Anti-Gay Preacher Delivers the Wrong Message to Iowa Students

School officials in Dunkerton, Iowa, have found themselves in the midst of a controversy after anti-gay preacher Bradlee Dean performed at the town’s high school last Thursday, March 8. After Dean’s Junkyard Prophet band, a Christian heavy metal/rap group, performed they broke the students up into a number of groups, boys, girls and teachers, says the WCF Courier.

Administrators had been expecting a presentation on anti-violence, anti-drug and anti-bullying themes, but instead the girls were reportedly told that they would have mud on their wedding dresses unless they were virgins and that they should take a submissive roll in their marriages. Students also said that they were shown images of aborted fetuses and of AIDS patients who were said to be “suffering the effects of the disease.” Students and also teachers reported that those who tried to leave were “shouted down, mocked and intimidated.”

Nonetheless, four members of the faculty walked out and some students texted and called their parents; some parents took their children out of school for the rest of the day. By the next morning, students were circulating a petition calling on administrators to ban such presentations — and specifically those of Junkyard Prophet — in the future. Another petition calling for the school’s gay community to “quit complaining” has also been circulated.

The WCF Courier says the Dunkerton administrators and faculty had seen a presentation by Junkyard Prophet some years ago that was “different — and less emotionally charged.” Some had even written testimonials that still appear on Junkyard Prophet’s website.

Superintendent Jim Stanton said that the district is asking for its money back and that Junkyard Prophet will not be invited to return. Dean’s group has requested to perform again to “defend their message,” which they claim was misrepresented at the Dunkerton High School assembly last week. Junkyard Prophet has also made requests to perform at the Dunkerton Community Hall and at the city’s fire house; both requests have been denied.

Stanton also says that the school district is in the process of developing an “action plan” according to which a committee of students, teachers, administration staff and parents will screen all performers before inviting them to the school. The school district is also offering counseling for students, says Talking Points Memo.

In light of the fact that Dean made national headlines last year after delivering a prayer on the floor of the Minnesota House in which he questioned President Barack Obama’s faith, it seems that the Dunkerton School District needs to do a lot more homework before inviting performers to its schools.

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Kate G.
Kate G.5 years ago

Derrick B your comment is fab, xo

Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson5 years ago

Christians are so unlike their "Christ"

Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin5 years ago

Olive L. is a troll!

Olive L.
Olive L.5 years ago

Way to go Bradlee Dean and Junkyard Prophet. . . preaching the truth to a dying generation.

Derrick Bishop
Derrick Bishop5 years ago

Well said Nancy. The message of this group is far removed from the teachings of Jesus. The so called Christian right is neither Christian nor right.

Nancy C.
Nancy Crouse5 years ago

The term Christianity is being mis-used and mis-represented. A Christian is one who follows the teachings and philosophy of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ loved ALL people not a select few. He loved All equally and unconditionally. His teachings dispised the wealthy, inhospitable, nay sayers of fairness to ALL. He comforted the sick and the dying, loved children and said that the 'Meek shall inherit the Earth", not the wealthy and entitled. Chrtianity has been bastardized by very sick, evil and hateful people who need to seize the fundamentalists' view of Christinity which isn't there at all. When Jesus does return, the wealthy and the homophobes, the persecutors of minority rights will be reckoned with. "All those who follow me shall have eternal life." Looks like the ant-Christs are in for a rude awakening! The ant-Christ is here and has been in our face all this time! They are called fundamentalists and Republicans, Conservatives and the greedy.

Paul M.
Paul M5 years ago

"Only in America" ... don't let this poisonous behavior go unchallenged ... as there are plenty here in Australia looking for just such a role model as the Junkyard Prophet band.

I was amused to see the band described as ... "Christian" ... we need to rename words used in the name of Christ to other descriptive words, denying their use by unchristian groups or people ...

... "Junkyard Prophet band, a bigoted heavy metal/rap group" ...
... "Junkyard Prophet band, an UN-American heavy metal/rap group"

Maybe others can suggest other examples.

We need to start dropping "Christian" as an adjective for all those who are denying Christ's messages by their bigoted, often violent, intolerance.

If I was a member of a heavy metal/rap group I'd feel dirty this group is included in my genre.

Lilithe Magdalene

Yup. Junk.

Craig Gosling
Craig Gosling5 years ago

Thanks to the kids and parents that spoke up. Everyone needs to be on guard and expose religion in public schools. Don't let evangelicals get away with it.

Mary L.
Mary L5 years ago

But see! They're being martyred for their faith by all the bullies telling them they're evil nut jobs. They are about as "christian" as a lion in the Roman Coliseum!