America’s Right-Wing Loves Violent Rhetoric


We hear a lot about the supposed violent threats emanating from the likes of Louis Farrakhan and the New Black Panthers. But from the mainstream right-wing?

Even MSNBC seems to have missed that last week John Nolte, the Editor of the mainstream right-wing blog empire, threatened a mother with murder.

The same guy last year threatened teachers with murder on Twitter.

And he wanted violence against Occupy protesters, tweeting:

When I’m king, for every hippie scalp we’ll give you an ice cream cone.

Not going to wait 2B King. Send me your hippie scalps today & I’ll send you a gift certificate 4 a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Hippie Blood Mocha.

On and on and on it goes, and from someone who calls himself a ‘journalist.’ What would be the reaction if MSNBC’s Al Sharpton tweeted this? From a Breitbart ‘journalist’ it is OK yet Dan Rather is banished?

It’s just a day in the life of violet rhetoric from the right.

After widespread outrage Cafe Press and right-wing outlets actually did stop selling ‘illegal immigrant hunting permit’ stickers and t-shirts last year — however, you can still buy mugs and t-shirts for dogs and t-shirts for humans advertising a ‘liberal hunting permit’ (as illustrated) as well as stickers saying “Save the rainforest, burn a liberal” or “Club liberals, not sandwiches.”

Here’s what one person selling the Liberal hunting permit” products said.: Mark Caldwell of Lookout Mountain, publisher of Patriot Shop parent company Publius Press, called it “humour”.

“For novelty purposes only. If this sticker inspires you to murder people, do not buy it. Instead, dial 911.” — That was his disclaimer.

Do stickers exist calling for people to beat up and kill Republicans? Where? Did Bill Maher call for violence and I missed it?

It’s all a joke until someone draws attention. Seller Rightwingstuff tried legal action to stop one article drawing attention to their “liberal hunting permits” materials.   They need not worry; did you vaguely know this ‘stuff’ until you read it here? For some reason it seems to be accepted as normal and hardly newsworthy.

The “New Black Panthers” have been everywhere in the media, as well as Care2 Comments, for calling for Zimmerman’s arrest but the First Amendment covers a T-shirt calling for liberals to be hunted down and killed? Did you read that here first? Was Anderson Cooper asleep?

Here’s the sick deal, as pointed out by commentator Blitzen on an Ian Welsh post: “Violent right-wing rhetoric is basically a marketing campaign, and it works just like the marketing of any other product. It gets ratings with otherwise-regular people because it it lurid, and it dog-whistles the hard-core fringe because that’s what it’s designed to do.”

I have recently written about reports that right-wing militia may be murdering undocumented immigrants in the Arizona desert. Is that information blocking up your news feed or did it somehow fail to get covered?

Is right-wing violent rhetoric, perhaps even actions, getting a pass from the mainstream American media?

Nolte’s verbal violence against ‘liberals’ comes in the same week that Anders Brevik is on trial for the massacre of ‘liberals’ in Norway. That’s who Brevik was killing, not Muslims but those whom he saw as the ‘enablers’ of multiculturalism and immigration. He could not have been more explicit in his aims and quoted his explicit reasoning from people  associated with Nolte — whom people like Nolte have not denounced.

Those killed, including, but especially, the children, have been trivialized and mocked by too many on the right in the US, from Fox News commentators to ex-Fox News host Glen Beck precisely because they are ‘liberals’. Those same ‘liberals’ picked out by Brevik to be shot in the head despite being 14 years old are targeted for shooting in stickers on sale in so-called ‘patriot’ shops across America — and it is all ‘fun’, and it is all ‘free speech’, with no consequence, and who cares because the Norwegians are disgusting Europeans anyway. Is that it?

Mainstream, right-wing websites right now, including Fox News and Breitbart, are stacked with violent comments about “n*ggers” and what should be done about them — which, incidentally, does not appear to be moderated. Where is the ‘conservative’ reaction, the policing of this?

No American Anders Breviks? Tell that to William Hakim, Dr. Barnett Slepian, Brisenia Flores, Shannon Lowney and Lee Ann Nichols, Dr. John Bayard Britton, Dr. David Gunn, Alice Hawthorne and Melih Uzunyol, Dr. George Richard Tiller, Alan Berg, Paul Sciullo, Eric Kelly and Stephen Mayhle, Greg McKendry, and Timothy McVeigh.

Remind me again why we are talking about the New Black Panthers?


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LMj Sunshine
James Merit5 years ago

Interesting article and comments.

LMj Sunshine
James Merit5 years ago

Interesting article and comments.

Terry Vanderbush
Terry V5 years ago

pardon me while I PUKE!

Susan H.
Susan H5 years ago

I've never owned a gun. I've been too afraid of having one in the house. Now I'm afraid of NOT having one. Thanks for that, damned Republican'ts.

Jamie Clemons
Jamie Clemons5 years ago

time for liberals to start arming themselves.

Scott Gurstein
Scott Gurstein5 years ago

The far-right, animal-hating, fascist psychopaths want to justify all the violence by saying, "oh, it's a violent world...stopy being so P.C. and just accept it." Does that hold true when THEY THEMSELVES create, practice, preach, and propagate that violence?

Hope S.
Hope S5 years ago

Right wing = wrong wing.

"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag
and carrying the cross."
Sinclair Lewis

Whoever kindles the flames of intolerance is lighting a fire
underneath his own home.
Harrold Stassen, 1907 - 2001

"There are only two races on this planet--the intelligent and the stupid."
John Fowles

Be among the intelligent and don't follow those who preach intolerance and hatred.

Linda McKellar
Past Member 5 years ago

Robert F. I wholeheartedly agree with your comments about the violent history of the US. I don't think there has been a single generation in your history that wasn't involved in one war or another, legal or illegal. I think that is embarrassing or at least should be...Revolution, Indian wars, Mexican American, Spanish American, 1812 (the US lost since Canada is still independent & the US goal was annexation), Fenian Invasion (US backed,also lost), Civil War (everyone lost), WW1, WW2, Korea (lost, N. Korea), Vietnam (lost), Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan (losing), Grenada. Yes, a proud heritage. BTW, the US didn't single handedly win WW1 (entered a couple of years into it when both sides were exhausted to a stalemate & millions dead) or WW2 (technically joined in 1942 after Pearl Harbour in '41 three years after my father was overseas). Actually on D-Day, Canadian troops gained the most ground & had to be told to hold their ground until the US & UK troops caught up. Such things are usually not emphasized in US schools however. The patriotic, gung-ho military attitude is very negative, will be a downfall & is bankrupting the country to the detriment of all at home. Rome fell & the US will with terrible repercussions at home.It has already begun. I'm sure this posting won't be popular. Of course, I'm sure at least one tactless person here will tell me to bugger off.

Linda McKellar
Past Member 5 years ago

In my remembrance, I cannot recall hippies burning anything but draft cards trying to enlist them for killing others in illegal, immoral wars in countries that were never a threat to the US (Vietnam). Female hippies burn their bras, definitely capable of causing forest fires and denuding the environment if not done responsibly. I don't think there is a preponderance of hippies shooting abortion doctors or blowing up clinics or denying womens' rights or denying health care to the poor either. I doubt many of them own pit bulls (big dog-small dick) or guns. Damn those hippies. I bet all those peace signs they give are some kind of "liberal" hex.

Dylan Thomas
Dylan Thomas5 years ago

i wholeheartedly support everybody's right to free speech, as i would hope everyone would respect my right to ridicule the ignorance and stupidity that comes out of the mouths of fools. but as with all rights we are responsible for our words and actions. again with all rights; there are laws and regulations on our speech and when we violate those laws and regulations don't claim your right to free speech was violated because the constitution doesn't give you the right to say what you want, whenever you want, wherever you want and to whoever you want. speech is regulated and if you don't believe me go up to the next cop you see and call him a dirty filthy pig.