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Recently in Southern California there have been news stories about commercial, non-organic farmers who are alleged to be misrepresenting themselves at local farmers markets.

Some produce vendors have been caught selling bulk food intended for retail sales. Other vendors imply that their vegetables are organic but cannot show verification.

Naturally, this has made a lot of folks cautious about where their food actually comes from, even at the local farmers markets.

There is another way to see this story though:

Food shoppers want clean, un-contaminated food. The true organic food business is huge: a multi-billion dollar business. Yes, there are unethical people and businesses that will try to take advantage in order to access that money flow, but for every problem there can be a solution.

Perhaps these folks in Brooklyn have the right idea. This is an example of a market area that is shared by both a Farmers Market and a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) group.

The shoppers know who their local farmers are and have buying choices. One of those choices is to sign up for a CSA membership. Customers who purchase their produce from a CSA group help to facilitate the relationship between the true organic farmers and customers. It also help to give honest farmers an incentive to keep it clean.

It goes back to re-establishing a working partnership between consumers and food producers.

Did you notice the part of the video where people brought back their food waste for composting? That is truly the customers understanding their part in the food cycle.

The more consumers develop a working relationship with their food providers, the better the food supply can be. The poser vendors will be forced to disappear or they will find it more profitable to do business the ethical way.


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Photo Credit Info: Screen Capture from the video Amplify Eating Local in Brooklyn by Amplify Creative Communities, a Project of the International DESIS Network.


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