Alaska Rep: Men Should Have To Approve Abortions

Not one to be left in the cold, Alaska has jumped on the mandatory ultrasound bandwagon too.

But maybe it’s because these laws are becoming so routine conservative lawmakers feel the only way they can get headlines, and therefore campaign contributions, is to make each new proposal more outrageous than the last. That would explain State Rep. Alan Dick’s (R) suggestion that women should have to get permission from whomever impregnated them before terminating a pregnancy.

Dick would advocate for criminalizing women who had an abortion without such permission. “If I thought that the man’s signature was required in order for a woman to have an abortion, I’d have a little more peace about it.”

As Robin Marty reports, Ohio already tried such a move in 2009. That “paternal consent” bill would have required women obtain permission from the biological father before having an abortion, and, in cases of more than one partner, the woman must provide a full list of men with whom she had sex. Any woman who lied about the identity of a potential father or doctors who aborted without permission from the father would be prosecuted.

How long till we see a movement toward paternal consent in D.C. I wonder?

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Photo from katietegtmeyer via flickr.


Sheri P.
Sheri P5 years ago

what if the woman was raped and didn't know who the "father" was?????

Jen W.
Jennifer W5 years ago

Oops, typo below......meant to say " NO sex unless a condom is ON." For every male.

Jen W.
Jennifer W5 years ago

Totally agree with the comment below!! "No sex for me until a condom is ON!!" How hippocritical all this are the ones that impregnate women....and now they want to punish us for their doings. I understand it "takes two," but come on stupid men in office, maybe you guys need to get mandatory vasectomies at a certain age. Hmm, sounds good to me.

Christine Stewart

Men should not be allowed to have sex until a condom has been placed on their body....

Sherrie Brunell
Sherrie Brunell5 years ago

I saw a great comment directed toward Mr. Dick that asked if a woman is gang raped and becomes pregnant, does that mean that she has to get all of her rapist to sign off on the abortion?

Look, I agree that in an ideal world, the father of a potential child should have a say in whether or not that child is born, but we don't live in an ideal world.

While a child may be both a man and woman's in the sense that it gets half it's DNA from each parent, the reality is that it is the woman whose body has to undergo the draining, and often dangerous, nine months of gestation and then the painful, and also dangerous, process of birth. In addition, if a man abandons a woman who is pregnant, she is left with a lifetime commitment to a child while he is free to do what he pleases.

The reality is that generally the woman sacrifices more during pregnancy and often in raising a child than the man. I know there are wonderful men out there who would gladly be pregnant and give birth for their women, but that's just not possible. Until it is, and because of the great toll a pregnancy can have on a women, physically, emotionally, mentally and financially, AND because it is her body, she should have the right to terminate a pregnancy if she feels it is necessary. And for most women, I'm sure it is not an easy decision.

Susan O.
Susan O5 years ago

This entire country is going to hell ... problem is, dumbsh*ts like this guy are leaving their handbaskets behind.

Jon Wilson
Jon ROSS5 years ago

Motherhood - the most important job on the planet, and it's held down by a woman!

Whose body goes through all the stress and strain of pregnancy and its related symptoms? Who's the one who has to worry about paid maternity leave or sick leave? Who's the one who gets pressured to breastfeed, then runs into walls at work because of needing to pump? Who's the one who gets up nights with crying babies and barfing kids? Who's the one who sacrifices career, friends, a social life, etc. because of childraising?

That's right, the WOMAM

Amanda M.

Robert F.

How about; if a man is assaulted or robbed, he would have to get permission from his attacker before he could prosecute that man. We could then extend this thinking to murder cases. The murderer would have to sign off before he could be arrested and prosecuted. OR, better yet, before any anti-abortion laws could be passed, they would have to get women to agree to it first.

This is NOT about women's rights to their own bodies. It IS about a man's religious right to OWN women. And this makes this a religious war. Old Testament ideology gives the right to own women to men. It is time to take away government support to those religions that are trying to take over our country in this fashion. Defund the Catholic Church! Defund the Evangelicals!

Jon Wilson
Jon ROSS5 years ago

Since it increases seed production, Viagra should be reclassified as a fertilizer, and moved from the FDA purview to the Department of Agriculture, or DOA

Stephan B

Maybe we can "seed" more women that way?

Stephan B.
Stephan Brown5 years ago

Dick is looking for a little peace of mind with this legislation.

How much peace of mind does he think his little piece of mind can absorb?