Are You A Moderate If No One Likes You?

When former Senator Bob Kerrey finally decided to enter the Nebraska senate race, he no doubt expected the instant onslaught of attacks from Republicans hoping to flip Democrat Ben Nelson’s seat to the GOP.

But many on the left are hitting him just as hard, leaving it unclear if anyone is really on his side.

According to Politico, progressive groups unhappy with his previous stance on the war in Iraq, NAFTA and banking regulations are already making it clear that they will be supporting his Democratic opponent, not him, even if it means losing the seat.

“We arenít looking for anyone to replicate Ben Nelson in Nebraska,Ē DFA spokeswoman Levana Layendecker told Politico. ďWeíre not interested in supporting Democrats who we canít count on to support us on the issues we care about like health care and protecting Social Security.Ē

Progressive Netroots leader Markos Moulitsas even went as far as to call Kerrey the next “Joe Lieberman.”

Of course, Kerrey has many stances that differ from that of Sen. Nelson, most notably his support of a woman’s right to choose.† Nelson’s anti-abortion stances were known to derail many bills in senate during his tenure.

Still, Kerrey’s campaign doesn’t seem too upset by being hated by both the left and the right. His adviser quipped, “Being labeled a centrist in Nebraska? Iíll take that any day, thatís where most people are.”

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Peggy B
Peggy B10 months ago


Mary B.
Mary B5 years ago

Moderates are not 'people who won't take a stand on an issue'. Moderates are people who have looked at both ends of the spectrum and realize neither one can fly on one wing. They just flap around on the ground, going in circles and making a lot of noise.
The whole point of haveing a stick with opposeing viewpoints at either end is so you can pick the best ideas from both and mix them together in a new way and go foreward, even tho you don't know how it will work out. And Visionaries are those who have climbed out of the box completely and are imagining whole new ways of doing things that will work in todays circumstances. Man learned to make flying machines because some dreamed of soaring like the birds.Some are scanning the horizon for visions way out in the future that are yet unfullfilled.
So bless the Moderates, they hold the ballance and create a platform for the Visonaries.

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L5 years ago

"...even if it means losing the seat". A person who thinks this way is an idiot, especially in our current situation. UNBELIEVABLE.

John B.
John Bonetti5 years ago

OMG, a Medal of Honor recipient, which tells you he will go above and beyond to do the right thing.

Linda M.
Linda Manning5 years ago

Well said, Christopher F.

Christopher Fowler

I can understand what he's going through. My conservative friends call me a liberal and my liberal friends call me a conservative.

Being a moderate is like being Bisexual. You become an invisible person which neither side wants to claim or accept that you actually exist.

James Maynard
James Maynard5 years ago

Everything in moderation, including moderates.

Okay, seriously, we would do worse than to
have a few more moderates in the Congress.
The rabid elements of any party are just not
getting anything done.

Devon N.
Devon N5 years ago

While I may not agree with his votes on some issues, there is one thing I do know: moderates are willing to negotiate, something conservatives are not and something progressives seem to be woefully incapable of doing well. While I would hope that he would tend to be more progressive than not, anyone who is not Ben Nelson or a GOP candidate is an infinite improvement for us all. After all, I am not sure which is more egregious - Ben Nelson and his DINO actions or a senator who voted with his president (something far too many Democrats seem unwilling to do these days). I hope for the sake of Nebraska that the Dems there get behind Sen. Kerrey, rather than lose to the GOP, which would just be plain stupid!

Jamie Clemons
Jamie Clemons5 years ago

Moderate someone who can't make up their mind to take a stand on an issue.

David Menard
David Menard5 years ago

I have no problem with moderates never have but they are now an endangered species as the GOP has shifted somewhere to the right of Hitler.