Activist Spotlight: Shelter Allegedly Euthanizing Animals Within Minutes of Their Arrival

Staff at Walker County Humane Society in Jasper, Ala., euthanized a dog named Aries just two hours after his arrival at the shelter. Although Aries was a pit bull, a breed often discriminated against, these incidents occur way more often than they should — and to dogs of all breeds

Sadly, Aries had a home and a loving family looking for him. Had the Humane Society waited a little longer, Aries’ owners could have gotten there before it was too late.

petition has been created to enforce better policies — ensuring no one else’s lost pet is euthanized before their owner has a chance to reclaim them.

Petition creator Michelle Tildwell expresses her concerns with the shelter:

“The policies need to be changed at this facility and the city needs to provide funding to support these efforts to provide an adequate shelter. I, for one, am outraged by the lack of compassion shown to these family pets.”

Similar incidents in the past are proof that something must be done. A petition surfaced last year for Boost, a boxer reported to be euthanized at the Walker County Humane Society within minutes of arrival. He was brought in as a stray. As a result, the dog’s owner, who had not been contacted by the animal shelter, lost his loving companion.

It only seems right that an animal shelter work to protect and care for all animals — not put them to death before giving them a fair chance at life or possible adoption.

You can sign this petition if you feel something should be done to ensure the protection of animals sent to the Walker County Humane Society.




ML E7 years ago

Who are these idiots?!? This place should be closed down!

Joy Jin
Joy Jin7 years ago

That's so unfair! Those owners must be heartbroken. This is an insensitive act and should stop. The people who make these decisions should be caring and willing to give animals a second chance.

Jackie V.
Jackie V.7 years ago

This is a disgrace!! I don't support euthenasia of healthy animals under ANY circumstances!! Cats have lived feral since the beginning of their time, and live happy lives!! Who are we to kill any animal, unless it is suffering, healthwise?!?! We are NOT God!! We have no right to kill a healthy animal! If there is a will, there is a way...put homeless dogs, and other pets who cannot surive out in the wild, on farms.

truckee U.
Cynthia P7 years ago

Oh yea Adam,,,My Badd,,, I misunderstood what you wrote, srry. totally agree with ya.

truckee U.
Cynthia P7 years ago

It wasn't "Peta" in this case,,, it was Jasper County Humane Society....

Adam G.
Adam G7 years ago

I didn't think anyone else could be as low and cruel to animals as PETA.

I now stand corrected.
I think animal cruelty charges would apply in this case.

Sue L.
michelle m7 years ago

Shame on this shelter.It is a killing centre and is not acceptable.

michele s.
Past Member 7 years ago

This shelter needs to be investigated if the mandatory waiting period of euthanizing an animal is not being complied with. signing petition.

Maurene T.
Maurene T7 years ago

Petition signed and hope this shelter will be investigated and any and all laws broken will be prosecuted to the fullest. RIP dear little Aries.

lorraine c.
lorraine c7 years ago

And they call it a "shelter".