Bachmann-Style Gay ‘Conversion Therapy’ Government Funded in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong government is paying for discredited Reparative or Sexual Orientation Conversion Therapy (SOCT) for LGBT citizens.

Since June, the Hong Kong Government Social Welfare Department has been using the Christian SOCT organization New Creation to train the department’s social workers in “converting” their young clients’ sexual orientation.

The concept has long been promoted by US evangelical groups. Now it is reaching around the world with ‘conversion’ a major component of anti-gay efforts by evangelicals in Africa and hundreds of  ‘Christian’ clinics in Ecuador inflicting physical and psychological torture on lesbians to try to “cure” them.

In the Bavarian city of Munich, the Union of Catholic Physicians in Germany recently announced that it had found a cure for homosexuality.

Germany’s LSVD gay and lesbian association executive director, Klaus Jetz, says conversion therapists are a growing problem in Germany.

“They are copying what has been going on in the US for a long time, and now they’re coming to Germany,” he told Deutsche Welle.

Mainstream medical associations universally pan the idea that you can ‘pray away the gay’ and the movement has lost ground in the US due to media exposure and general mockery of some of its more patently absurd elements.

Michelle Goldberg at the Daily Beast just wrote about the ‘End of the Ex-gay Movement.’

This followed the news that a 21 year veteran of the primary American ‘ex-gay’ group Exodus International, with 11 years on the board of directors, John Smid, just wrote that:

I also want to reiterate here that the transformation for the vast majority of homosexuals will not include a change of sexual orientation. Actually I’ve never met a man who experienced a change from homosexual to heterosexual.

In Hong Kong, the coalition Tongzhi Community Joint Meeting was formed to launch a global petition campaign against the Hong Kong government paying for ‘pray away the gay’ training. In addition, a solidarity protest led by LGBT Asian American groups took place in New York back in August.

They say that the government is violating the Guidelines on Code of Practice for Registered Social Workers, the World Health Organization’s position on sexual orientation, the Hong Kong Bill of Rights, the Convention of the Rights of the Child, the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, Guidelines on Sex Educations in Schools issued by the Curriculum Development Council of HKSAR, the Code of Professional Conduct by Medical Council and the Chinese Classification of Mental Disorders.

The Social Welfare Department refused to publicize the details of what they were planning, but LGBT activists managed to collect a list of related documents which they published on a webpage “WiGayLeaks” [zh]. The documents show that the efforts are based on the “sick model” assumption with an attempt to convince the attendees that “same sex attraction is curable” and draw co-relation between homosexuality with AIDS and other sexual transmitted diseases.

In Ecuador, activists have managed to get numerous ‘pray away the gay’ clinics shut down. Hopefully the people in Hong Kong will have similar success.

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Lika S.
Lika P7 years ago

Since when was being gay or lesbian a disease that people needed to be cured from? I think we need to do aversion therapy on stupid people who think abusing other people is okay, if you don't like them.

Too bad for Me-chelle Bachman, the LGBT community is here to stay. Like it or not. People are people. Accept it.

Jane Barton
Jane Barton7 years ago

It's more than THAT, it's CRIMINAL!!! These people are causing gays to COMMIT SUICIDE!!!
It's a proven fact and it's documented!!! These glazed eyed, fanatic lunatics should be
STOPPED!!! Doesn't the FDA take dangerous medication OFF THE MARKET??? These
people are a DANGER to SOCIETY!!!

Jane H.
Jane H7 years ago

This is simply unjust and horrific as well as un Christian.

Jane Barton
Jane Barton7 years ago

Exactly, these pray away the gay people have CAUSED SUICIDES!!! That's MURDER in my book. I am sooo SICK of this @&%!! The only thing keeping this GAY BASHING GOING is
RELIGION!!! It's the gay bashing POPE of the Catholic Church and the gay bashing
Christian Fundamentalists. It amounts to INSTITUTIONALIZED CRIME!!! WHY ARE WE
BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS?? Michelle Bachmann is spreading her FILTHY BIGOTRY to CHINA?? These people are PSYCHO!!!!

Michael N.
Michael Novick7 years ago

what they dont mention, is these Groups cause more Suicides and Death's due to there "Therapy".

You cant force some one to not be them selves. thats why they call it "Being in a Closet" because all there doing is hiding it. Crap, its always existed. go back as far as you want it was always there. The difference is these last 2 generations have been fed' up with hiding it. Whats the big deal, People have sex on mailboxes, in public streets. Playboy Billionaires are allowed to have gigantic Sex Orgy's. But its not okay to allow to people of the same Gender to love one another. OR allow some one who does not identify at all with there "sexual organs".

The mind is something that has never been understood, but has always been controlled. WHY IS IT STILL HAPPENING TODAY.

Jane Barton
Jane Barton7 years ago

Frankly, if somebody tells me they are a Christian, I suffer from anxiety, because I know they will stick their noses in my sex life, call me names, and try to force fairy tales down my throat.
I stay away from them, they scare me. And they are all Republicans and they're trying to take over our country.

Jane Barton
Jane Barton7 years ago

Well you're not a REAL Christian. REAL Christians are arrogant, stubborn, misogynistic, narrow minded, ill informed, gay bashing, bigotted, glazed eyed fanatic Republicans who are represented by Michelle Bachmann. This is what your Christian cult has become. If you say you are a Christian, then you are one of them. Gay bashing is an INTEGRAL part of the Christian religion and Michelle continually quotes from a dusty, moldy 2,000 year old history book where your fairy tale "god" says that GAYS are an ABOMINATION. She takes that to mean they must "repent" or "kill them", just the like the Muslims. If you don't believe in the basic tenants of your religion then maybe you should switch to one with a more loving message. But Catholic is out because the Pope hates gays too and in addition he won't let you use condoms. As religions go it's slim pickins.

Diane Stollger
Diane Stollger7 years ago

Is there no end to wacky right wing hate. These programs are dangerous and cause so much pain and suffering to LGBT community. Thankfully it is not as bad as it used to be because more and more people are waking up and realizing that what they are teaching is just hate masquerading as religious teaching. I am so sick of hearing their hypocritical propaganda.

sandra m.
Past Member 7 years ago

I don't hate anyone......I do not tell other people what is wrong with their lives....That's NOT for me to do or decide
I do not promote hate or bigotry or ANY kind of prejudice!
I certainly do not promote Ethnic cleansing,genocide -or murder upon any person
I am a christian

Jane Barton
Jane Barton7 years ago

THESE IGNORANT, FANATIC CHRISTIAN LUNATICS? NOW THEY ARE SPREADING THEIR FILTHY BIGOTRY TO CHINA!!! EVERYBODY JUST LAYS AROUND AND SAYS TSK TSK!!!! Kids are COMMITTING SUICIDE in our SCHOOLS and states are making BULLYING LAWS because of these EVIL CHRISTIAN HYPOCRITE @%#holes. These bastards are MURDERING PEOPLE in the name of some moldy old 2,000 history book that says some FAIRY TALE GOD HATES GAYS!!!! ALL the REST OF US PEOPLE are STANDING AROUND and LETTING THEM GET AWAY with THIS. We are just like the people in GERMANY who stood around and DID NOTHING!!! All these @%# religions need
to be STAMPED OUT!!! People are using them to perpetrate all kinds of DEATH and DESTRUCTION. Why is everybody passively laying around and letting these people TAKE OVER OUR GOVERNMENT?? These Republican Christian fundamentalists are a DISEASE on our PLANET!!