Asian Immigrants Now Outnumber Latinos in the U.S.

With all of the hubbub over the United States’ policies toward Mexican immigrants, it may surprise you to learn that Latinos are not the largest group immigrating to the country. Believe it or not, that distinction actually goes to Asians. As of late, more Asians immigrate to the United States annually than any other racial group. Moreover, by and large, the Asian American immigrants in this country are thriving, reports The San Francisco Chronicle.

Though Asian Americans are the fastest growing racial segment in the United States, they still comprise only about 6% of the American population. This number looks poised to grow, however, considering the recent trend in immigration patterns.

Unlike typical immigrant stories of hardship, Asian Americans demonstrate significant success. According to a Pew Research Center survey titled “The Rise of Asian Americans,” the majority of Asian Americans described their financial status as either “excellent” or “good,” a higher rate than the general population. In fact, the average Asian American household has an income of $66,000, which is more than $16,000 higher than that of the average household.

David Lee, a professor of political science at San Francisco State University, notes that this achievement level has changed greatly for the Asian American community in the past century. “One hundred years ago, they were the poorest of the poor. Today they are the best-paid, best-educated, most-in-demand workers in the country.”

The success of Asian Americans is likely due to the manner in which they immigrate. A lot of them come to the United States on a work visa, meaning that they have an immediate income. Furthermore, 61% of Asian American immigrant adults have a undergraduate degree, which is double the amount of immigrants of non-Asian descent.

The shift may have political ramifications, too: overall, Asian Americans are more liberal, happier with President Obama, and favor bigger government compared to most Americans. Overall, only 28% of Asian Americans identified as Republicans, with Vietnamese Americans being the only ethnicity that leans more conservative than liberal.

As it turns out, most “Asian Americans” do not even use that term to refer to themselves. Only one in five self-identify as “Asian American,” while 62% use more specific terms to describe their country of origin (i.e. Japanese American). Incidentally, four out of five Asians in America originated from one of just six countries: India, Vietnam, Japan, Philippines, South Korea and China.

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Aurea Walker

Asians come to the U.S. Illegally as well! The great difference in their success versus Latinos is not about who works harder or smarter etc..... The sad reality is that most Latinos who come to America, legally or not is that WE do not have the respect or love for education that asians do. There are a myriad of reasons for that, but primarly the greatest reason is the RAGING prejudice within Mexico itself! Mexico is not only racist it damn well wants it that way. Mexico is deeply divided by not only "class" but by whether they are of European descent or as my fellow compatriots call the "indigenas". No different than the European "Americans" and NATIVE AMERICANS. The Europeans wherever they have gone kill the natives or destroy their cultures and implant their supposed more civilized "culture! If anyone really looks at the real history of this European destruction, look at they have done to all the foregoing countries: Mexico, central and south America, Africa, Australia etc....

Nick Lesseos
Nick Lesseos5 years ago


Nancy B.
Nancy B5 years ago

If we become a third world nation, it will not be the fault of the Hispanics or the Asians. It will be because of our own blindness and ignorance. The average Asian immigrant is better educated and has a stronger work ethic than the average American. I am not Asian or Hispanic.

Christine C.
Chandra C5 years ago


Chris P.
Chris P5 years ago

The same in my country. They teach the local workers business.

Sandra W.
Sandra W5 years ago

governments controlling their lives in the countries that they want to leave?

Sandra W.
Sandra W5 years ago

Samanta Z....Obama and his left wing radicals don't care a damn bit about immigrants. I am very conservative and I live in Arizona. Obama wants the country to think that we hate Hispanics here. We don’t. My neighbors are Hispanic and they are very nice and hard working people. I don’t care who comes to this country as long as they come here legally. Obama didn’t give a crap about Hispanics until now and it’s not because he cares about the people. He only cares about how they vote. If he cared, he would have done something when he had both houses of congress, yet he did nothing for anyone except for his rich friends. And yes, he is rich as is Nancy Pelosi and they care less about you. Obama, in fact, deported more Hispanics than Bush or any president before him did. He will tell anyone anything that they want to hear if he thinks he can get your vote. Face facts…..he is half black and he has done nothing for black people. If Hispanics really think that he will do something to help them have better lives, you are being played for fools. Conservatives don’t want people dependent on the government. They want people to be productive and to prosper. What parent wouldn’t want that for their children? Immigrants come here for a better life. Do you think a better life is being dependent on government so that they can control your lives? Don’t people come to this country because they are sick and tired of the governments contro

Cathleen K.
Cathleen K5 years ago

Good news for the US. Educated immigrants are a boon to any society that gets them. The educated also read newspapers and therefore vote intelligently.

Samanta Zbinden
Samanta Zbinden5 years ago

?? wth, why is this post even in care2, It's pretty discriminating and so are many of these replies! >:(, not a fruitful article at all! And for those accusing Latinos and Asians from bringing corruption and non-democracy to the U.S...get real those things happen without their help!

I'm Latina and yes, this post make me upset!

Gloria H.
Gloria H5 years ago

I notice many food packages, electronics, etc are bilingual- Spanish/English. Perhaps Asians learn English before they come over here. If you are hit by a car, wouldn't it be lovely to speak to your rescuers instead of bleeding to death waiting for an interpreter?
English may be difficult to learn, but not half as hard as learning a new alphabet- Chinese, Russian, Arabic. Thank you for taking the time as a guest or permanent resident for learning to speak the language known as English while living in America.