Andy Griffith to Seniors: Good Things Are Coming from Health Care Law (Video)

As we mark the Medicare’s 45th anniversary, Andy Griffith wants seniors to know, “More good things are coming.”

The beloved star of the 60’s sitcom, The Andy Griffith Show, speaks in the trademark reassuring tone that made him famous in this 30-second ad:

Senior citizens, as a group, have not been particularly supportive of health care reform. The trusted 86 year-old Griffith seems to be having a one-on-one conversation as he assures viewers:

“1965. A lot of good things came out that year — like Medicare. This year, like always, we’ll have our guaranteed benefits. And with the new health care law, more good things are coming, including free check-ups, lower prescription costs, and better ways to protect us and Medicare from fraud.”

Meanwhile, the White House released a statement that read, in part:

“The ad comes on the 45th anniversary of the Medicare program, an anniversary the President marked with a special proclamation. Secretary Sebelius has also written an op-ed about Medicare and the support it has provided to seniors for 45 years. And the new ad comes as we continue our work to implement provisions in the Affordable Care Act that will make the Medicare program even stronger. We know seniors will see tremendous benefits from the new law. Under the Affordable Care Act:

* Seniors guaranteed Medicare benefits will remain the same.

* Medicare beneficiaries who hit the prescription drug “donut hole” will receive a one-time, $250 rebate check. Hundreds of thousands of seniors have already received their check. And the donut hole will be closed completely by 2020.

* Preventive care services like colorectal cancer screenings and mammograms and an annual physical will be provided free of charge.

* Medicare pays Medicare Advantage insurance companies over $1,000 more per person on average than Original Medicare. These additional payments are paid for in part by increased premiums by all Medicare beneficiaries—including the 77% of seniors not enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan. The new law eliminates these overpayments and starting in 2014, Medicare Advantage plans will be required to spend 85% of every dollar they receive on health care, not profits, overhead or administrative costs.

* By 2018, seniors will save an average of $200 per year and $200 in co-insurance compared to what they would have paid without reform.

* The new law extends the life of the Medicare Trust Fund by more than a decade.

As we worked to pass the Affordable Care Act, seniors were the target of a major misinformation campaign that was designed to scare and confuse older Americans about the real impact of reform. False rumors about death panels and cuts in benefits made the rounds. We are committed to correcting the record and ensuring seniors have the information they need and get the high-quality care they have earned and deserve.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also released a statement on Friday, marking the 45th anniversary of Medicare and Medicaid being signed into law which read, in part:

“Forty-five years ago today, Democrats and Republicans came together to create Medicare and Medicaid. Unfortunately, that bipartisan tradition has now been lost, as Congressional Republicans not only oppose improvements to our seniors’ health care system, but pledge to repeal them and end Medicare as we know it – leaving seniors on their own to negotiate with insurance companies for coverage. Democrats will not let this happen. We will stand with America’s seniors to protect and strengthen Medicare now and in the future.”

The Andy Griffith Show ran from 1960 to 1968 and depicted life in the fictional town of Mayberry, North Carolina. Andy Taylor, played by Griffith, was the town’s sheriff and voice of reason. A perennial favorite, the show has been in reruns ever since, delighting generations of fans.

Mr. Griffith’s familiar smile just might garner some attention from seniors.


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david w.
david weitendorf7 years ago

The government is full of eugenicists who do not want old or sick people to live that is the agenda of the new Obama care.
people with existing conditions can be excluded but not from paying that is mandatory! And you see How Quality of Care goes down. your 60 have cataracts want laser eye surgery. No NO Mr. Smith your 60 it's normal to loose your eye sight.
Crippled here a Cane learn how to use it. Hart attack here have a $15 aspirin and just take it easy. They think the world is over populated which is far from the truth. the elite call is useless eaters and want us just to die already.

caroline g.
Caroline g7 years ago

Laurie, it isn't so much the salaries that our congresspeople get that has put us in debt, their salaries is peanuts compared to the defense budget and the money that we are dishing out by truckloads to the military industrial complex. So we don't have money, to educate our young, (we are already falling way behind other nations in our innovativenous) we don't have enough money to take care of our health problems and the elderly, but we have plenty of money to allow corporations and banks, and the 2% megarich who control 90% of the money not to pay taxes, and in fact some have gotten money back while they offshore our jobs, and hide their money in some bank account in the Cayman Islands.
Why do working, and low income people continue to defend and even protest to keep some these practices going. Someone below, suggested we all watch Glen Beck if we want to know the facts. Shall we all laugh together?
NEED I SAY MORE? that person is angry and she has reason to be angry, but she is angry at the wrong things and people. I hope Glenn hands her some of the millions he's making from his benefactors to confuse the gullible and to virtually hypnotize them into believing ANYTHING!

laurie H.
laurie easley7 years ago

We really need to have a health care plan that doesnt lean to some corporation getting rich and people still not being able to see a doctor, especially our seniors.. A pregnant teenager gets more benefits than our seniors that have worked HARD all their lives. Stop filling politicians pockets take away their salaries or at least reduce them by at least half. I heard on a radio news brief that congress gets $174,000 a year. they could eleminate the national debt and increase healh care benefits with some of that money.

Amber S.
Amber S7 years ago

Let's not stop til we get single payer!

Irina Ilieva
Irina Petrova7 years ago


K s Goh
KS Goh7 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Kaye Skinner
Kaye S7 years ago

Who paid him to say that?

Tamie R.
Tamie R7 years ago

I have yet to determine what is good and right with this reform. After seeing it in action for a few years, maybe then I can look back and judge if it is really doing as it is intended. I only hope that we do not forget the real reason all his is happening. To help our elders and uninsured have something that this country has not given them yet!

nobo dy
nobo dy7 years ago


Brian E.
Brian E7 years ago

I will let the Pen give a brief description below ..

The appointment of Liz Fowler to any administrative health care
position would be a monstrous insult on top of the terrible injury we have already suffered by the passage of a health care bill that is nothing but an industry crafted and cynical scam. This is exactly the lobbyist revolving door Candidate Obama promised he would lock down. Liz Fowler must not be rewarded for her role in cheating the American
people out of a real health care reform bill.
Time and again, where he has acted at all, it has been to kill
anything progressive about legislation in consideration by Congress.
He commanded behind the scenes that there be no vote on any kind of public option, while lulling the public all along that he was open to it. But Liz Fowler who wrote the bill, representing the health care lobbying gorillas, did not want that, and Obama did their bidding alone.
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