Are the Walls Finally Closing in on Trump?

Are Trump’s bold-faced lies and deceits finally catching up with him? For the record, the president made over 5,000 lies prior to September, according to The Washington Post.

This week we learned that a lawsuit alleging that Trump has been serially violating the Constitution’s emoluments clause will go forward. And just last week, his lawyer Michael Cohen acknowledged he had lied to Congress about Trump’s links to Russia. 

As a businessman, Trump has been able to bludgeon and bully his way forward. An analysis published by USA Today in June 2016 found that Trump and his businesses had been involved in more than 4,000 legal cases over the previous three decades. 

But Trump doesn’t seem to care: Thanks to his father’s money, he has crashed through life and let other people pick up after him. The president appears to have no conscience, saying whatever is the most convenient truth at the time.

As Rececca Solnit puts it, “Feedback is what most steers most of us straight, and power and privilege mean that you can avoid it if you want. When you’re a star they let you do stupid things, and he has done so many.”

For politicians, the rules are different. Trump must be held accountable for his actions — and, thanks to persistent news inquiries, as well as both federal and state law enforcement, that’s exactly what’s happening. 

The walls of Trump’s carefully constructed fortress of lies are beginning to close in on him.

Violation of the Constitution

The emoluments case may be Trump’s worst nightmare. On December 3, the attorneys general of the District of Columbia and Maryland announced that they have been approved to proceed with subpoenas for records concerning their case that accuses Trump of personally profiting from the presidency. This could well uncover the finances from the Trump International Hotel in Washington, as well as determine how much money Trump has made from foreign governments.

As president, Trump declined to divest himself of all his business holdings. The lawsuit alleges that he is violating the emoluments clause, which states that federal officials may not take benefits from foreign governments without the approval of Congress. If the case is proven, Trump is violating the Constitution.

Trump’s Fixer Lied to Congress

Adding to revelations about Trump’s profiteering as president, on November 29 Michael Cohen asserted that he previously lied to Congress to conceal the fact that the Trump Organization was negotiating over a Trump Tower in Moscow well past the time when Trump became the Republican party’s nominee for president.

We also learned that Trump was offering a bribe of a $50 million condo to President Putin to push his project forward. And there’s probably more to come, since Cohen has had seven voluntary interviews with the team of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Trump’s numerous other legal entanglements include state and federal lawsuits brought by companies, state attorneys general and individuals against him personally and in his role as president.

And it’s not just Donald: the Trump Organization, the Trump Foundation and his three oldest children are also implicated.

The president has surrounded himself with liars in his businesses, and he has trained his family well.

Here’s a summary of the major lawsuits facing Trump:

  • The Mueller investigation is probing whether Trump or any of his associates colluded with elements of the Russian government to influence the results of the 2016 presidential election.
  • Mueller is also said to be weighing a charge of obstruction of justice against Trump. In an NBC interview, Trump stated that part of his reason for firing then-FBI chief James Comey was to shut down the investigation into possible Russian interference in the 2016 election.
  • Thanks to Cohen’s guilty pleas on a number of charges, including making payments to adult-film stars to prevent them from speaking publicly before the election, federal prosecutors are examining possible violations of campaign laws by anyone in the Trump Organization.
  • On November 19, Richard Blumenthal, Mazie Hirono and Sheldon Whitehouse – all Democrats serving on the Senate Judiciary Committee — brought a lawsuit against Trump in which they alleged that he violated the Constitution’s Appointments clause by appointing Matt Whitaker as acting attorney general.
  • On October 29, a lawsuit brought by four plaintiffs and filed against Trump, his company and his three oldest children accused them of racketeering: using the Trump name to persuade vulnerable investors to invest in fake business opportunities.
  • On October 16, literary and human-rights group PEN America filed a lawsuit against the president, accusing him of suppressing the expression of free speech. They cited a number of examples, including his behavior around CNN and his threats against Amazon and owner Jeff Bezos.
  • Also in October in the state of Oregon, 21 plaintiffs, ages 11 to 22, sued the Trump administration, demanding action on climate change. They claim that the government’s inaction in the face of global warming violates their “fundamental constitutional rights to freedom from deprivation of life, liberty and property.”
  • On June 14, New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood filed a lawsuit accusing the Donald J. Trump Foundation and its Board of Directors of “Extensive and Persistent Violations of State and Federal Law.” The state wants the Foundation disbanded, as well as $2.8 million restitution for money spend improperly, and fines.
  • On May 17, a New York court ruled that Summer Zervos, a former Apprentice contestant, can continue with her lawsuit for defamation against Trump, who accused Zervos of lying.

The sheer scale of Trump’s lies is both astonishing and repulsive. But the walls are certainly closing in on Trump.

Photo Credit: The White House/Flickr


Dot A
Dot A2 months ago

Slick criminal is still walkin' and talkin' and creating chaos everywhere he goes. Putin loves the guy!!! Hummmmm ???? Where this ends, nobody knows. I just hope sooner than later,... Don't you?

Susanne R
Susanne R2 months ago

It's been only 11 days since this article was submitted, and in that short time, the walls have closed in enough to make trump quite a bit more claustrophobic. Can't wait to see what the next 11 days will bring...

Amparo Fabiana Chepote
Amparo Fabiana C3 months ago

I think he will finish his mandate and only 2020 elections will decide. The Apprentice was elected by people discontent of Washington Politics and of the intellectuals politically correct previous President. They were very anti Obama. Not me.

Mollie Wilson-Milesi

We all need to decide to do what is right and good, to work for both justice AND mercy and to hold our leaders to a high standard of moral integrity. Otherwise, what are we and what will we become?

danii p
danii p3 months ago

Thank you

danii p
danii p3 months ago

Thank you

danii p
danii p3 months ago

Thank you

Darlene Buckingham
Darlene Buckingham3 months ago

I agree that it is going to take mass public demonstrations to turn this around. Often violence is provoked to show that the public does not deserve better. There has been too much manipulation for too long. We need leaders that will do the right thing and a public that supports them. This is not the time to sit around and not do anything. Write letters, speak up, don't allow the world to be taken down by fear and ignorance.

Lorrie O
Lorrie O3 months ago

Donald Trump thinks he can impress us with his ability to lie, but we're not Fooled. He is no match for a TRUE Lyre, a Vega-an, A Vega-an is of The Star, Vega, in the constellation Lyra. "Lyra": "The Lyre of Mercury". Those of the Star, Vega, are known as Lyres. And remember: never listen to Lyres. If you listened to Lyres, you would have to leave Hades. And of course, you wouldn't want to.

Rhoberta E
Rhoberta E3 months ago

brian f
Then maybe you should think before you post the things you do !!!