Amazing! 200 Million Signatures and Other Care2 Success Stories

Written by Kristina Chew

Care2 members have made a difference 200 million times by signing petitions.Start a new one so we can keep making a difference with all of our voices.

Saving the lives of three dogs, telling Animal Planet to stop slandering wolves — here’s just some of what Care2 members accomplished in May.

Three Show Dogs Lives Saved

Care2 member Richard Santos is a professional dog trainer. Three of his dogs, Miklow, Nasty and Madusa have won ribbons around the country at shows where they’ve been around hundreds of other dogs and never showed any aggression. When all three dogs were seized by the Ellis County, Texas SPCA and declared “dangerous” and faced with euthanization after an altercation with a neighbor’s dog, Richard started a Care2 petition to save them. More than 14,000 people showed their support and, after a hearing in May, a judge spared the dogs’ lives.Speak up for other animals who can’t speak for themselves and start a petition.

Animal Planet Cancels Show About Man-eating Super Wolves

When Animal Planet aired a show about “man-eating super wolves,” thousands were appalled at such negative coverage of wolves, whose numbers are just starting to grow thanks to intense conservation and advocacy efforts. More than 40,000 Care2 members took action and signed a petition asking Animal Planet not to air the show again and, at the start of June, Animal Planet pulled it from its lineup.Here’s another way you can take action for wolves and other wildlife.

Mel Graduates With His Friends

In March of 2013, an Albuquerque high school student, Mel, suffered a brain injury during surgery that left him unable to complete his course work at Volcano Vista High School. Mel’s mother, Angel Alderete, was determined that he still be able to graduate with his classmates. She started a Care2 petition that more than 23,000 people signed within a few days. The school district agreed that Mel could walk with his graduating class and, this past May, Mel had his big moment as an Honorary Graduate of Volcano Vista High School.Learn more about Mel’s journey to graduation.

The Circus Wont Be Coming to Carleton This Summer

People used to think it was entertaining to watch lions and tigers jumping through hoops at the circus but Care2 members know it is cruel and inhumane to force wild animals to perform. That’s why Care2 member W.L. Kirkland started a petition to stop the circus from coming to Carleton, Canada. Thousands signed and the Carleton Civic Center will not be hosting the circus this year. The circus is still on the schedule at other sites in Canada.Tell Fredericton and Saint John to cancel the circus!

Care2 Member Lianne Mandelbaum Honored

Care2 member Lianne Mandelbaum’s young son has a life-threatening peanut allergy. While trying to board a plane with him last fall, she was shocked to learn that no protocols exist to protect people with food allergies on airplanes. Lianne started a Care2 petition asking airlines to institute a bill of rights for food allergic passengers. Conde Nast Traveler and other publications reported on Lianne’s advocacy. This April, she received an award from Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) honoring her ongoing efforts to make air travel safer for all passengers with food allergies.Read more about Lianne’s campaign to make air travel safer for passengers with food allergies.

The Curtain Will Not Fall on the San Diego Opera

Many were shocked when, in March, the San Diego Opera (one of the top ten opera companies in the U.S.) announced it would close. Care2 members wasted no time to rally support and started a petition to save a beloved cultural institution. National news outlets took notice of the groundswell of support for the opera. In May, the opera announced it will not close.Read more about the fight to save the San Diego Opera.

Care2 Members Make the News

While watching your local news station or catching up on the news online, don’t be surprised if you see a Care2 member. Demanding that Oregon end horse-tripping, seeking justice for six dogs who died in a hot car in Canada, insisting a school district not deny lunch to kids, calling on the federal government to strengthen truck safety regulations, and telling eBay to crack down on ivory and endangered species sales: Care2 members took action about all these issues and local and national media outlets have been reporting on them.Read more about how Care2 members have been in the news.

We’ve taken action 200 million times.Start a Care2 petition to keep making a difference! It makes our day to hear your success stories please send them to us


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Angie P2 years ago

Thanks for the successes.

Nimue Pendragon

WE ROCK. Thanks Kristina.

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Julia R2 years ago

When people come together to do good and unite their voices in a meaningful cause, it is amazing what we can accomplish! Thank you to all care2 members who make such a difference in our world!

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WE here are AWESOME
It's great to get conformation that some petitions I signed made a difference,
since that's way we sign them
Kudos and hugz to all

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Thanks, Kristina. I need to hear good news too! I know that Care2 makes a difference and it helps to know specific examples.

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Together we can tackle any problem. Congratulations everyone for standing together and letting your voice be heard.

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Speak up for all the forms of injustice against all !

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Really good news! Great job everybody.
Best wishes and love to everyone who achieved this!
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