AIDS-Like Syndrome Discovered in Asia

A newly-discovered auto-immune syndrome has researchers slightly puzzled. A report was published on the syndrome on Thursday in the New England Journal of Medicine. The syndrome is an adult-onset immunodificiency disorder that blocks interferon-gamma, a key molecule in humans that helps immune systems work the way they are meant to. People with this new syndrome have a tough time fighting off opportunistic infections because their bodies create an antibody that stops interferon-gamma from doing its job.

Patients suffer from a particular weakness to infections because of the body’s own attack on the immune system, causing many people to compare the syndrome to AIDS, but researchers remain adamant that this is not a virus like HIV. Dr. Anthony Fauci told CNN:

It is not a virus, that’s the first thing. It’s not a new AIDS-like virus. It’s a syndrome that was noticed and discovered in Asia where people get opportunistic infections similar to HIV/AIDS, but the cause of the syndrome is not an infection like HIV.

The syndrome affects adults and most of the detected cases have sprung from Asia. There have only been a small number of cases diagnosed so far and all of the cases occurred in people of Asian descent. The syndrome does not appear to be genetic nor is it contagious like HIV. Researchers have not figured out how the syndrome is triggered, usually around age 50 on average, according to CBS News.

Some researchers think a severe infection might trigger a bodily reaction and cause the syndrome. The first noted case was discovered back in 2004 and now medical professionals are trying to find ways to manage the syndrome once an adult has it. CBS News notes that medical professionals have used antibiotics to control the symptoms, but they have also experimented with cancer drugs that help suppress the production of antibodies.

The newest report on the mysterious syndrome looked at cases in Thailand and Taiwan, areas where the most cases have been discovered so far. Researchers studied 200 people between the ages of 18 and 78 who were HIV-negative. Researchers still hope to uncover why and how the syndrome gets triggered.

As one of the lead researchers on the team, Dr. Sarah Browne notes, “We want to understand what triggers people to make these antibodies in the first place. And we want to use that information to guide treatment — because really, when you treat the infection you’re treating the symptom. You’re not treating the underlying cause.” Scientists working on the syndrome have quite a bit more research to conduct before clearer answers are available. For now, those people who have developed the syndrome have treatment options to keep the symptoms at bay.

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Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson5 years ago

sounds very frightening

Paula L.
Paula L5 years ago

I just hope that when they do discover what it is caused from it is not hidden from the public. If it is due to GMO consumption through foods or medicines, it will be hidden. The use of GMO crops are big in some of those countries. Hope we get some follow up on this as test results are available.

Vicky Pitchford
Vicky P5 years ago

wow :/

Dorothy N.
Dorothy N5 years ago


How many doctors are unaware of the damaging effects of various drugs they prescribe to their patients, and what percentage tries for the least damaging, regardless of pharma goals?

And how many of the potential effects of the industrial poisons (including those of GM foods) with which we are inundated, while we are chided for 'causing our own ills' by essentially the same choices that never produced such effects before?

And what would be a likely cause of a non-contagious, suddenly appearing issue that blocked a specific molecule - just like so many newer pharma drugs?

The portion of the intermingled petrochemical/GM/nanotech industry that forms Big Pharma has a virtual monopoly on publicized microbiological studies - you might want to bear this in mind.

Dorothy N.
Dorothy N5 years ago


What exactly are these (undescribed) new-tech drugs doing to people, and why are they being used even for ON-label uses with such devastating destruction to the body's systems being caused by them - and could something like this be a potential cause of this particular auto-immune disorder?

That's one avenue I'd like to see pursued, as well as GM foods and drugs in general.

Pharma-trained physicians are being conned by commerce providing 'science' to suit themselves - more, some are evidently also picking up on the corporate culture and, as has previously occurred, in too many cases identify with industry goals and ideals.

As both of my parents were either encouraged to die or their children urged to let them die, when it was not proven to be medically 'necessary' in either case, I am reminded of the response of too many doctors under the Nazi military/industrial regime, in euthanizing those 'good Germans' who were old/sick/crippled and no longer of use - I believe it was 100,000 disposed of by the time the Allies came in, and would have been millions, on top of all those destined for doom by Nazi ideology.

The Republicans owe much of their ideology to the Nazi's, and it was they who helped Harper - a Republican in a country that's not supposed to have them at all - cheat his way into power...

How many doctors are unaware of the damaging effects of various drugs they prescribe to their patients, and what percentage tries for the least damagi

Dorothy N.
Dorothy N5 years ago


The ER Dr. who refused my mother a transfusion and insisted that we should agree to her being 'made comfortable' and left to die (and was outraged and contemptuous when I kept bringing up facts as he tried to convince the other 'kids' of this) when I brought her in with what proved to be a seizure, (almost certainly due to her electrolytes being out of whack, and which apparently at least did her no further damage, although that last Dr. tried to claim catastrophic damage until tests proved differently) suggested that there might be something wrong with her where she couldn't fight infections any more even with antibiotics, (did he check her records to see she'd been given this deadly, off-label-use new tech drug that I'd looked up when given the prescription, that was apparently in routine use as a sleeping aid/sedative for the elderly, that the hospital had actually wanted me to continue giving her?) which supposedly justified denying the (standard when she wound up in hospital and always made a big difference, as she bled with these medically-transmitted bladder infections, affecting her hemoglobin and oxygen carriage) transfusion the previous ER Dr. ordered for her that had arrived ages ago, admitting that her hemoglobin was low and she had low blood levels of oxygen, but blatantly denying that a transfusion would help!

Mother died of her first heart attack as a result.

What exactly are these (undescribed) new-tech drugs doing to people, and why a

Dorothy N.
Dorothy N5 years ago

When I agree with previous posters in suggesting the effects of pollution, I include the immune-damaging effects of GMOs, especially with such a specific blocking of a particular molecule.

And since this molecule is essential for immune system function, I'd particularly want to know if these adults had been on any 'new tech' meds, for starters.

My mother was put on one such in hospital, an anti-depressant being used as a sedative/sleeping aid because of the immediate side-effects, although the literature stated that this was a last-ditch drug that might be tried - despite the side effects - where others failed, of such new technology no mention was made of its mechanisms.

Among other things, including potentially permanent changes being listed, if I recall correctly: it was contra-indicated for those with glaucoma, which Mother had, impaired the ability to regulate blood sugar, (Mother was diabetic) and destroyed the ability to produce white blood cells and for the immune system to function - Mother was in hospital for a bladder infection from catheterization, which, as always, her (replacement when the old one retired) Dr. thought not worthy of treatment - which also affected her mind to the point of outright delirium.

She had two specific bacteria infecting her bladder, something mentioned by the last doctor we saw for different antibiotics, and she spent two months on the wrong/inadequate doses of antibiotics, which only helped at the end of each run.

Debbie L.
Debbie Lim5 years ago

Urg.. auto-immune diseases are the worst.

Nadine H.
Nadine H5 years ago

Maybe it's from eating rhino horn!

Alex H.
Alex H5 years ago

In my opinion,when mysterious conditions like this suddenly appear,either something from a lab has been let loose on purpose in the interests of population control or chemical contamination of the planet has reached such a stage (the land,oceans and water supplies irreversibly contaminated)that it is now seriously impacting on humans.Nature is hitting back at the biggest cancer on the planet and that's people!