UPDATE: Autistic Girl, Ayn Van Dyk, Removed From Her Home Since June 16 (VIDEO)

Ayn Van Dyk is a 9-year-old autistic girl who, until June 16th, lived with her father, Derek Hoare, and two brothers, aged 11 and 10, in Abbotsford, British Columbia. But on June 16th, Child Protection Services (CPS) appeared at Hoare’s home and gave him two choices: He could either voluntarily hand over Ayn to them, or they would take her under an agreement from the Ministry of Children and Family Development.

Hoare — understandably, to put it mildly — refused to sign over an order to have his daughter removed from her home. CPS took Ayn from her school and initially placed her in a “specialized hospital” for evaluation. She has since been placed in a foster home in which the foster parent is an RN. As Hoare just wrote today on a Facebook page he has set up to spread the word about Ayn’s removal from her family:

Please everyone I need your help if this matter is to rectified with as little damage as possible. Ayn is being drugged, she has been given risperdal (they have not told me the dosage yet though I should find out soon. This ordeal will now be measured in months not days or weeks. Unless we act. I know my next statement will require qualification, which I will ofcourse be elaborating upon, but I want no illusions here. If you have an autistic child, or care about an autistic child… you should be very worried… very very worried.

Hoare, his daughter’s primary caretaker and her only parental figure since birth, has not seen or spoken to her for over two weeks. It goes without saying that she misses him, as he wrote on July 4:

I received a call from the ministry, they said Ayn has been crying for me for the last 18 days, and would I please bring them a picture of myself for her to have. He also offered to speak with and I accepted, we spoke for an hour and a half. I believe he too is coming to see the incompleteness of the perpective, i’ll write more but I wanted to get that out. much was said, fight is not over, but I still firmly believe there is no way a protection case can be won against me. ask away your questions

It now seems that Hoare will have to take legal action to get Ayn back home. You can donate to help him in his effort by going here. There are some beautiful photos of Ayn at home here.

I have been in contact with Derek Hoare via Facebook but have not actually met him. But as the parent of an autistic child, what has happened to Hoare and to Ayn feels as if it is happened to my family: When you’re the parent of a child with disabilities, you feel an immediate sense of community and shared experience with other parents and families, because no one else knows what it feels like to raise a beautiful child with so many struggles and challenges. The very mention a few years ago to put our son in a “temporary residential placement” — to remove him from our home — struck terror into my husband’s and my hearts and souls. This suggestion was made by my son’s teacher and the school district’s behavior consultant and, as you may imagine, led to some very unpleasant scenes between us and the school district personnel.

A child, especially a child with disabilities, needs to be with her family and certainly with the father who has devoted his life to her care and who loves her. Please help to bring Ayn back home.


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Photo of Ayn Van Dyk from a Facebook page set up by Derek Hoare.

Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/bring-ayn-home-autistic-girl-taken-from-home-by-province.html#ixzz1RNk9kjGd


Jean N.
Jean Nicol6 years ago

I just became a member and thought I should give you an update on Ayn van Dyk who has now been in custody of MCFD in British Columbia (Child Protective Services) for 231 days and may well be there for at least another year if she has to wait for the court dates set for Dec '12 to Feb '13. So she has missed her 10th birthday and Christmas with her family and perhaps will miss the next ones too and all the other special events her family enjoys. For more information please go to http://freedomforayn.blogspot.com/ or join a large group of supporters at https://www.facebook.com/groups/justiceforayn

jane richmond
jane richmond6 years ago

Needs her family around her! Get her home! Now!

Eternal Gardener
Eternal Gardener6 years ago

This is sooooo wrong, harm is done instead of protection given.
Sure signed the petition!

Gale Johansen
Gale Johansen6 years ago

Am I missing something here? Does CPS in Canada take every child that accidentally wanders away from home or parent away from that home or parent...or just autistic ones...or just this one because she has a single dad for a parent? This sounds like overreach and rampant "big-brotherism" gone mad. Children, whether autistic or not, have been known to wander even while being properly watched, it only takes a microsecond for them to slip away and I have actually seen it happen at a mall when a parent sneezed several times. This isn't protecting either the child or society and may actually do harm by setting back the progress this child has made. Ayn should be returned to the family immediately!

Sylvia M.
Sylvia M6 years ago

What country do I live in?

Jane L.
Jane L6 years ago

Why is Child Protection Services forcing themselves in between a father who wants her daughter and daughter who wants her father? The two seem fine together. Shouldn't the org find some other people to intervene and help who actually need it? If neither of them (father or daughter) are asking for help, keep your noses out!

Nanjapa B.
Nanjapa bopana6 years ago

Do You really believe that a government such as the British government which is FINANCIALLY BROKE and moving towards total BANKRUPTCY knows whats good for differently abled children?
Parents are the best guardians for children,.
Arent the western governments done with social experimenting??????????????,


Cheryl B.
Cheryl Bresney6 years ago

Why was this child removed? Does anyone know the official stance?

Mary D.
Mary D6 years ago

This scares me. I have an autistic niece - my youngest brother's second daughter - and my sister-in-law takes great care of her, as do her other sisters. My brother and his wife love her dearly, and she's treated like the loving daughter and sister that she is. If this becomes widespread, autistic people might become more withdrawn and certainly frightened and miserable. Imagine if you were autistic, and didn't have a loving family to interact with - but were taken to a strange, stark, and very scary atmosphere, where you'd be constantly poked and prodded and treated like a prisoner rather than a beloved child and sibling. No matter how kind and gentle the staff is, it can NEVER replace parents and siblings.

My brother, an ordained minister and assistant to the primary minister, works as a teacher during the week to keep his family going. They are one of the most devoted families I've ever known - and my niece is very much loved by all of them - and her aunts and uncle as well.

Let's just hope that this doesn't become a commonplace procedure for the autistic. May God help us all.

Brenda Towers
Brenda Towers6 years ago

I hope and pray that this family is reunited and given the right support it requires!