Anonymous Activists Shut Down Monsanto Website [Video]


Under the guise of “increased crop yields” and “a sustainable food system,” biotech giant Monsanto has been pumping dangerous genetically modified crops into the global agricultural industry for decades.

Many consumers feel that unless they scrutinize the supply chain and growing practices of every farmer or manufacturer, they can’t be sure whether or not they’re eating GMOs. Politicians and leaders in the organic food industry have already shown that they’re not willing or able to fight Monsanto’s contamination of the global food supply, so now it’s up to the people to fight back.

To show solidarity with farmers, real food organizations and all free-thinking humans, activist group Anonymous recently issued Monsanto a list of demands in the following video:

MSNBC reports that the “Hacking group Anonymous has posted information on 2,500 Monsanto employees and associates.” In addition, the hacking collective bombarded the company’s international websites and succeeded in shutting them down for nearly three days.

Anonymous then published this video, showing just how easily they accomplished this sabotage:

Anonymous posted a statement shortly after, detailing their assault:

“Over the last 2 months we have pushed the exposure of hundreds of pages of articles detailing Monsanto’s corrupt, unethical, and downright evil business practices. We blasted their Web infrastructure to **** for two days straight, crippling all three of their mail servers as well as taking down their main Web sites worldwide. We dropped dox [released information] on 2,500+ employees and associates, including full names, addresses, phone numbers, and exactly where they work. We are also in the process of setting up a wiki, to try and get all collected information in a more centralized and stable environment.”

The group now says it will turn its attention to the expansion of the Canadian tar sands project in Alberta.

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William C
William C1 years ago


W. C
W. C2 years ago

Thank you.

Jim Ven
Jim Ven2 years ago

thanks for sharing.

Nancy Black
Nancy Black5 years ago

I am conflicted about this article. Right now everyone is saying Snowden and Manning are heroes because they told about our government hacking in to our accounts, phone calls, computer searches. This group is doing the same thing to Monsanto employees, and it's not for national security. I am opposed to what Monsanto is doing, but I believe there has to be a better to stop them than hacking into their computers and employee records.

Sue H.
.5 years ago

I am seriously concerned that employees names and addresses are being posted online. While I do not agree at all with Monsantos business practices it is dangerous to put peoples personal info online because so many very angry people may take action against those employees. It is the people at the top of the food chain that make the decisions, not the lowly employees just trying to make a living in these recessionary times.

Chris C.
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Frances Darcy
Frances Darcy5 years ago

Anonymous ... well done

Giana Peranio-paz

Good for Anonymous! Very important action!

Olivia S.
Past Member 5 years ago

Way to go Anonymous! When the governments of the world do nothing to protect their citizens, civil disobedience is necessary. So glad we have an organization that can take on all the greedy ones who are destroying Earth and every living on it.

April W.
April W5 years ago

Awesome! Now to find a way to shut them down!