Another Dog Culling Spree is Set to Start in China

Another dog cull is set to begin on September 10th in Qinhuangdao in the Hebei Province near Beijing in order to prevent the spread of rabies and reduce dog populations.

More “dog beating squads” will hit the streets to kill dogs that aren’t registered or vaccinated, whether they’re strays or not.

As if that’s not bad enough, dog owners are also being asked to kill their own dogs if they’re a “dangerous breed” or over one foot tall. If the owners don’t do it themselves, the dog beating squads will do it for them, and then proceed to issue the owners a fine.

“To pick this time to enforce the dog regulation, it is obvious that Qinhuangdao hopes to ‘clean’ the streets and put on a good show for China’s National Day on October 1st. But, by inflicting cruelty on animals, the city is doing the exact opposite. Mass killing of dogs is going to generate outrage from people all over the world, damaging China’s image of a harmonious society,” said Grace Ge Gabriel, the International Fund for Animal Welfare‘s Asia Regional Director.

Animal lovers and animal rights groups are criticizing the Chinese government’s management tactics, along with other accounts of animal cruelty. However, since China currently has no animal welfare laws in place, there’s nothing that can be done legally to protect animals there. 

The last cull in Hanzhong resulted in the deaths of over 40,000 dogs.

“Mass killing of dogs is ineffective in controlling rabies in the long-term. By choosing not to implement a sensible rabies vaccination program, Hanzhong government has failed to protect the health of its citizens. Furthermore, the brutal killing of dogs continues to highlight the need for legislation that will ensure the humane treatment of all animals,” said Gabriel about the last cull.

Peter Williams, Director of the World Society for Protection of Animals in China also pointed out that removing dogs could actually increase the spread of rabies by opening up an area for more animals to move into.

IFAW, the Humane Society International and ACTasia have all been working with the Chinese government to draft national animal welfare laws that would protect animals, in addition to calling for vaccination and sterilization to address overpopulation issues. 

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Pragati Harde
p h6 years ago

instead of cleaning their streets they are exploiting their streets with blood of innocents !!!!

hillai p.
hillai p8 years ago

China is disgusting!!!!!!!!
how dare do they dare to hurt innocent animals?!!!
they should pay for the crimes they do dearly !!!!!!!!!!
in fact what would have happened if humans couldnt speak? if we too couldn't talk and be abused like that???!!!!!!!
how do the chinese dare to think that they are any diffrent from these animals in fact the animals are better than them!!!
there are animals who save human lives every day!!
it is only by chance that we are humans!
we could all have been born animals and suffer like that!!!
And if the chinese cannot understand that then they are just MONSTERS!!!!!!!!!!

Maria Kagelind
Maria K8 years ago

All is about ignorance and fear to express or act against this crulety. we have to spread this crulety and inform all sucessful investors in china about all abuse towards dogs and animals in china. We have to do something about that as well so they react and act....cause china need the can we do that together?

Elizabeth M.
Elizabeth M8 years ago

This site, is constantly opening my eyes to the atrocities that we inflict on animals. If you think it is exclusive to the Chinese, you are fooling yourself.

Check out this blog that resulted from a Care2Care post

If you have the stomach for it, watch the undercover video of American workers sorting through baby chicks as they go by on a conveyor belt. They toss the baby male chicks down chutes that put them on another conveyor belt that delivers them (ALIVE) into a huge grinder. I can barely conceive of anything more brutal. This is the price of your breakfast eggs and it happens EVERY DAY. I just don't think that most people know about it (I certainly didn't, until I saw the Care2Care article). But, frankly, I don't think most people want to know, because if they had to look at it, they might be forced to change their behavior.

It is much easier to point fingers and be self-righteous about the Chinese than to look at what is happening in our own back yard.

I would like to say that, on the whole, Americans have more regard for living things, but as long as those in the fur industry, egg industry, meat industry and leather industry are committing atrocities like these on a daily basis, as long as we are overrun with puppy mills and euthanize thousands upon thousands of cats and dogs yearly, we don't have a leg to stand on.

erica l.
erica G8 years ago

i agree with L.N. i wish we could boycott everything made in china, but pretty much everything sold in the US is from china! it so sad that the chinese are like this, and perhaps i too, have become racist. but elizabeth is right. the us is cruel to its animals as well. i just dont think as much, seeing as though we dont go around beating every animal on the street or peoples pets.

erica l.
erica G8 years ago

humans are so cruel and have no empathy or respect for animal life. i mean, china beats dogs for no reason, koreans eat them, japan beats dolphins, canada beats seals, the US hunts wolves, and those are just a few things. the fur trade is atrocious, and so is whale hunting and shark finning. no animal deserves the treatment they get from some humans. people will argue that we need their meat, but i read once that monkeys only need 3% of meat in their diet, and they are the closest to us. we also dont need fur, leather, ivory, paws, etc. what is the point of beating, hunting, torturing, mutilating, and making animals suffer just for $h!t$ and giggles.the world sickens me. i dream of an animal cruelty-free world one day....

Susan Nellie SF S.
Susan S8 years ago

Hmmm..they are a nation of 'no thinking, caring, selfish, stupid bastartds'. They care nothing of God's Earth and the cruelty upon their animals, which are NOT really theirs, they belong to God ! - they were only given as a gift for them to care for! Way to go Chinese! - you've ruined another portion of Life.
Your Human rights stink just as much. You should all be....why bother even saying it - those of you who know; I need not repeat it.

Therese O.
Therese L8 years ago

You have a good point Elizabeth M. and I can't disagree. However, for the most part, the people of China have little or no regard for animal or human life. At least, we have laws here and organizations that are working hard to educate people in regards to the treatment of all animals. Some organizations even risk their lives to save animals. Animal welfare must be implemented in China. We also need to be extremely aware of where the products we purchase are made.

Lesley S.
Lesley S8 years ago

For some reason, I thought the Chinese ate their dogs and cats. The Asian Market is reported to be a cesspool of cruelty. They keep turtles in filthy water,out in the hot sun and also butcher them while alive! I have seen video footage of this atrocity! Now that the Chinese have eaten all of their native turtles, people in the USA are making big bucks, by selling them thousands of our American turtles --- no kidding. So dog culling is nothing to the Chinese, it seems they hold so little regard for life. My sister adopted two Chinese girls. Both were abandoned, which is not uncommon. The children were in very poor condition. It is all so sad because one of the world's wisest men, Lao Tzu, wrote "Tao Te Ching" nearly 3,000 years ago and it stresses love and kindness. Ironic, huh?

Rosa Canas
Rosa Canas8 years ago

I am agree with Jenny H. comment.....its terrible and I am sick with this attitude of chinese people.
:( poor dogs and puppie dogs. Chinese bastards. We need to do something for to save innocent lifes!!!!!!