Amy Poehler Supports Domestic Workers (Video)

Amy Poehler, the hilarious veteran of classics like  ’Saturday Night Live’ and ‘Baby Momma’, supports the Domestic Worker Bill of Rights in California. In a new PSA, Poehler seeks support for a California law that would ensure basic worker protections to domestic workers like nannies, cooks, and baby sitters. These rights include: entitlement to overtime pay, easier access to workers’ compensation, and guaranteed rest and meal time breaks, the New York Times notes.

The new video is part of Poehler’s collaboration with the National Domestic Workers Alliance, Colorlines reports.  In the PSA Poehler reflects on how the her career and accomplishments would not be possible without help from domestic workers. Poehler outlines the situation in a clear, direct manner:

Domestic workers are often prey to abuses because their basic rights, such as a guaranteed eight hours of sleep a night for live-in workers or proper meal times for those who work far from their own homes, can be so easily sidelined. Without any kind of legal enforcement, workers have no one to turn to if their employers decide to overwork or underpay them.

Poehler has been championing this legislation for over a year now. Last year at the Time 100 Gala she named and thanked the domestic workers that helped her in her career. She told the audience “I would like to take a moment to thank those people [domestic workers], some of whom are watching your children right now while you are at this event… I say thank you and I celebrate you tonight.”

The New York Times notes that many pieces of legislation that have attempted to advocate for farm workers and other care workers have failed throughout the United States in recent years. A.B. 889 might have a chance. It has passed the Assembly in California and will go on to the State Senate this month.

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Kudos to Amy for coming out in support of domestic workers and thank you Sarah for providing the video of her endorsement.

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It's one more step in the right direction... I appreciate celebrities speaking out for things that help make our world a better place... Hope more well known people will take a stand for this and other important issues...!!
Thanks for this story Sarah...