Activist Spotlight: Reform Animal Welfare Laws

Animal activists appalled by the number of cats and dogs euthanized each year are speaking out — demanding reform of animal welfare laws.

The HSUS reported in 2009, the estimated number of cats and dogs entering shelters each year is 6 to 8 million — and 3 to 4 million are estimated to be euthanized. And even more upsetting, some methods of euthanasia still used today are extremely inhumane, including gas chambers

Healthy dogs with loving families have been victims as well. Let’s not forget the story of Aries — the dog, euthanized within two hours of arrival at a shelter in Alabama.

Take Action: Reform Animal Welfare Laws!

A lack of control of the pet population is partly to blame — subjecting millions of domestic animals to be put to death each year.

A member of Southeast Pet Rescue created a petition dedicated to fighting against euthanasia by enforcing new animal welfare laws. Reduced-cost spay and neuter programs is one of many solutions listed in the petition, to help control the pet population. The implementation of spay/neuter programs will significantly help reduce the amount of strays, who are most often the victims of euthanasia.

If you would like to see an end brought to countless deaths of animals every year, please sign this petition to enforce better animal welfare laws in Georgia!




Caroline L.
Caroline L7 years ago

@ Scott- Please remember that it is PEOPLE that treat both animals AND people poorly, not the other way around. If people are fair, kind and compassionate then I would treat them kindly. But those that abuse animals, as well as humans, I do not feel deserve anything but a cold, hard cell for a very long time. Thank you!

Past Member
Past Member 7 years ago

This morning I have relaché a cat having made him(it) castrate by my veterinarian. As I saw him(it) coming for some time in my corner(place), I suspected that he(it) came to see the kitten of my neighbors of opposite who are not wretched to make her(it) operate so that she(it) does not have babies anymore! They are nevertheless in the medical part(party) both but when I spoke to them about sterilisation they did not answer me and for years that they are moved, their kittens make babies whom they give to whoever! It is imbecile which I would indeed repress if I could him(it), in front of so much of bétise I am really angry! It is of the miserliness in my opinion. Then I make castrate the tomcats which come to try their luck with these kittens. I say to myself that those at least, will not be any more tried to run(roam) wherever and in all the dangers.

Past Member
Past Member 7 years ago

Ce matin, j'ai un chat Relâche lui avoir fait (il ) castrer par mon vétérinaire. Comme je l'ai vu (il ) à venir pendant un certain temps dans mon coin (lieu) , je me doutais qu'il (elle ) est venu voir le chaton de mes voisins d' en face qui ne sont pas malheureux pour lui faire (il ) fonctionner de manière qu'elle ( il ) ne pas avoir des bébés plus! Elles s'inscrivent cependant dans la partie médicale ( partie ) à la fois , mais quand je leur ai parlé de la stérilisation , ils ne m'a pas répondu et pour les années qu'ils sont déplacés , leur faire des bébés chatons qui ils donnent à quiconque ! Il est imbécile que je serait en effet de réprimer si je pouvais lui (elle ) , en face de tant de bétise , je suis vraiment en colère ! Il est de l' avarice , à mon avis . Puis -je faire castrer les matous qui viennent tenter leur chance à ces chatons . Je me dis que ceux du moins , ne sera pas non plus essayé de courir (ROAM ) partout et dans tous les dangers .

Pam F.
Pam F7 years ago

Good comment, valda p, it makes a great deal of sense to spend the money on prevention , rather than killing.

Scott Vonwolf
Scott haakon7 years ago

It is so unfortunate that animals get treated better than people.

Morgan G.
Morgan Getham7 years ago

Some people who we knew slightly years ago divorced and he moved out of their apartment. She refused to feed or care for their four cats because "that's HIS job!" They were literally starving to death by the time my late wife found out about it. Her solution was direct and simple: she broke into their apartment and STOLE all four of them. Then we took them to our vet and had them cared for at our expense. The vet, knowing it was a rescue situation, cut his costs all he could, but it still ran us more than $1000.

The woman asked around to all her friends wondering who might have taken the cats. Somehow she never got around to asking my wife. I think she was afraid of what might have happened if she had done so.

Oh, and all four of them lived through the ordeal, two of them found new homes, and two we ended up keeping until they died of old age ... the oldest at the incredible age of almost 25!

But there SHOULD be a better way to deal with cases of neglect like this without one brave person having to risk breaking the law and spending huge amounts of their own money to see to it that innocent animals have a chance at a decent life.

valda p.
valda p7 years ago

It costs governments of all countries to euthanize animals ,why couldn't that money be used to desex and microchip the cat or dog and just ask the public to give a donation ,what they can afford for a year or so, most people can afford to feed and care for an animal ,but cannot pay the initial outlay,and of course ,close down these puppy mills,pet shop sales and back yard breeding,eventually it might stop thousands of unwanted animals being born.

Juan Pablo de la Torre

Signed, thanks.

Gina H.
Gina H7 years ago

Yes laws need to be reformed, improved and enforcement of laws needs to happen. The horse community in Maine has banded together to address the issue of the state Animal Welfare people just sitting on their asses and letting animals remain to die in the abusive/neglectful environments. We can thank folks like Maddy Gray for getting us organized so creeps like Don Genthner and Alexis & Brett Ingraham are brought to justice. We are not only having an issue with increases in abuse but with unscrupulous folks (Ingrahams & others) claiming to be "rescue facilities". They collect animals for free & get kind hearted people to donate money to them in the guise of being a rescue. All so they can continue their lovely lifestyle of greed & abuse. We can make a difference as individuals too folks! Keep your eyes and ears open for the animals around you! We are often their only voice. Report to the authorities but also to legitimate local animal rights groups so there are many faces pushing law enforcement to do its job. Change the laws but change people's attitudes towards other beings too!

Petra Luna
Petra Luna7 years ago

Shut down the puppy/kitten mills. Give discounts on city registrations when adopting from shelters and rescues. Get people to foster a pet until an adoption is made, and when foster care is going on, forgive the pet fancier's license. Those should be reserved for people who want to OWN more pets than what's allowed. For doing society a favor, give the favors back to those who help keep the pet population under control.