INVITATION: Are You (or is a Relative) a Union Member? Tell us about It Here

Collective bargaining is the issue in Wisconsin; beyond it is the question of the basic rights of working Americans.  It looks like the issue is moving toward Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and more.  What does your union mean to you – and why?  Tell us in your comments below.
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barry h.
David P6 years ago

Power to the People - lets stop this anti worker agenda-(yea right)

Lisa H.

James J., I am in complete agreement with you!! My earlier statements were made with your sentiments in mind. Not everyone can be a union worker. I have known several union members who were NOT happy with what their Union was doing supposedly for them. Unions are out to protect the unions and those who are in charge of the unions - another political set-up. Just like Michael G. stated, it's all about "getting hell with everyone else" and who cares if others have to "pay out the nose". Regarding Linda T.'s comment, much of America's history was built on the back of non-union workers. And regarding Terry W.'s comment, I acknowledged the value of unions in the past but only questioned their validity of late. The unions are for those privileged enough to be able to belong to them, but what about those who are not able to belong to unions? What are they to do for work? Michael G., your attitude is exactly why people are anti-union.

Richard N.
Richard N.6 years ago

As a member of a service union, I like to forget they are there around 265 days a year, including the other days of the year when the dues are deducted, but the one day of the year (we hope it only takes a day) when they stand up to represent my and my fellow union members interests and benefits, thats when I want to recognize the officers and administrative of all unions as standing behind us as the true representatives of our liberty and freedoms all year long.

Albert Legault
Albert Legault6 years ago

If you favor Republicans, you lose the integrity of your site. Your site should be objective and politically neutral. If you are Republican-oriented, pleasse cancel my membership.

Terry W.
Terry Walker6 years ago

With all due respect to Lisa H. You are without a clue. Unions still do what they always have done, they provide collective bargaining and they make it possible for issues between employers and employees to arbitrate and work things out. Without a union your recourse if you are falsely accused and fired is to hire yourself an attorney and file a law suit. Very few working class people can afford that. Attorneys in most states charge between $250.00 and $300.00 per hour. In many states employers can fire employees with lies in an effort to escape the unemployment taxes. Employers get away with such destructive conduct where the employee has no union. It is sad to see your comment so displaced from the facts.

Terry W.
Terry Walker6 years ago

With all due respect to the governor in Wisconsin it is difficult to comprehend how the State of Wisconsin first has self inflicted the problem on itself and second responds with taking more money from a select few... exactly why do they think that public employees should lose wages to fill the gap their mismanagement produced?

Bev Jones
Bev Jones6 years ago

Over my 37 years of teaching I have easily donated the equivalent of a part-time job to my Union. Why? Mainly because of all the organizations I am involved with, my Union does the most to support me in being a good teacher. This attack on Unions is nothing more than payback for not supporting them in elections. This is democracy?

Linda Mccleary
Linda Mccleary6 years ago

I have worked union jobs and non-union jobs alike. I come from a working class family and most of my friends are blue collar people, and I can tell you that although unions, like all other organizations, are not perfect they ARE necessary. Without the union the working class employee is subject to capricious decisions concerning their employment, unsafe working conditions, unreasonable demands, and cronyism. A person without a union who believes that their rights as a worker or as a human being have been violated must hire a lawyer and wait for years for results. Very difficult to do when you are an individual with no job, or who will lose their job over the lawsuit, against a company with their own lawyers and money enough to wait it out or drag it on. A lot of the people complaining about the unions use the argument that their own job is not protected by one. Well, then why not do away with all public services and protections, since 100% of the public does not need or does not use them? Rather, why not ORGANIZE and PUBLICIZE? I promise those who are already union members will stand with you.

Linda T.
Linda T6 years ago

I love those that no not what they speak. More often than not those that dislike unions have not one clue on what they have benefitted from becuase of unions. I will not spend my time here educating them. Ignorance is bliss. Thank you hard working union members for all you have done and do for this country. I appreciate you and your ancestors for making our country a better palce to live.

Linda Jarsky
Linda Jarsky6 years ago

I have worked non-union and union jobs and pick union jobs over non-union. Face it, if someone is watching the bosses, they HAVE to treat employees fairly and pay fairly. Employees pay the unions to support them, it's not for free. I resented paying union dues until I needed the union to stand next to me when I needed them. Paying the union dues is like paying a lawyer for a future need. After using the union for my problem boss, I started going to union meetings and finding out what was really going on. Unless you've been there you have no idea how important they are. Just my two cents, from personal experience.