American Muslims Are Now More Accepting of Gay Rights Than Evangelical Christians

Even with therecent attemptstoslash LGBT protections, there is an undeniable trend that’s emerged over the past decade: Americans are rapidly becoming more accepting of gay individuals.

Pew recently published its findings from its latest poll which looked at this issue. While there is still much that needs to be accomplished when it comes to gay acceptance, those who favor same-sex marriage (61 percent) is more than double the number of those who oppose it (30 percent). Perhaps even more important, a majority within every racial and ethnic group in the United States say they now support legal same-sex marriage.

Unfortunately, there is still a large gap between political parties. Whereas 73 percent of Democrats, overall, support same-sex marriage, the majority of Republicans (51 percent) do not.

Perhaps most interesting is how views on this subject have changed among religious groups. In general, religious Americans have been increasingly supportive of same-sex marriage: Nearly all Unitarians, 80 percent of Buddhists and more than three in four Jewish Americans are in favor. However, there are still significant gaps to be found between groups.

Evangelical Christians and Mormons are among the only remaining religious groups whose majority opposes same-sex marriage, with six in ten Evangelicals and a little more than half of Mormons saying they are against such unions.

An interesting finding is that, today, a slim majority (51 percent) of Muslims in the United States support same-sex marriage while only one in three oppose it; the rest say they have no feelings either way. And for a group that is often seen by non-Muslim Americans as being culturally conservative and, when it comes to the LGBT community, especially intolerant, this is a milestone worth notice.

For more than a decade, Muslims especially those who are immigrants have been portrayed as resistant to embracing and integrating into American society and culture. This attitude has found resurgence in recent years, a reactionary response to an ever growing number of individuals from the Middle East seeking refuge in Europe and North America.

Instead, in sharp contrast to the groups which espouse anti-Muslim rhetoric, like Evangelical Christians, Muslims are, like most Americans, coming to embrace gay rights. That is, to say, Muslims can be said to be more “American” than their conservative Christian counterparts when it comes to gay rights.

Photo Credit: Ted Eytan via Flickr


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DEBBI W, You really have the Mormons ALL WRONG. I was briefly married to a Mormon convert and the founder of their religion was JOSEPH SMITH, not JOHN. then you assume all kinds of uninformed nonsense about the multiple wives. When the Mormons first headed west it was thru uncontrolled Indian country and the wagon trains often were attacked, losing many of the men. The remaining men were left with the task of protecting the widows and orphans, and since they believed in the sanctity of marriage that's where that whole thing of multiple wives started. I don't have any particular allegiance to the Mormons, but I hate when they are deliberately trashed like you have done here. Much later, after they were established in Utah, a sect branched off and continued with multiple wives, but the present day Mormons do not.Granted, their are some pretty loopy people associated with that church for some reason. But no more so than the other churches, including Catholic, Protestant,Jehovah,s Witness, Islam etc. I mean, any religion formed centuries ago for tribes of goat herders in tiny desert counties that can get them to accept that God with no WIFE , created every thing but then had to send his only son to suffer and die for the sins of other people he himself created and that was a loving act and after all this time, education and technology,people today still believe those ideas, it's no wonder religions make people do crazy things.

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