Basic Security to Health Care: It’s the Law

“We have now just enshrined, as soon as I sign this bill, the core principle that everybody should have some basic security when it comes to their health care. And it is an extraordinary achievement that has happened because of all of you and all the advocates all across the country.” And with that statement, President Barack Obama signed The Patient Affordable Health Care Act into law.

The President thanked a list of people responsible for making this day possible, among them the late Teddy Kennedy, saying, “I remember seeing Ted walk through that door in a summit in this room a year ago — one of his last public appearances. And it was hard for him to make it. But he was confident that we would do the right thing.”

Addressing the difficulties in getting this legislation to his desk, he said, “Today, we are affirming that essential truth -– a truth every generation is called to rediscover for itself –- that we are not a nation that scales back its aspirations. We are not a nation that falls prey to doubt or mistrust. We don’t fall prey to fear. We are not a nation that does what’s easy. That’s not who we are. That’s not how we got here.”

You can watch the President’s remarks and see the signing in this White House video.

USA Today is reporting on a USA Today/Gallup Poll indicating that opinion is already shifting, with 49 percent of those surveyed saying that passing the bill was “a good thing” and 48 percent calling the bill “a good first step.”

The reconciliation “fix it” package still needs to move through the Senate.

It will take several years for all changes in the reform package to take place, but there are some changes we can expect this year. Among them:

  • Tax credits to approximately four million small businesses to help cover the cost of insurance for employees.
  • Parents of children with pre-existing conditions will be able to purchase coverage for them.
  • Insurance companies will no longer be able to rescind policies when people get sick.
  • Insurers will no longer be able to place lifetime limits or restrictive annual limits on care.
  • All new insurance plans will be required to offer free preventive care.
  • Young adults under age 26 will be able to stay on their parents’ policies.
  • Seniors will begin to receive free preventive care without co-payments or deductibles, and those who fall into the doughnut hole will begin to receive assistance.

With benefits kicking in before the November elections, it’s going to be more difficult than ever to keep up the “armageddon” argument.

“History is made when a leader’s passion — passion — is matched with principle to set a new course.” – Vice President Joe Biden, March 23, 2010

You can read the entire text of the President’s remarks HERE.

Care 2 has been covering the events leading up to this historic signing, and we plan to stay on top of it. Here’s an aggregation of our health care coverage of late. Don’t forget to check back as we add more! Health Care Reform: What Did You Miss?



John M.
John M7 years ago

Health Insurance costs were a runaway train.Health Insurance companies could dictate not to insure a person due to pre-existing conditions.The power to decide who lives and dies.We needed reform.This Health Insurance Reform is not perfect but it is the first big step.Thank you Ted Kennedy and everyone who shared his vision for a better America.

Roger H.
.7 years ago

First of all this new law is nothing like Austria has for health care.
The first of the unintended consequences are being announced daily, since passage of the bill. Company after company are starting to announce job cuts or complete plant closures due to the massive increase of health related expenses they are incurring due to new taxes and regulations in the new law. At least 5 major employers in the US are contemplating massive job cuts or plant closures and small businesses that have never laid off an employee are now having to lay off workers to cover new taxes and health care costs. These unintended consequences will keep showing up far into the future. At least most of the people that were against the bill were smart enough to see through the creative accounting used to get the CBO figures. People from the private sector have been put in prison for "cooking the books" like what was done to come up with the accounting figures used to pass this law.

Thomas Klein
Thomas Klein7 years ago

why do some americans call it "communism"? it´s only a reform of the health system! stay cool! it will work. look at austria!

Nita O.
Nita O.7 years ago


Robert S.
Robert S7 years ago

Charlene M...Excellent posts!!! You said it all quite well.

Alexander T.
.7 years ago


There was a lot to take in from that... tirade. But I'm just going to address a single point that I'm reasonably sure you've never heard before. The US does not have a free market. And unless we descend into complete anarchy, we never will. If we lived in a truly free market, I would be able to buy pot at the 7-11 while paying for my gas. If we lived in a free market, hitmen and assassins would advertise on Craigslist. If we lived in a free market, slavery would not have been abolished.

So... you can understand if I'm less inclined to take you seriously when it comes to politics and economics.

Judith S.
Judith S7 years ago

P.S. I believe the ID card that Bush was pushing was the REAL ID, whereas your whole history would be engraved in the card and you could be tracked with it.

Judith S.
Judith S7 years ago

Charlene, where is your source concerning the national ID? I would like to read that information. As I recall, the national ID was something that Bush was pushing hard for. Do you realize that your social security number is a national ID because everyone in America is required to have one? It makes sense that you would have to have proof that you were an American citizen in order to prevent illegal aliens from using our health care system in the way that they do now, but unless you can show me something that I can read for myself concerning a national ID card, I would say that you are just blowing smoke.

Charlene M.
Charlene T7 years ago

All of our economic issues are all tied into this Obama takeover of America including healthcare! Look around people are laid-off, struggling and people with jobs their hours were cut back, if you can’t see how are economy as been divided you must be blind, deaf and dumb, and this comment is not met to be offensive but either (a) You have not read the bill (1,000 plus pages) and (b) not have been paying very much attention since 2009. You have a choice, I pray you make the right one. Again, this is not about health care it’s about government control. Low-income people already get Medicaid. Kick the bums out including Nancy!

Charlene M.
Charlene T7 years ago

I believe in Freedom, Capitalism and Free Markets. I want less of the government involved in my life; I am fed up with giving almost 50 percent of my hard-earned money the government. This in not what our ancestors fought for, Communist Darkness Fall upon America. Whoever is reading this wise-up and get involved for you do have the power to make a difference and kick these bums out!
At this time Attorney Generals of thirteen States and Pennsylvania where I am from is one of them is filing an anti-trust lawsuit against our current government against this Bill created behind closed doors!

Call your senators it is not over! Please… take a moment to call your Representative and your two Senators and let them know you are OUTRAGED by the way, ObamaCare was handled. Then let them know you will be supporting litigation against this unconstitutional bill.

The very idea that the government will dictate & ration patient care is dangerous & certainly not helpful in designing a health care system that works for all. Every physician agrees that we need to fix our health care system, but the proposed heath care bill currently passed will be a disaster.