alone will be judged by the almighty God. You have the same blood on your hands that Killer Tiller does! May God forgive you, at least I can rest with the thought that your tiny baby you slaughtered that day is with it's maker being cared for because you chose NOT to.
You're really sad with all your lame excuses, I'm not buying it nor is our Lord and Savior. I bid you peace that you will never have now. I wonder what your little baby would have done with it's life. Because of you, we will never know will we?
Sweet dreams.

Cosmic Surfer
Jan Strain8 years ago

@KATHIE R...So sad to see such ignorance....
I HAVE had an abortion and the resulting relief far outweighed any of your imaginary hells. But then you are living your imaginary hell riddled with your own demons..so riddled that you have to put them on to everyone who is not you.
Exceptionalism is the self imposed shackle of the ignorant and I see your shackle is larger than most