Anti-Choice Protesters Target Middle School Children


I once wondered why anti-choice protesters would bring their anti-abortion protests — especially those that include graphic, bloody images — around young children.  After all, they say they want to protect children from harm.

Finally, we have one explanation.  It’s to try to intimidate parents by making their children miserable.

According to the Washington Post, anti-choice protesters who have been trying to shut down the Germantown reproductive health clinic that Dr. Leroy Carhart provides later term abortions at have been having so little success that they have changed tactics.  Now, a group is protesting outside of a local middle school where the daughter of the clinic’s landlord attends sixth grade.

The protesters have arrived with giant photos that are allegedly of aborted fetuses, as well as pictures of the landlord with “Please STOP the Child Killing” and the landlord’s full name, address and phone number written on it.  That is, of course, the same last name and contact information of the little girl who attends the school, too.

Defend Life spokesman Jack Ames claims the protest is completely reasonable, as the clinic did not provide a public enough venue for their protests to be noted, and accused the landlord of trying to hide “under this cloak of anonymity.”

But it’s not the landlord hiding.  It’s a young girl trying to attend school without being accosted and humiliated by anti-abortion “activists.”

Anti-choice activists have become more and more blatant in their attempts to intimidate providers and supporters by following them to their homes, handing out leaflets to neighbors, protesting in front of their homes, and now even trying to harass the supporters’ own children.  For a group of activists who claim to care so much about “innocent babies,” they seem to have no issue emotionally scarring children in an attempt to win their battles.

Where does this stop?  At what point do they finally go too far when it comes to violating someone’s privacy?  And how can they condone using children as collateral damage in their battle?

An effort is being organized to personally “thank” each anti-abortion protester who has stood in front of the school, called the man’s home, or sent him a letter or email to his personal addresses.  Would that sort of counter-protest make them understand that these are real people whose homes and private lives they are invading, all in the name of stopping legal, safe abortion?


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Araceli Mar-Podolski
Araceli Mar4 years ago

Just last week we had one of these anti-choice groups targeting our local high school in Mission Viejo, CA -- no one seemed to know who they were or why our school. They stood on the sidewalk at dismissal with their very graphic posters, rubbing these explicit pictures of torn up babies in our children's faces! As a concerned parent I contacted the Principal and Superintendent of our school district -- the answer was we can't do a thing!! As long as they do not interfere with traffic or approach anyone these idiots can basically show anything they want!!!! It is called their right to the constitution's first amendment! I am all for fighting for what you believe in... however, our all schools should be protected from such controversial issues, and these demonstrations should not be allowed around schools' properties.

So, which amendment protects our children???

Kendell Robinson
Kendell R6 years ago

- continued-

You also changed the Washington Post’s article title from “Anti-abortion protesters target clinic’s landlord outside child’s Md. School” to “Anti-Choice Protesters Target Middle School Children”. Your title makes it appear the protesters were protesting the children not the landlord.

While I understand your article contains your views, which is fine, the Washington Post’s title and article are more accurate (and unbiased) in their description of the protesters and who they were protesting; whereas your title (and article) paint a somewhat different (though subtle) picture.

Kendell Robinson
Kendell R6 years ago

Robin, I agree - picketing the clinic’s landlord outside his daughter's school was definitely the wrong place to protest abortions, regardless of the fact that it was after school hours; during a back-to-school event when few children would be present.

The five anti-abortion protesters showed very poor judgment by bringing their protest and holding it outside the school, and using those signs at the school, also a bad decision. Protest outside the clinic, that’s fine; but not the school.

However, I must say I emphatically agree with the protester’s goal of stopping the aborting and ending the lives of innocent unborn children. It’s just the location they chose to protest that I have a problem with. Right cause, wrong venue.

Robin, I also thought it curious - several times in this post you referred to the protesters as “anti-choice”.

Not sure where you came up with that description since the article you referenced and linked to in the Washington Post never once called them “anti-choice”, but instead always referred to them as “anti-abortion” protesters. They are from a group called “Defend Life” who’s stated purpose is “pro-life” not “anti-choice”; these are two separate matters.

You also changed the Washington Post’s article title from “Anti-abortion protesters target clinic’s landlord outside child’s Md. School” to “Anti-Choice Protesters Target M

Alexandra Rodda
Alexandra Rodda6 years ago

Here is a question for you all. "What did the pro-lifer's brain cell die of?"

Correct answer: "Loneliness".

Emily Drew
Emily Drew6 years ago


irene fernandez
irene Fernandez6 years ago

Talk about bullying and being evil.... sheeesh

Jane Barton
Jane Barton6 years ago

Dianna M., YOU ROCK!!

Annmari Lundin
Annmari L6 years ago

Dianna M.: You rule!

Yvonne C.
Von D6 years ago

These people get away with this crap because they don't have lives or jobs. Normal people don't have time to do anything in retaliation that would make them think twice about doing this stuff in the first place. If we could fight back by finding there homes and picketing the picketers and making them feel threatened and harassed, they would probably stop. On the other hand they would probably be able to get the law to make us stop harassing them, everything only seems to work in one direction any more.

Diana T.
Diana T6 years ago

These are Terrorist Tactics,plain&simple-I suppose they'll Drool if Perry gets into the WH,I hear he really digs capital punishment,no matter what you have done,or even if you might be innocent;my guess is he'll have anyone who's ever had a/o participated in an abortion fried for murder 1-this may satisfy the womb nazis-