Religious Tolerance in America: An Activist Spotlight

Recently, we have been bombarded with headlines such as “stop the 911 mosque” and “Quran burning” — dividing many Americans.

As many of us know, America is a country mixed with people of different backgrounds and religions. Yet all citizens do have one thing in common: they are Americans.

Burning religious documents and causing tension between people of different faiths seems to only separate Americans, not help them to come together — especially in those moments when unity is exactly what Americans need to get through challenging times.

Petition author, Adam Starks, feels strongly about religious tolerance for all Americans:

“In our America, you deserve understanding; not the brunt of the ignorance and outright hatred of a few. We understand that you deserve and are granted your constitutional rights and freedom to practice your Islamic faith peacefully alongside Christianity, Judaism and others.”

Starks feels intolerance will only lead to more problems for Americans.

“The vast majority of Americans embrace diversity in all forms. However, misinformation is infectious; while our extremists claim to be warning us of evils from abroad, they hypocritically spread misinformation to incite their followers.”

If you believe it is in the best interest of everyone to respect all religions, sign this petition to express solidarity with Muslim Americans.




Patricia T.
Patricia T7 years ago

Tom W, you said that beautifully!

Tom W.
Tom W7 years ago

Absolutely NO support from me.
If Muslims want to follow their Mohammad then they must denounce the primitive, evil barbaric Sharia Laws.
America has it's own Constitutional laws not to flout but to obey OR get the hell out of here.

David M.
David M.7 years ago

Mara wrote:

"Do you notice the difference in what these muslims tell each other and what they tell"

I confess I didn't have time to read every response, but I read most of them and found no names I recognize as people I had been in contact with, so apparently, none of them has told me anything. Can you please clarify specifically to whom you are referring by "these Muslims?"

"Do you still believe that islam is just another 'religion' on the block???"

Yes, why would that change? If it were to change anyone's opinions on the subject, I would think it would be yours. You've repeatedly stated/implied that Islam is a threat to the constitution, but here's an impressive list of 150 Muslims who clearly DEFEND the constitution, and the rights to freedom of religion and speech, in particular.
And the handful of respondents who disagreed with those 150 demonstrates what I have said from the beginning: Muslims can and do pick and choose which scriptures they embrace, and which they don't, as can and do Christians and Jews. All of those on the list, and several in the forum apparently embrace scriptures that do not conflict with the constitution, and some have done otherwise. Is that any different than the diversity of opinions expressed by Christians and others on Care2 forums? Most defend the constitution, and a very vocal minority do the opposite. What alarms me is that, thanks to the efforts of tea-party types, that vocal minority is growing.

Mara S.
Mara S7 years ago

Hi Linda H

It would be better to address the concerns of people in a decent and logical way. We are not idiots because we disagree with you, aren't we?

It would also be helpful if you comment on specific examples of...hate... and not just talking so much without saying anything.

A lot was addressed already - why and how - and it has very little to do with your next door muslim neighbors if any...

The debate is over the ideology of islam Linda...

Linda H.
Linda h7 years ago

Diana Smith, I live in Lower Manhattan along with many different religions and non religions. There are six different religions in our immediate family. I like all of them and we try to celebrate with all our family as much as possible. Since I have lived through two attacks here and I along with my neighbors all live daily with our grief mourning friends and family lost I find your ignorance as horrible as the ignorant people who attacked us.I think you are an idiot and need to stop but I see we are now joined by Mara and her hate filled posts from the heart of Florida. You will enjoy them. I will continue to stand up for my friends and family. All of them.

Mara S.
Mara S7 years ago


TO: Mark, Earthward, Linda H, and a few others ...


For the rest of visitors please take a moment to see the responses of real muslims (to each other) and try to understand what is in front of us.

Do you notice the difference in what these muslims tell each other and what they tell

Do you still believe that islam is just another "religion" on the block???

You might want to copy the posts for your own reference for later.
I have a feeling this thread will be delated by the muslim moderators due to obvious reasons...

Lindsey DTSW
.7 years ago

Mark, why should someone 'embrace' beliefs that they disapprove of? It's one thing to accept that others have differing beliefs and that they have the right to hold those beliefs; however, it's quite another to suggest that others should 'embrace' those beliefs.

Diana Smith
Diana Foster7 years ago

Linda H.,more of your silly rants:When I was in India a few years ago they married a six year old girl to a dog to *save* the village.And your point is?Yes I read they are not Muslims so therefore again what was your point?They were not the Christians you hate either.It amuses me that all the comments I see on here about religious tolerance but everybody is so fast to condemn Christianity.Would you characterize your insults and actions towards Christianity as tolerant?As I have said before so please those of you who fail to really read my posts read this.There is a difference between tolerating something and allowing somebody the right to practice it.Tolerating something ,means putting up with everything they do whether it be murder,assassinations etc...Allowing somebody to practice their religion means you feel everyone should have that right which I totally and completely agree with.What this article advocates is all of us just sucking up all the things the Muslims did by murdering 3,000 people on 9/11.I will never condone murder whether it is towards the Muslims or towards any race,religion,or nationality.Linda H.,where do you get your statistics for this comment?How will you ever change the minds of 1.5 billion people with threats and petty insults?

Diana Smith
Diana Foster7 years ago

Linda H.This post of yours is quite amusing as I see it:You didn't read the article did you? Well, I don't bother with Mara's myself so I'm not surprised.The violence there continues of course was the point of the article. Diana, most religions commit violence and it's terrible. When I was in India a few years ago they married a six year old girl to a dog to *save* the village. Those weren't muslims.The problem for me is allowing the terrible things to continue and not appreciating the good people that you can find everywhere you go. How will you ever change the minds of 1.5 billion people with threats and petty insults? I enjoy my muslim neighbors. Are they so perfect? No, but they help me and I help them and now after 35 years all in the same building we find more in common than not. Enjoy your weekend. I'm enjoying a lovely holiday along with the Jews. The sukkahs in Union Square are amazing.Do you realize the Muslims hate the Jews?I would watch what side of the fence you continue to jump back and forth on.Also you are all about attacking me,sending me messages etc.. and then are such a coward you attack me and block me on private messages.Kind of like the pot calling the kettle black wouldn't you say?Let me enlighten you with a concept that apparently bypasses your ignorant brain.When you insult me,send me messages etc..I will insult you because you deserve to see the ignorance of your ways.2 Be Continued

Mark Grantham
Mark Grantham7 years ago

As I read the comments, I am slapped in the face with Intolerance, of others, of beliefs and of religions. People should be allowed to worship as they see fit! We expect, and sometimes demand,respect, but refuse to give it! If someone believes differently than us, we should not be so afraid, we should embrace their beliefs, and love that person! We all are a child of a God, and the God I worship asks me to love others!