BatBnB is Just What Your Friendly Neighborhood Bats Need

Despite the fact that bats do quite a lot for humans and the environment, they still remain among some of the most misunderstood creatures. However, a new startup — called BatBnB – is aiming to show us how and why we should start embracing our neighborhood bats.

Unfortunately, bat populations have continued to suffer from threats ranging from habitat loss and wind turbines, to climate change and white-nose syndrome – a deadly disease that has continued to spread and decimate bats across the nation.

Bats are an essential species for many ecosystems, and they play a valuable role pollinating plants, spreading seeds and eating insects. Those insects bug us in our backyards, and pose a threat to agriculture, but the solutions we’ve come up with for dealing with them typically involve chemicals and pesticides that aren’t good for anybody.

In an effort to come up with a better solution, and address the crisis bats are facing, Christopher Rännefors and Harrison Broadhurst have developed BatBnB, a line of durable, and beautifully designed bat houses. They explain:

As our winters continue to get warmer and wetter, mosquitoes and garden pests alike are coming out earlier and in greater numbers. The market has responded with a flurry of chemical based pest control products that burn the skin and poison local wildlife. We think there’s a demand in the market for more effective natural solutions for pest control, and luckily enough, we know a thing or two about bats.

The pair consulted experts to come up with the best materials and design, including Merlin Tuttle of Merlin Tuttle’s Bat Conservation, and Rob Mies from the Organization for Bat Conservation, and have created a few different models. Up to 100 bats can live in one standard-sized bat house, while the largest size can house up to 200.

Bat houses aren’t a new idea; there are versions that can be bought, or handmade for anyone into DIY, but BatBnB is hoping to encourage more people to use them, and to address some of the problems with models that are currently out there – either they’re not properly designed and built, which means bats aren’t using them, or they’re not nice looking enough for people to want to put up.

“Seeing well intended people disappointed by cheap, ‘imitation’ bat houses troubles me greatly. It gives good conservation a bad name. The BatBnB line of houses is the first to be developed for mass sale that meets all my personal criteria. I have been involved in the design and construction of these houses from the beginning and am happy to endorse them as unsurpassed in meeting  bat needs, resisting deterioration, and still looking great,” said Tuttle.

The creators also hope to change negative attitudes about bats, and clear up some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding them that make people needlessly afraid of bats, adding, “When all the facts are on the table, we believe that people will learn to love and respect these animals, and in return, they’ll keep your garden and your family free from pests!”

It’s a win for everybody, we get rid of pests naturally, and bats get a safe, and stylish, place to call home. Users will also have the opportunity to register their bat houses with the Organization for Bat Conservation to help researchers track bat populations.

For more info, check out BatBnB.

Photo credit: BatBnB/YouTube


Marie W
Marie W1 months ago

thanks for sharing

Margie FOURIE7 months ago

Not many bats around here

Georgina M
Georgina M7 months ago

Very good idea. We have bats and mosquitos, so I know how helpful they are.Going to get my hubby working TYFS

heather g
heather g7 months ago

I'm surprised that there are so many potential protectors of bats ay Care2. They are a very necessary species. I've never seen any bats where I live people here are not all friendly or understanding about bats + all animals.

Philippa P
Philippa Powers7 months ago

Bats are so beneficial. If I had some land, I would put up bat and owl boxes.

Denise D
Denise D7 months ago

I have been asking my husband to put up a couple of bat houses for years!! I even found instructions for him. Hopefully he will now, since he recently had to put down a baby bat that had gotten into our house and my cat injured it badly :(. (All our pets are up to date on their rabies shots, thankfully!)

Michele B
Michele B7 months ago

we need to take the bat as well as the bee problems seriously and SOON

rosario p.
rosario p7 months ago

The video lacks of seeing not a single bat housing it. It would be nice can to see it is really functional. So they should sell the bat house with instructions HOW to attract bat to its inside. Bats are falling in numbers everywhere and are essential in controlling insects.

Shirley S
Shirley S7 months ago

Bats are needed to stop the Zika virus spread.

Clare Newbury
Clare Newbury7 months ago

I am fond of bats and grateful that they consider mosquitoes good eating. There used to be many around my cabin in the woods, but over the past few years their numbers have diminished. I don't think it's for lack of food; the mosquito population has increased. But the moth population has dwindled some, and they eat those, too. I miss seeing them flitting about my porch at night. I nursed one back to health one time after my cat caught and injured it. I kept it in a bird cage until it was well enough to leave on its own. Then I just left the door open and it decided when to exit the cage. It was very cute, and not unfriendly once it got to know and trust me