Another State Bans Veal and Gestation Crates!

Last fall, California passed Prop 2, otherwise known as the Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act, which will do away with small crates and cages for animals like chickens, calves and pigs who weren’t previously allowed to enjoy the simple ability to move around or even stretch.

While Prop2 won’t go into effect until 2015, its passage is still seen as a victory for farm animals, and has led to greater public awareness regarding the ways farm animals are treated, along with leading to changes being made in other states.

Maine has just passed a bill that will ban veal and gestation crates making it the sixth state in the U.S. that doesn’t allow for extreme confinement of farm animals.

Additionally, legislation is pending in other states to end confinement of farm animals, and you can help.

Send a letter through Farm Sanctuary to representatives in New York, Illinois, Massachusetts and Rhode Island to ask that animals be provided with the simple ability to turn around, stretch and lie down. 


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Linda Jarsky
Linda Jarsky5 years ago

If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men. ---St. Francis of Assisi

Julia R.
Julia R8 years ago

I HATE THE HUMAN RACE! We are responsible for so much suffering ~ and still it continues...

Cris S.
Evlin L8 years ago

A victory but hard to feel happy as so many animals are suffering as we speak.

Lisanne D.
Lisanne D8 years ago

Yes, help the farm animals NOW, not in 2015. Why on earth in this day and age does it have to take so long to make changes? We can go to the moon, but we can't stop cruelty to animals. I am so sick of people, but I think if the common citizen could make the laws, it would be a more humane world for animals.

Delight S.
Delight S8 years ago

I think it unfortunate that the government thinks they can 'shut the activists up' by saying they will not keep animals confined..eventually, but not right now, because that would be inconvenient for the the animals that they agreed should not be treated this way can continue to deal with it until the farmers are darn good and ready to change...say in, 6 years!
Yeah, whatever!And for all of you who are under the veil of the 'family farm' it's not a veil, you must have a pillow case over your head! I live in the middle of an agricutural area, and these would be considered 'small family farms' and they are NOT kind to their animals, there are many who are injured who never recieve treatment because they are 'just going to be food'. Their babies are taken from them after a few months, and slaughtered right in front of the mothers, male baby goats are just bunched together in a trailer and taken to auction where they are horribly abused. These farmers don't care about their animals any more than the big ag guys. it is all about the $$$, good ol' boys don't believe animals have 'feelins' so they can just do anything to them, and they don't care. this is the mentality I have to deal with DAILY. most of them won't even sell animals to me anymore because they know I am going to keep them from being eaten..I have to send others to rescue them for me!
please open your eyes people, their suffering is real! the pain they feel is the same you feel! muster up some compassion!

Shawn B.
Shawn B8 years ago

I am in agreement with all of you. It is a wonderful victory for the beloved animals, however, as you say, it is quite a ways off and so much can change by then. I truly hope and pray that God will not allow any more animals to suffer for those that are meat eaters, although I know that many lives will painfully be taken long before the end of this nastiness arrives. Someday, our beloved animals, great and small, will be able to lead lives painfree and in peace just as they should be and were meant to be by the great Almighty. My heart cries for those sweet souls that are sent to their "forever" (heavenly) home far to early. Blessed are those animals that give their lives for people who still feel the need to eat their flesh and treat them with incomprehensible indignities for their own (often times selfish gratification).

Rachel D.
Rachel D8 years ago

Althoug it is a great victory for farm animals, many more will suffer until it comes into operation in 6years time!!!!Thats outragous!!!Veal and any other young animal should be allowed to live its life before dying!!!

lorii He
lorii He8 years ago

we have to thank these animals for what they do to humanity and of curse to treat them very well

lorii He
lorii He8 years ago

to long time to make this animals better life

Susan Gold
Sue Gold8 years ago

It is amazing to me how anyone can crow for the sanctity of a human life and then turn around and continue to stand by and let an animal suffer. We must try to have this law go into effect sooner than six years. It should not take all that time to convert to a more humane environment for these animals.