Anti-Romney Documentary “King Of Bain” Now Online [UPDATE - Embedded]

Have you been waiting for the 28 minute long “Mitt Romney is a corporate raider” documentary?  Wait no more!  You can watch it online here.

Don’t feel like spending a half an hour of your life watching an attack piece?  Luckily, you can get a synopsis here.

Favorite passage?

We are introduced, briefly, to Mitt Romney, his Harvard education, and his love for “stripping American businesses of assets” and “killing jobs.” First stop on the road to ruin: Marianna, Fla. Here we learn about a local manufacturer of laundry equipment that got sold to Bain Capital. From there, everything went to crap — production sped up, quality went down, pay slashed, stress mounted. In the end, we’re told Romney “upended the company” and made big profits while “leaving behind a trail of wreckage.”

But then Romney turned his sights on Kaybee Toys and destroyed it in similar fashion. This ruined the lives of children. We know this because we see a child, staring into a television flicker, as the sounds of news reports of Kaybee’s demise fill the background. The look on the child’s face says it all: “Oh no. The Kaybee Toys chain is gone, and it was a brand with which I really identified.”

Well, thank goodness that question has finally been answered.  I always wondered why Kaybee toys disappeared from my local mall.

UPDATE: Finally, an embeddable version.


Photo credit: Youtube screen capture


SeattleAnn S.
Ann S6 years ago

I guess this shows why we should not be surprised that he is unwilling to pay his share of taxes to the USA. I guess we also know why he refuses to show his tax returns. He laughs at destroying the jobs and livelihoods of our nation's citizens.

Mary Beth M.
MaryBeth M6 years ago

When I sent this out to friends, I was challenged on its validity as a mechanism to perpetrate lies by those who are anti-Mormon, anti-religion. So, checked the source of video: Winning Our Future-a front for Gingrich, hmmm, how objective can they be? Yet, after trying to find objective sources (very hard, I know) such as Wall Street Journal, NY Times, even SC's Tea Party Movement (who I don't agree with at all!!), among others: I have come up with the same conclusion: Romney cannot be trusted-personally, professionally & not with the future of our country. He may have come about his money legally, but through the misfortune/misery of American lives, companies & entire towns. Hell, I wouldn't even trust him with my dog!

Jerry Mayeux
Jerry Mayeux6 years ago

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Conservation is the wise-use, management & development of the Earths natural resources.
Cruelty to people or animals is NOT conservation!!!

Brian F.
Brian F6 years ago

Steve N. Bain took over a washing machine company in Florida, and fired all the workers. Same thing in Indiana, all the workers were fired, and Romney walked away with millions of dollars. So please don't try to make this out like Romney and Bain cared about these companies.
Romney is a crook and a liar who made his money by taking over companies, and firing all the workers, and then keeping all the money for himself. Romney, and Bain have never done anything helpful to workers, except fire them.

Steve N.
Steve N6 years ago

Explained so even libs can understand.

Bain took over failing companies. They made cuts so that the company could turn a profit and stay in business. Yes, some people lost jobs or had pay cut. Had Bain not made the cuts, then the company would have gone under and ALL employees would have been out of work.

Bain actually saved jobs, Romney should be thanked for that.

Jerry Mayeux
Jerry Mayeux6 years ago

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Deborah L.
Deborah Lashever6 years ago

Dear Steve R,
What this video says isn't really the point. Romney is an ass. THAT is factual. And I don't need a link to know that! (Just listen to the guy....)

Audrey B.
Audrey B6 years ago

Well, Mitt has lost my vote after reading that he put his dog on the roof of his car while on vacation. What the hell what he thinking?
If he can not treat an animal right, what will he do to a human?

All of these candidates so out of touch with the people not in their tax bracket.

Mary Beth M.
MaryBeth M6 years ago

This man is without principles, morals, a conscience... whether putting his dog on top of his car & using ignorance of the law as excuse (while governor!), or strong arming a single mother to place her child up for adoption while bishop, to his role in "creative destruction" where he destroyed businesses, peoples lives and essentially any attempt of keeping business in America. Shocking that anyone can support this man.

Christopher Fowler

Of course Steve R. won't watch it. For guys like him propaganda is more important than truth.

Hey Steve R. and all those who think (?) like you, just remember that you wre warned that the trainwreck was coming when you ignored those warnings.