After Family Is Forced to Leave Animals in Car, Holiday Inn Grants Free Stays to Pets During Disasters

Just two weeks after moving to Georgia to take up a teaching position, my friend Cameron was ordered to evacuate to South Carolina as Hurricane Irma was bearing down on the state. Fortunately she was able to take her cat Trouble with her.

However, not all families were lucky enough to find accommodations for their pets during the recent string of hurricanes in the Atlantic.

When escaping the flooding from Hurricane Harvey in Texas, the Parker family finally found a hotel. But the Holiday Inn Express in Katy, Texas, insisted on maintaining its no pet policy. So the Parkers had no choice but to leave their three dogs in their car during the worst hurricane to ever hit the state. Arrow, Wigum and Buttercup had to spend two frightening nights in the family’s Prius.

In the midst of some amazing displays of heroism and compassion in the face of this monster hurricane, including many heartwarming pet rescues, it seems unbelievable that this hotel could not suspend its no pet policy during such a crisis.

When Care2’s Kelsey Bourgeois heard about the situation, she started a Care2 petition asking the hotel to allow all pets in, while folks made their way to safety in Texas. The petition also asked the Holiday Inn to donate toward hurricane relief.

Response came quickly.

Over 92,000 Care2 activists signed Bourgeois’s petition, expressing outrage. 

As Joanna G. from Vermont wrote, “Pets are members of the family. They must be allowed to live through a storm with us: they are our comfort: we are their comfort. There is nothing more to say. Shameless people to keep the dogs outdoors in a car.”

Thanks to the overwhelming response from Care2 activists, Bourgeois received a message directly from InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), the parent company of Holiday Inn, assuring her that pets would be allowed in all of its hotels during disasters.

Here’s the official statement from IHG:

“Many of IHG’s brands, including Hotel Indigo, EVEN Hotels, Staybridge Suites and Candlewood Suites, and many individual Holiday Inn Express hotels, already are pet friendly. As IHG hotels continue to shelter individuals and families displaced by Hurricane Harvey, IHG has mandated that all its branded hotels in impacted and surrounding areas welcome pets free of charge during disasters. We have and continue to communicate this requirement to all hotels.”

The hotel chain has since apologized to the Parker family, and also agreed to Bourgeois’s second request to donate money for hurricane relief. 

With this example set in Texas, Bourgeois turned her attention to Florida and created a second petition demanding that two of the biggest hotel chains in the state, Wyndham Hotels and Choice Hotels, allow families seeking shelter to bring pets to their hotels. More than 100,000 people have already signed the petition.

You can add your signature here to make sure that families seeking shelter from all future hurricanes don’t have to worry about whether their pets have a safe place to sleep.

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If you’re inspired by Bourgeois’s accomplishment, why not create your own Care2 petition about an issue that’s important to you? Start here, and soon you’ll find Care2 members signing up to support you.



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Is it so hard to understand that for some of us pets are not just animals? Hotels and places will need to start changing rules because natural disasters are just beginning I think; time to pay back to nature! Precious pets/animals are innocent of disasters related to climate/wars, etc.

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Good but honestly why not do the right thing from the start?

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One of the saddest photos I've ever seen. That's not a dog who's been playing in the water and is just about to shake water all over its people.