Between Candidate And PAC, Romney Raises $30 Million

Ready for another presidential race full of big money, lots of television time, constant mailings and endless media blitzes?  Because here we go again — between outside groups and the candidate himself, former Governor and current front runner Mitt Romney has a lot of money coming in.

Romney’s campaign has now formally announced their fundraising haul for the second quarter, and it came in nearly as high as they were anticipating.  The Fix reports that Romney’s campaign raised $18.25 million since April, very close to the “just under $20 million” that they announced they would likely bring in.  Nearly half of that money came from one day of calls in May, they said.  Romney now has just over $12 million cash on hand.

But just because the campaign raised $18 million doesn’t mean that’s all the money they have.  Restore Our Future, the pro-Romney “super PAC” that allows the group to take unlimited individual and corporate donations, has announced their own $12 million in fundraising.  Together, that means a cool $30 million for Romney and his backers to work with.  Although some of that money will no doubt go to securing the nomination, expect to see anti-Obama ads coming soon to a television set near you.


Jessica Rinaldi


Sharon A.
Sharon A6 years ago

THIS IS INSANE!!! We MUST put a stop to this madness!@!!

Each candidate for a specific office gets a certain amount of dollars, each gets the same, they get six months cause we are a large country, to campaign, we then have an election and whoever gets the majority votes wins.

NO more Parties!! No more Conventions!! No more Electoral College!! Just equal amounts of money, 6 months and majority rules. AND, if we dont like your actions in the first 90 can and will be fired and another will take your place, just like in the real world when you are hired for a job, you get your "probation period" and then the decision as to keep you or not. Should be the same for elected officials!!!

Deborah Kampfer
Deborah Vitek6 years ago

Could someone please explain to me why Canada can call and election and eight weeks later hold the election? Why does the U.S. need two years? Are the people so dense they have to hear the rhetoric for two years? I'm serious here....can someone tell me why it goes on for so long? The spending involved, needless to say, is an atrocity, but on it goes.

Brian F.
Brian F6 years ago

Their is something wrong when a man like Romney had the exact same health care plan that Obama had and it worked in his state. So the republicans who criticize Obama's health care plan are saying nothing to Romney's face. Pawlenty tried to critcize Romney's health care plan behind his back and then backed down like a coward when asked in a debate to tell it to Romney's face. The fact is that republicans don't like Obama's health care plan because they are in bed with our criminal health insurance industry. I'd like to see republicans go to Canada and tell the Canadians that they don't like universal healthcare. The Canadians would tell them to get out of their face and go home like they told FOX news when it tried to set up it's mendacious propaganda network in Canada. And Obama's plan wasn't even universal healthcare. It still left the criminal health insurance companies in charge, and yet the republicans would not except it. This clearly shows that the republican party is bought and paid for by corporate special interest and is in bed with our corporate for profit criminal healthcare insurance industry that is destroying this country.

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L6 years ago

There is something wrong with people who would give money to a man who it has been proven over and over again can not tell the truth. I wouldn't believe Romney if he held his hand on a stack of the Book of Mormons.

Diane O.
Diane O6 years ago

Aimee, I like the way you think.

aimee s.
aimee sellars6 years ago

Here we go again Robin. What is your point? As of June 20th Obama has held 30 fundraisers. In 2008 he raised more than 745 million setting a new record for campaign spending. This time around he hopes to break that record. I would have a lot more respect for you if you took exception to how out of control campaign fundraising/spending has become. But I guess it is alright for your candidate to raise gross sums of money for his campaign chest. How about focusing instead on campaign finance reform for everyone and suggesting people donate to help those truly in need. Is all this money for air time necessary? If you look at the facts, most of the campaign ads are fraught with inaccuracies or outright falsehoods. Let's do away with all that and keep it to debates between the candidates on substantive issues. Too many people form their opinions from these political ad sound bytes. Again,at least be consistent and even handed in your presentation.

shirley s.
Shirley S6 years ago

Empty suits & tea on a string.

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June Higgins
June Higgins6 years ago

We knew the country was not broke. Our history of unsuccessful leaders just let it all get in the wrong hands, and it is not put back into the economy. You know, those who are corrupt and have bad intentions, like politicians, banks, big businesses. The real thieves. The ones that take money from every entitlement program that they can, all while proclaiming their abhorrence for them. White collar trash. The whores of the political system, backed by the whores of big business. Disgusting!

Randi L.
Randi Levin6 years ago

Can you imagine how many hungry kids could be fed on 30 million bucks.

In consideration of the dire financial starits of the US of A, I think that the most proper and justified thing to do during thhis current campaign for 2012 elections is for ALL candidates to donate every dollar contributed to a big bowl used to help pay down the depts that this country has accrued and that each candidate use their own personal funds to promote their agenda ---by TV appearance, Radio interview and Internet promotions.

I mean no disrespect, but haven't we all had enough with the nasty ME ME ME commercials that run amuck, let them pay for their own campaigns, specially in consideration of the millions that get wasted in promotions that could have been spent on paying off our depts and fedding OUR CHILDREN!

glenda b.
glenda b6 years ago

I can't believe how much money these people raise and yet this country is so broke??????