Another Russian Journalist Attacked Outside of His Apartment

Russia is an especially challenging and frightening atmosphere in which journalists work. In April, Elena Milashina, a prolific journalist for the opposition publication Novaya Gazeta, was brutally beaten on her way to her apartment. Her work often focused on exposing the operations of the Russian government in the Caucasus. She took over the reins of Anna Politkovskaya, who was murdered in 2006 in the wake of expose work she had published on the government.

Just a few months before Milashina was attacked, the young and vibrant journalist for the Kommersant newspaper, Oleg Kashin, was brutally beaten and left in a coma by two masked men. He survived the attack but was left with bruised and beaten hands and face.

Now another journalist has joined the ranks of reporters who have been attacked in or near their homes. Sergei Aslanyan, a radio journalist for Mayak radio, was mercilessly stabbed outside his southern Moscow home on Tuesday, the Moscow Times reports.

Although Aslanyan was stabbed in the neck, chest and arm by the attacker, he retained enough consciousness to relay the incident to police forces when they arrived on the scene. He stated that he went to answer the door after the doorbell rang and was quickly attacked by a solitary, masked man who proceeded to stab him.

He was rushed to the hospital after the incident and underwent surgery immediately, Ifex reports. He was listed in stable condition as of early Tuesday, a positive sign.

The attack on this particular journalist is surprising. Elena Milashina, Anna Politkovskaya and Oleg Kashin were all doing work that focused on critiquing the government and uncovering corrupt systems. Aslanyan, on the other hand, was an automobile journalist who relayed facts about the topic on his radio shows.

Some reports have speculated that Aslanyan was attacked after he told a version of the prophet Muhammed’s life story in which he described the religious leader as a businessman. The Los Angeles Times reports that a senior imam in a central Moscow mosque expressed frustration at Aslanyan’s ignorance of religious teachings.

Many human rights groups fear that Aslanyan’s case will remain unsolved, like that of the murder of Anna Politkovskaya. Oleg Kashin’s attack has also remained unsolved. In this environment of fear, in which Putin is attempting to summarily shut down open protest by bloating the fines for demonstrating against the government to more than $32,000, the work of opposition journalists is an essential service that needs to continue more than ever.

The country has been in a constant state of unrest since the March elections which brought Putin back to the presidential seat. Street protests and marches have continued throughout the months in response to an increasingly repressive government. Journalists remain an easy target for conservative forces in the Russian context. While they attempt to serve justice to the people they write about, there are very few voices out there that are willing to demand justice for the journalists who are so regularly attacked.

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Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, US Department of Defense


Lauren B.

Again, if people persist in thinking differently than us and, god forbid, speaking about their ideas, we should kill them. Or at the very minimum let them live in terror that they will be killed at any time.

Steven L.
Steven L.5 years ago

Putinie miej honor i odwagę odejdź już - wstydu oszczędź!

Donald T.
Donald T5 years ago

The Soviet sphere was not Communist, not in its pure sense; they were more Marxist, violent. Eastern Europe behind the now defunct Iron Curtain was more an Oligarchy of Marxism. A pure form of Communism would be egalitarian, for the people, all working together for the community. Now take that Putin bastard, please, he is KGB, secret police, well accustomed to abusing and torturing and killing those who disagree with him and oppose him. What has changed since the fall of the Iron Curtain and drunken period of Yeltsin, has been for the worst and return to a centralized powerful oligarchy flexing all the power it has and can gain. Hmmm, sounds like the New Republican party of the past decade in the US.

Carl Oerke
Carl O5 years ago

In 1984 I spent some time traveling by train across East Germany and touring East Berlin. It was my first exposure to a communist country. I passed a bookstore with only one book in the window. Only one newspaper on the newsstand. The communist countries have always restricted and repressed the press. It is nothing new, yet it is always very sad. Nothing can dream, imagine or soar like a mind that is givern the freedom to read, learn and explore new concepts and ideas. That is where the strength and power of a country come from. It is regrettable that Russia, China and North Korea have not learned such a valuable lesson.

Pamela T.
Pamela Tracy5 years ago

I am cannot tell me that journalist killings would stop if the other party gets in...just seems too impossible given Russia history, and ancestry.

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L5 years ago

When are religious groups going to toughen up regarding their religion, you either believe or not and if your faith is strong enough you should be able to handle remarks good and bad regarding your prophets.

It is a shame that the Russian government doesn’t value you freedom of the press enough to make sure journalist are protected. But since the tyrant Putin has been in charge corruption and his dictatorship flourishes and he HAS been in power for years now.

Judith H.
Judith H5 years ago


Paola Ballanti
Paola Ballanti5 years ago

Forse sono una voce fuori dal coro, ma quella che esprimo è solo un' opinione personale che non vuole offendere nessuno: io rispetto tutti, anche coloro che la pensano in modo diverso dal mio.
Obama è indubbiamente una brava persona, un uomo retto, ma non mi pare abbia carisma né carattere forte e, purtroppo neppure un' intelligenza eccellente, inoltre l' antipatia di sua moglie, personaggio banale fin troppo in vista, non gli giova. Putin è intelligentissimo, spietato ed ha idee molto chiare sul senso del potere, inoltre evita fronzoli demagogici come una moglie scioccherella da esibire in ogni occasione. Si tratta di un uomo che parla poco, osserva e pensa, non si espone in modo spettacolare, ostenta sobrietà; sa valutare l' avversario/nemico e lo rispetta: questo lo rende praticamente invincibile, potentissimo. Io non apprezzo la spietatezza, ma, politicamente, il suo atteggiamento lo rende quasi inattaccabile. Tristissimo, ma vero. Guardate Osama Bin Laden e Gheddafi: hanno sempre ostentato aggressività e tracotanza, non hanno mai rispettato gli avversari/nemici e......sono stati eliminati, sconfitti, annientati: il disprezzo per l' avversario/nemico ha sancito la loro condanna a morte !

ii q.
g d c5 years ago


ii q.
g d c5 years ago