Amerijet Refuses To Stop Shipping Research Monkeys

Amerijet has rejected a plea from an animal rights group to stop transporting monkeys headed for research labs and vivisection experiments.


Their position makes the Fort Lauderdale-based company the only airline in the country to import research monkeys.


Last month Animal Rights Foundation of Florida wrote to Amerijet requesting that the cargo airline change its policy about transporting primates used for research and vivisection.  The group also staged a peaceful protest with 30 of its supporters outside the company’s headquarters.


Now ARFF has received a letter from Amerijet stating the airline will not be canceling their “monkey flights” anytime soon and threatened the organization with legal action under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act if they continue to target the airline.


The correspondence from David G. Bassett, CEO of Amerijet International , Inc. said, “Your organization has called upon Amerijet to refuse to transport primates that may be used for research. We have carefully considered the position taken by our organization.  However we stand by our decision to transport animals and will continue in the future to serve the needs of our customers for animal transport.”


Bassett also pointed out, “to refuse to provide transportation services requested of us does not respect our customers’ right to engage in lawful pursuits.”


The airline alluded that it has in the past stopped working with businesses that are under investigation by “governments or other enforcement bodies for failing to meet legal standards or international conventions.” 


But when Amerijet received notification that one of their clients, Primate Products was under investigation by the USDA for injuring several monkeys, the company continued to do business with them, as usual.


Amerjet refers to themselves as law-abiding citizens who are providing a humane service for the animals they transport because flying them to their destinations is the most “expedient method of transporting animals over long distances.” 


The airline does not acknowledge that they are flying these animals to research labs or that they are involved in a cruel trade.


Amerijet’s decision comes as a setback after the good news last week when the National Institutes of Health announced it had stopped the transfer of 186 chimpanzees to a biomedical laboratory in Texas. 


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Nicolas Nasrallah

Amerijet's cheo should volunteer himself for Lab testing and then we'll see what his decision will be. We have no right to inflict pain and suffering on creatures that cannot defend themselves against our savage and uncivilized practices. Besides we are supposed to be the intelligent species on this planet......but when it comes to money we become unitelligent.

Judith Howard
Judith Howard6 years ago

Vivi-section is a profitable business. As long as the money rolls in, vivi-sectors are a happy lot. There are alternative methods that could be used, things that could benefit humans as well as not having to resort to cruel and unnecessary suffering onto baboons, etc. I could imagine the trauma and sheer terror those monkeys must experience being snatched from their family groups, traveling thousands of miles until they end up in a research lab. When you actually see what is done to them in labs, the images are difficult to forget. Good sound scientific methods need to replace the bad that are in place today.

Joy Dantine
Joy Dantine7 years ago


Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle7 years ago

Amerijet wants to sue under the "Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act"? EWWWWWW!!! I'm scared. Methinks they do protest too much!

Novinha L.
.7 years ago

Thanks for the article!

David S.
David Strahl7 years ago

Dan B. Thanks for your comments but did you read this article? Please read it again.

Cristina M.
Cristina M7 years ago

It's difficult to think of anything worst than vivisection and I have seen my share of disturbing acts.

Elizabeth M.
Elizabeth M7 years ago

Thanks for sharing! I believe maybe the customers of Amerijet should be found out and petition them...or has this already been done. Can't believe Amerijet's stand on the issue! They are participating in inhumane actions just by flying them to a destination where they will be used in experimenting.

Dan B.
Dan Brook7 years ago

The best way to protect animals EVERYDAY is to not eat them.

Fight cruelty with your fork; have compassion on your plate; increase social justice with every meal.

For more info about the *many* benefits of vegetarianism (and the many problems with the production and consumption of meat), please visit (and share) Eco-Eating at

Kelly Davis-steel
Kelly D7 years ago

aww gosshh thaats not fair, another petition?? x