Behind Bars: Human Trafficking Survivor Serves Life Without Parole

Sara Kruzan was raised by an abusive, drug-addicted mother. Her father, a man she met three times in her life, is a stranger to her, living behind bars.

At 11-years-old she met a 31-year-old man named G.G. who made her feel special. He bought her gifts and drove her and her friends to the mall and roller rink – just like a parent would do – but after two years their relationship took on a new role.

At 13-years-old, G.G. forced Sara into prostitution and began molesting her regularly. For the next three years at G.G.’s command she worked the streets twelve hours a night, seven days a week.

At 16-years-old Sara was convicted of killing her pimp and sentenced to life without parole.

After years of suffering repeated sexual violence and abuse, Sara’s escape from the streets of prostitution ultimately handed her a new life behind bars. Today, at 28-years-old, she continues to serve her sentence with no hope of parole or life outside of prison.

This is a tragic story and one that to me seems entirely unjust. Yes, killing another human being is wrong and should be punished, but it is just to take away Sara’s entire future for killing a man that manipulated and abused her repeatedly for years at such a young age?  Is life in prison without parole really the answer?

Sara still has a chance at a better life, at a future free from the soiled streets of prostitution, abuse, and rape – but only if the courts allow it. Yes, she should be held accountable for her actions, but she should also be given a chance to heal, reform, and change.

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Maria P.
Maria p7 years ago

she never had a chance!!!!!!

Jennie P.
Jennie P8 years ago

WHAT country is this? Because I would hope it couldn't happen in the modern western world!

carol shimmons
carol shimmons8 years ago

my goodness doesnt she deserve a second chance under these circumstances

Mike K.
.8 years ago

there are two meny cases like this,why the courts do not see who the real criminal is,this women is the victim,my god she was a child when this happened,there is somthing terribly whith this that is for sure,she most sertinly disservese another is wrong to kill a human but in this case this creep was a preditor of children the worst kind ,if someone did that to my little girl i would kill the scumm sucker with pleasure.

Isma Whitewolf
Isma kumar8 years ago

I made a wrong vote as I was angry. Of course she is not even gulity in my eyes. I researched a bit in google about her case and everybody is just mentioning that of course it was not right what she did ,but she needs to be released. Does anybody ever thought abou the fact the the pimp is not the victim ? How many lifes has he spoiled and traumatised ?????
Does anybody can even fathom what this poor woman was going through ???? and still is ??? I could not find the story how she killed him, but for me it is self defense what she did...

Catherine S.
Catherine S8 years ago

why does she have to go to jail and we let killers and child molesters go all the time because prisons are crowded. i wish we had the death penalty. and it just makes me sick that these criminals declare "not guilty" because their crooked lawyers think there's not enough evidence and they can get out of it. why do they want to defend them? that is so cold. poor girl. what judge would do that.

Geraldine D.
Geraldine Dutka8 years ago

What an injustice for the victim of a disgusting sexual predator. I am saddened that Sara will spend the rest of her life in prison without the hope of reform and release. This is NOT justice!

Debbie Z.
Debra Z8 years ago

What injustice! I probably would have done the same thing myself if I were in Sara's position.

David B.
David B8 years ago

i don't understand why she went to jail for ?wasn't it,or shouldn't it be classed as selfdefense?i mean after all those years of abuse.boy oh boy! as usual we have out explainations of what be a crime and what isn't screwed up!!thanks Ximena .

Heather A.
Heather A8 years ago

There is no way Sara should be serving life in prison without parole. Of course murder should not go unpunished, but you could practically consider it an act of self defense in her case. If anyone seems to deserve a second chance, it's her. Meanwhile, why is her abuser's name being concealed? He doesn't deserve that kind of dignity.