Athletic Gear Made from … TRASH?!

“Better for people, better for planet, better for performance.” 

This is how Atayne inspires positive environmental and social change through the power of active lifestyles. Making high-performing athletic gear from “trash”, this B Corporation is re-imagining sports. Starting with plastic bottles, coconut and crab shells and recycled garments, Atayne transforms these into performance tops featuring Point of View statements which act as mobile billboards for change. Apart from simply re-imagining materials, Atayne is focusing on cutting waste in the system. While most businesses are burdened with warehouses of unwanted goods, this B Corp is moving towards creating apparel to order.

Atayne refuses to compromise. Traditional production methods sacrifice an organization’s environmental and social values for high performance. Using innovative technology, Atayne has managed to retain both. Pushing this concept even further, they organize trash runs at races, consult with events to reduce impact and manufacture within North America. Trash run groups, now set up in DC, Chicago and Maine, participate in monthly runs dedicated to collecting garbage. Part grass-roots movement, part branding, this new program has allowed Atayne to attract wide press coverage in a way completely inline with their values. Trash runners also follow and pick-up after racers. In the future, product lines will be available with clearly identified origins, whether it be a large race or local community.

Atayne continued to live its values by becoming a B Corp. Refusing to accept the current business mode, they joined the movement for a new one. Undergoing the application process within a month of first sales, Atayne is committed to maintaining their standards and assuring customers of accountability. Furthermore, certification brings certainty that should Atayne undergo a buyout or acquisition, they will be able to maintain important practices and their principles. B Certification is one sustained incentive to do good.

Looking to the future, Atayne will be making exciting strides in limiting their impact and connecting with the community. Most apparel travels thousands of miles before being worn. Atayne is moving towards having all articles produced within 200 miles of headquarters — a major feat for any clothing company. Additionally they will be working with consumers to design their clothing lines, assuring that products are aligned with customer tastes and identities. In these ways, Atayne is on the cutting edge of “good” business. 

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photo credit: Atayne
by Katie Kerr, B-Lab


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