Actor Josh Hutcherson Records Video for Straight, Not Narrow Campaign

Actor Josh Hutcherson, who played the son of a lesbian couple in last year’s hit film The Kids Are All Right, has recorded a message for the Straight, Not Narrow campaign designed to encourage young straight men to come out in support of their gay peers.

In the video Josh Hutcherson says it makes sense to support you gay friends — after all, it thins the competition down for the girls you like.

Watch the video below:

The Straight, Not Narrow campaign seeks to reduce homophobia by specifically educating young straight men about the issue.

From the Straight, Not Narrow website:

There have been a number of great campaigns and charities that have recently emerged to show support to gay youth & teens. However, we noticed one significant niche missing in the efforts… the message to the young, straight male. It’s an unfortunate reality that most of the bullying and harassment that gay teens face comes from them. It is for this reason that we are building a campaign that is primarily directed to the young, straight male by using comedy and their peers to positively influence their views on LGBT teens.

So, whether you like girls, you like guys, you like both, you like neither (well, that would kinda suck, but you get the idea)…what difference does it really make? There’s a whole lot more to a person than who they date. And yeah, we’re all different. But we believe that it’s those differences that make us interesting. Why would we all want to be exactly the same? Where’s the excitement in that?

Just be you. Cause that’s good enough for us.

You can watch other videos from the Straight, Not Narrow campaign here.

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Anne Brabson
Anne B8 years ago

Good for this young actor! I agree with Martha E. that it so often takes majority representatives' voices speaking out to stand by minority voices to really effect change-NOT that minority voices aren't important, because they certainly ARE crucial...

Lin Moy
Lin M8 years ago

I think people should be who they are and stop worrying about everyone elses business.... be a good thing. The Bible does not go for gayness. But I'm not here to judge.

Christine Heynen
Christine Heynen8 years ago

As a non-practicing Catholic, I must agree with Stephen K. Unless the church changes its views about same-sex marriages and Gayness as a whole, the only times I will go to church (Catholic or otherwise) are for Remembrance Sunday (the Sunday in November before Remembrance Day) and family occasions (baptisms, my parents' vow renewal, funerals, etc).

Stephen K.
Stephen K.8 years ago

We all need to realize that not only are so many gays forced into a closet of shame and fear - modeled in so many ways by what Germany did with the segregation and ghettoization of the Jews, and America and the Blacks. But.................

So many good people are in a sense "in the closet", afraid or confused about the issues that they do not come out and actively campaign for gay people being treated as real Americans in our society.

Even more then Marriage, IMnot so Humble Opinion, ending the closet is the single thing that will destroy the bigotry in America.

Everytime someone discovers someone they know, respect etc is gay, they are innoculated against the hatred spilled in the name of God by the anything but Christians.

And the catholic church, where by the millions good Catholics, true to Jesus commandment to love thy neighbor , are leaving the church run by an absolute homophobes who grew up in Germany in the 1930s.

where not only the Jews, but the gays were thrown in the ovens.

If you are catholic, or not, go to, for an expose on the church by a former priest who couldnt take it any more, and became a Methodist minister. Another REAL christian religion where the winds of change are blowing to support gay people in their quest for equality.

The same church that in 2009 UNexcommunicated Bishop williamson, who is a holocaust denier

adriana j.
adriana j8 years ago

I think it's an awesome idea to target specific audiences against homophobia in whatver way might be the most successful.

Athena C.
Athena C8 years ago

Yeah! We are all welcome in this world! Great video!

Adam G.
Adam G8 years ago

anything that helps eliminate homophobia is a good & worthwhile thing. kudos to Josh.

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle8 years ago

Good idea -- good campaign, because young straight men are the most homophobic and bullying. We straights who support LGBT rights, know that the majority must stand by their sides, if equal rights are going to come to all peoples. If only the minority speaks out, they are ignored -- it takes the majority to stand by them in their fight, OUR fight for human rights, for change to occur.

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L8 years ago

Great and it's nice to see finally.

To Dotti save your money on the movie. As a lesbian I was completely turn-off by the movie and how they protrayed the women. I didn't finish watching it. Big fan of Benning and now disappointed she would take such a role.

Ellen Klecanda
Ellen Klecanda8 years ago

I think this is great! But please...liking neither doesn't "kinda suck". Why did you have to throw that in there?