Assange Requests Asylum in Ecuador

Julian Assange has formally requested asylum in Ecuador in a bid to avoid extradition to Sweden, where he faces an investigation for rape and sexual molestation.

Assange, the bombastic founder of Wikileaks, fled to the Ecuadorian embassy in London on Tuesday. He had been under house arrest in England while awaiting the outcome of an appeal of his extradition to Sweden, where prosecutors wish to question Assange.

Assange had appealed his extradition to the European Court of Justice after losing on appeal in the Supreme Court of England, but the European Court had not yet decided whether to take up the appeal. Assange is supposed to be extradited to Stockholm by June 28.

Swedish prosecutors wish to interview Assange about two cases of alleged rape and sexual molestation, in which Assange allegedly refused to wear a condom as requested by his partners, and hid the fact until they were done with intercourse. Assange has claimed he is innocent of all charges, and that the case is nothing but a smear campaign orchestrated by the Pentagon.  Assange has also complained of Sweden’s tough anti-rape laws, calling the Scandinavian country the “Saudi Arabia of feminism.”

An attorney for the accusers, Claes Borgstrom, has demanded Assange be brought back to face trial. He had previously praised England’s decision to extradite as ”an obvious and expected decision that has been delayed too long.”

The Ecuadorian government has confirmed that they received the request. In a press conference, Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino said, “Ecuador is studying and analyzing the request,” according to a Reuters report.

Why Assange chose Ecuador, and why now, is unclear. Ecuador could choose to grant Assange asylum, but he would only be safe from extradition within their embassy; if he attempted to leave the country for Ecuador, he could be arrested by the British government and extradited.

The move is also puzzling, given that Assange has long claimed to be avoiding extradition to Sweden because he fears it is a U.S.-orchestrated trap. While Sweden and the United States have a close relationship, the United States has long had a very active covert presence in Central America, and allies of Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa have alleged that U.S. intelligence agencies were behind an abortive 2010 coup d’état attempt. Additionally, Ecuador and the United States have an extradition treaty in place. It seems a strange place for Assange to go to get away from the long arm of Uncle Sam — but a good place to go to avoid answering for alleged rape.

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Fadi M.
Fadi M7 years ago

I clicked on Michaela C's profile and got this message: "The profile you are looking for could not be found"

Explains a lot!

Rafael Z, thanks again for the additional links, they are all valuable. Keep up the good work ;)

Michaela C.

This man is a reepist and must face court as any other criminals, why protect him from justise???

Linda McKellar
Past Member 7 years ago

I think Assange's revelations have exposed the REAL people who are causing deaths around the world. Perhaps if these exposes continue, governments will have to fess up to the bullshit they're pulling around the world and that will actually DECREASE deaths. By reducing foreign interference where it's unwantd and unjustified, lives may actually be saved.
Furthermore, Australia is not even offering any kind of assistance to one of it's own citizens but rather caving into the US demands to extradite him for largely trumped up reasons. Now if he was a diplomat of some sort rather than a private citizen, he would have been immune. Rather convenient.

Linda B.
Linda B.7 years ago

So how exactly did Wikileaks cause "several deaths and.. unknown damage to international relations"? By showing exactly what we're doing in Iraq, as opposed to what Washington wants us to believe we are doing? (Ask Peter Van Buren about that- after publishing "We Meant Well", he has faced retaliation by the State Department for his expose of our incompetence). How about the deaths of the cameramen and civilians in the footage Wikileaks aired- are they inconsequential? Have we no right to know what our authorities are doing? Does anyone really think that our international relationships have not already been damaged seriously by Bush and friends taking us to war in Iraq over bogus reasons, which are clearly obvious to anyone reading the International press, which does not serve as lap dogs to power like the US press corps? Finally, if the Swedish government wants Assange to answer questions regarding an alleged rape, why not question him in the UK? He has offered to do so on numerous occasions.

Rafael Zambrana
Rafael Z7 years ago

Fadi M.
You're welcome Fadi. I am including a link by Damon Vrabel explaining why he has stepped back in his pursuit to share with us his important message.
He has been threatened by the forces enslaving us and he finally made this video to explain it, and also to send a message to the many people who without knowing it, are used as pawns in this madness created by the sociopaths who insist on killing and enslaving us.

The DEBUNKING MONEY series, Vrabel had taken it out after he got threatened, and several of us kept on asking him to put it up again through his website, and he didn't answer. Fortunately I had downloaded it into my computer and with the help of others across the US, we put it up again.

To me DEBUNKING MONEY is the BEST video to explain in the first 9 minutes why Fractional Reserve Banking IS A FRAUD, and that's why they try to stop him.

The Civil Rights Issue of 21st Century

A Simple Solution to the Debt Crisis

12 yr old Victoria Grant explains how banks commit fraud

Fadi M.
Fadi M7 years ago

Rafael Z.
I can't thank you enough for the links you have posted, although I've been learning about the "elite" and the enslavement system created by them for few years now, but I never came across Damon Vrabel or I wish more people join the awakening movement.

Paula M.
What a foolish statement you made! You have NO idea whatsoever about the number of deaths that the people involved in Assange's leaks are responsible for! Believe me, you will be shocked! But our debate here must never be about death numbers, because those deaths are merely the result of a system created by some sick masterminds "bankers and politicians" whom Assange wanted to expose to the world, not to bring in more deaths as you have ignorantly stated, on the contrary, it is to stop this crazy and barbaric system of slavery from having further advancement and control over our lives.

Rafael Zambrana
Rafael Z7 years ago


You're so right about both parties behaving totally disconnected to their supporter's needs. They say one thing and act the opposite they promised before being elected.

I am including vital information that has transformed the way I see politics and the holders of power in the world.

It is better if you go through the WHOLE COURSE in order to understand why we're in this mess.

It is called RENAISSANCE 2.0

and I include another by the same author called
DEBUNKING MONEY where he explains the importance of shutting down the FRACTIONAL RESERVE BANKING SYSTEM, and change it to a system that creates the currency Interest-Free like the Lincoln's GREENBACK in order to give society the freedom to enjoy the fruits of its efforts.

Damon Vrabel Renaissance 2.0
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Debunking Money - 1 Myth and Machiavelli 1 of 5

Don H.
Don H7 years ago

This could accurately be called the "Age of War on the Whistle Blower".

Around the globe, the governments of nation after nation are engaging in an effort to silence criticism.

There is a reason for this. This is a period of blatant corruption, influence peddling and outright bribery that would make Machiavelli himself envious.

The United States of America is now as bad or worse than the proverbial banana republic.

This behavior has ruined our once great democracy. Yes, I said ruined as in "already ruined". It would take a massive effort on the part of the American people to pull the nation back and correct the damage.

Both political parties are unresponsive to these concerns. I get e-mail after e-mail from politicians asking for donations yet very few ask me what I think. They don't even provide an easy way to tell them their behavior is appalling.

Due to the MASSIVE 24/7-365 misinformation machine most people do not have a clue as to why we are in this mess. Many people do not even know we have a problem! And some imagine if we could only change presidents it would fix everything.

Vladimir M.
Vladimir M7 years ago

One fact is clear. Julian Assange. embarrased a lot of governments ,by releasing some interesting things on his website,Wikileaks. I have been folowing his story for a while now ,and my gut feeling is he is being made a scapegoat. Pure and simple!

Pamela Tracy
Pamela Tracy7 years ago

I was accused falsely of having sex with my son...could never figure out why until I met my stepson in 1997 who looked so much like his father when I was married to him...shocked me..then I began to see where the lies came from....

Then i was accused of having sex with my own son but his few date girlfriend had my 60's hairdo and the hairdo looked like mine used to be and also my former husband was touted as God the almighty so I was hurt for thinking of sex with him when we were married because he was a bad sixties husband..among other things.

Therefore I am not sure these young women are not in it for the they should take a lie detector test...